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Deddy Responses About Hari Jisun Comment In Youtube

Deddy Corbuzier is talked by netizens. This is due to differences of opinion issued by Deddy and Jisun, Youtuber from Korea who talking about culinary issues in Indonesia and abroad.

Jisun himself is a guest star in the Hitam Putih program. Jisun was a guest star on September 13th. At that time, Jisun was present with several other foodbloggers and his own mother.

Jisun and other vloggers get the challenge to taste some Indonesian culinary, one of which is 500 chili spicy noodles. But because Jisun could not eat spicy food, he was replaced by his mother. Deddy had asked Jisun’s mother to step down, but the mother chose to continue the challenge.

Initially all seemed fine until finally Jisun uploaded a video showing his disappointment with the Hitam Putih program hosted by Deddy. Jisun felt cheated by the event and he was disappointed with the hitam Putih creative team.

There are four main points why Jisun was disappointed, first he refused if later there was a eating contest, second he was disappointed because he was introduced as a celebrity who came from Korea, when Jisun was disappointed because his mother finally replaced him to take part in the race and the last was cheap Hanbok clothes given to him to impress more “Korea”.

Deddy then commented on that. Like this, Deddy said:

“Stupid, this is really very stupid. First we didn’t ask your mother to eat the food, we also asked your mother to stop but she didn’t want to. Second, try to show the entire Whatsapp conversation in full, not half, “said Deddy.

Dark Side From The Death Of Jang Ja Yeon

Jang Ja Yeon is the name of a Korean artist who played the role of Sunny in the drama Boys Over Flowers. Instead of hearing the good news from the artist, it was revealed that the horrible news behind her death in 2009 was at his home.

Jang Ja Yeon decides to end his life because he feels pressured by the management guidance where she works. Just imagine, she was forced to serve 31 men every day.

Even worse, out of the 31 men he served, half of them came from state officials and officials so that they were immune from the law. Jang Ja Yeon cannot reject all requests because he is still a newcomer artist and that is a mandatory request from his management.

Even Jang Ja Yeon also did not get a defense from his agency. He must accept various types of torture and blows, even after being beaten he will be locked up in an empty room. Pity!

Jang Ja Yeon made his debut in 2006 where he entered the world of models first before entering the world of film. In 2009, he played Sunny in the drama Boys Over Flowers along with Kuy Hye Syun and Lee Min Ho.

When his body was found by the family and police, he wrote a piece of sentence as his last words that read:

“Please revenge me! There is no way I can take other than to serve all the demons. ”

“Every day I get new clothes and are forced to serve all the demons. Not only in Kangnam, I was also told to serve in Karaoke in the Suwon area and also in salons. ”

It’s a sad story, but it can’t be denied, the artist’s world does have a dark side that many people don’t know. Hopefully, the perpetrators of these crimes get rewarded according to what they have done.

For The First Time, Meghan Markle Do An Interview

Who doesn’t know the figure of Meghan Markle? He is the wife of Prince Harry. These two British aristocrats were often seen together while carrying out noble duties and also some other general activities. Previously, Prince Harry had shown intimacy by kissing Meghan Markle in public when he won the Polo competition in England.

One TV station in the UK will broadcast the program where they interviewed Meghan Markle with other royal families. The interview will be divided into two parts. Videos that will later be aired have the Queen of the World headline. The interview became the first interview for Meghan Markle after becoming an English aristocrat.

Not only do interviews, they even show some British noble activities. In addition, they also perpetuate the activities undertaken by Queen Elizabeth II. The television station in question also had aired the teaser for the interview program.

In the teaser, we can see Meghan Markle being interviewed. He wore black clothes with unregulated hair. Meghan also told me that the wedding veil was decorated with 53 flowers from 53 British Commonwealth countries, was it cool?

On September 25, 2018 tomorrow, the first video will be released. Not only Meghan Markle appeared in the video, later we will also see some other royal members such as Prince Harry, William, and Charles. It’s just that Kate Middleton’s figure is still not seen in the teaser that has been released by the TV station.

