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New Drama From Vicky Prasetyo And Angel Lelga

The case of divorce from Vicky Prasetyo’s wife, Angel Lelga increasingly heated up. Vicky recently made a raid on Angel Lelga’s residence. However, there is something interesting about this attack, which is speculation that many parties say that the raid is just the setting.

According to expression experts and forensic hypnosis experts, Kirdi Putra, S.T, CHT, NLP explained that there were a lot of irregularities from the attack carried out by Vicky.

Kirdi explained that there was something strange about the facial expressions shown by Vicky. Vicky’s facial expressions are very out of sync where sometimes she seems angry and crying, but at the same time, her lips look smiling.

We can see the second oddity from the figure of Angel Lelga who seemed silent when raided by Vicky. According to Kirdi, Angel’s response should be to hold Vicky outside the door as long as possible so that the affair can escape first, but Angel Lelga’s expression seemed unnatural and seemingly artificial.

In addition, Angel Lelga also did not try to escape, even though he was being highlighted by many cameras and surrounded by many residents. Kirdi considered that Angel was deliberately waiting for reporters and residents to come in to highlight him. This is like already in the scenario like a drama or soap opera.

And the strangest thing is that Angel still looks smiling when he is herded into a police car. Indeed, the newly recruited person will feel shocked, but Kirdi deemed that there was no shock or embarrassment when the Angel was attacked, as there were already scripts or scenarios made for this raiding process, even Kirdi also said that this attack was like a soap opera.

Come on, bro, there is nothing, Vicky and Angel, like the endless act she made, ranging from Vickinization to Angel’s attack that seemed to be sloppy.

Interesting Thing In Ahmad Dani Marriages With Mulan Jameela

When Mulan Jameela decided to marry Ahmad Dani, it meant that Mulan had to accept all the conditions at the time, for example, the three children owned by Ahmad Dani. In Ahmad Dani’s marriage with Mulan Jameela, there are some interesting things that we can see.

For example, regarding Mulan’s position in question, she wanted to replace Maya’s position as a substitute for the mother of her three children. This news was immediately denied by Dhani.

“From the start her position was not to replace Maya. It was impossible for Maya’s position as the biological mother of my three children to be replaced by Mulan. She replaced Maya’s position as wife. The child is different, boys are also different, so Maya’s position as a biological mother can’t be replaced. “Said Dhani.

Not only that, Dhani’s three children also had difficulty accepting their new mother’s figure, especially Al. Actually it is not surprising to see that there is a child who is difficult to accept new mothers in their lives.

“At first, Al was the most difficult, especially when there was a daughter, Safeea, He said that there shouldn’t be new baby, but