Find Out About Edward Akbar, Kimberly Ryder’s Husband

As we know, Kimberly Ryder has just ended her bachelor years after marrying Edward Akbar. But many don’t know about Edward Akbar. For those of you who are curious about Edward’s background, let’s look together through this article.

Actually, Edward Akbar was the niece of Tamara Bleszynski. Edward’s mother is the son of Tamara’s brother. The name of Tamara’s brother is Teresa Bleszynski. At the wedding of Edward Akbar with Kimberly Ryder, Tamara Bleszynski was also present to enliven the event.

Not many people know about the hobbies of Edward Akbar. Actually, from a young age, Edward Akbar was very fond of singing and also playing musical instruments. Not only that, he also likes to write song lyrics! Edward also uploaded his music activities several times through his personal Instagram account.

Before becoming an artist, Edward also worked as a banker. Edward underwent his profession in a foreign bank in Indonesia in 2010 ago.

Do you know that Edward’s wedding date with Kimberly coincides with his birthday? Well, the date was chosen to make it more memorable and meaningful. The marriage was also the most beautiful gift he had ever received in his life.

In addition, Edward has also been a model in 2016 ago. He even participated in Jakarta Fashion Week! Cool well.

Here are some unique facts about Edward Akbar, it turns out multi-talents are right! Hopefully, his marriage to Kimberly Ryder can last and be blessed with a child !

Yeslin Wang Want To Divorce Delon

Yeslin Wang as the wife of Delon bluntly said that she regretted being married to Delon. The marriage that Yeslin and Delon lived for 7 years. It turns out that the old marriage time does not determine that both partners know each other well.

Yeslin revealed that there is one thing that cannot be changed from the nature of Delon. She even said that she had been waiting for the change for seven years, but that change did not come. Because of this, Yeslin was disappointed and decided to sue for the divorce of Delon.

“Sadly the changes are not as expected. It should have been the first time I was going out for a longer time if at the time it was now already gone. ”

According to Yeslin, this divorce will be a very valuable lesson for him. He also said that he had tried to maintain the continuity of his household, but God said otherwise.

“What has happened is a very valuable lesson from God. All that will happen will be accepted sincerely, hopefully later i can be wiser, more mature and more careful and smart in choosing a partner. ”

Although Yeslin’s decision made the family sad, he promised to continue to support Delon. Even the relationship between Yeslin and Delon’s mother also remained well established.

“I’m also still in contact with Delon’s mother, using Whatsapp. This is my relationship with Delon, so there is no influence with the family. ”

When asked about the posts uploaded on Instagram Story, Yeslin mentioned the lies. But he admitted that it was not addressed to Delon, but for everyone.

“If the problem is posting, it’s for everyone, so it’s not for Delon, but if the Delon problem is lying or not, then don’t know too, just ask the lawyer,” Yeslin concluded.

Agnez Mo: My Mom Always Remembering Me To Be Happy

If we look at Agnez Mo’s career, it is not exactly fast. Although moving slowly, but his musical career is increasingly recognized by the world public. Currently, Agnez Mo must live in Los Angeles to reach his dream.

Even so, Agnez Mo is currently busy with activities in Indonesia. Seeing this opportunity, Agnez Mo certainly did not want to waste it. She immediately met his mother and spent time with his beloved mother by eating typical Manado food poker online which became her favorite. This is done to treat homesickness because it has not been met for a long time with your beloved mother.

“Wow, when I went home yesterday, I immediately ate Manado cuisine, the problem was that I missed it very much. Almost every day eating Manado with mom. “I also have a Manado restaurant, so the meal is easy,” said Agnez Mo when met in the Kota Kasablanka area, South Jakarta on Thursday 19/7 yesterday.

“This came home because I had to shoot The Voice, then there was still a DSFK Glory 508 launch event because I was appointed as the ambassador brand. I want it, I see that there is seriousness shown by this car manufacturer, just like the career I am currently living in. ”

The role of the mother in Agnez Mo’s career journey was indeed very large. Agnez Mo even explained that the mother always reminded herself to be happy.

“Mom always wants me to be happy. This matter continues to be emphasized to me. We must understand and trust first with the name of happiness. I have to be able to love what I do before I can share it with others. The problem is if I work and I don’t love what I make, how can other people like my work? We must be honest in our work, so the results are authentic, so there is nothing made up. “

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Transformation, From Zero To Hero !

Do you still remember the figure of The Rock in WWE / WWF wrestling? This man with a bald head is always able to attract public attention. Actually, the beginning of his career was not as an actor or wrestler, but a football player. Let’s discuss about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s transformation.

Dwayne Jonhson’s early life was quite difficult. Both parents must move from one place to another. Initially, they lived in New Zealand and then moved to Hawaii, Texas and also Florida. Dwayne Johnson is not a child born in a wealthy family. At the age of 15, he had returned home with a bulletin board on which the eviction was written. This happened because his mother was unable to pay the rent.

That is what motivates Dwayne. He promised to continue to fight so that his family could not be expelled like before. Evidently, with hard work, prayers and unyielding nature, he is currently one of the most expensive paid actors.

Dwayne Johnson has also experienced bullying when in school. He became a victim of bullying in an area that is prone to fighting. He even admitted that he had also been a naughty child and often did stupid things like most bad boys.

Even so, Dwayne Johnson is a child who has extraordinary intelligence. He received a full scholarship from the University of Miami and successfully completed his education with a Bachelor of General Studies. At that time he was studying at the Department of Criminology and Physiology.

Early in his career, he was a Football player and joined the Calgary Stampeders team. He only joined for two months and finally decided to try out the world of wrestling. He wrestled his struggle career through the WWE RAW program in 1995. Once successful at WWE, Dwayne tried to open his own company called Seven Bucks Production. Unfortunately, the company he built was bankrupt and he had experienced a long period of depression.

Continue to fight, he finally shines back through the film Fast and Furious. In fact, he became an important character in the film. Many quality films he has played, such as The Mummy Returns, Jumanji, The Other Guys, and Central Intelligence.

Indro “Warkop” Wife Take Chemotherapy Treatment

As has been reported by the media, Indro Warkop is currently experiencing unfavorable news. The reason is that his wife, Nita Octobijanthy, has lung cancer which requires her to undergo very strong chemotherapy treatment.

As we know, chemotherapy treatment greatly affects the body’s metabolism of patients who undergo it. As with other chemotherapy patients, Nita also experienced similar things.

“The last thing is that the chemotherapy drugs are very strong, the medicine is hard, im forget about the medicine name. Many drugs are said and i forget, but the medicine is clearly very hard. It used to be that his hair was thick, now began to fall out. If at home now there is a wife with me. Nita is still confident, passionate and happy. She said that she want a happy life, no matter what happen, “said Indro.

If you look at Indro, you could say he is a very loyal person. Every opportunity, Indro always accompanied his wife. At the time of treatment also like that. Indro also explained that he left his wife Agen Bola when there was work, after that he would return home and accompany his wife.

“Well, if you go, if you have a job, the problem is that Nita will not be there. Now Nita is also using a wheelchair, because the fear is that the bones will get worse later. Actually she can walk, just in case. If we are not as guardian husbands for her, who else is on guard.”

Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Reveal Their Cute Couple Nickname

As we know, ober the years, celebrity always have their playful nicknames, form kimYe to Brangeline and the list keep goes on. For now, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas also engaged with it. They also have a playfull nickname too !

On Friday 25, Jonas stopped by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. In that show, Chopra also came. His latest song titled “Right now” has been choosen to play in the end of the show.

Jimmy Fallon asked them about their nicknames. “Do you guys have a celebrity nickname ?,” ask Fallon to Chopra and Jonas.

Before answering that question, Jonas said “Oh boy!”. After that, Fallon asking Chopra which is on the backstage.

“Prick!,” said Chopra. When saying their nicknames, the audience erupt with laughter. That show become so funny.

Jonas also said that Chopra like prick and said he doesnt like it.

“Chopra like prick !, but i dont like that one.”

Jonas also told Fallon that he was to quick to propose Chopra. “We knew it right. Im just kind of jumped right in,” said the singer.

For your information, Jonas and Chopra gushed over the engagement party in Mumbai, India. Jonas explain that their engagement party is Roka Ceremony.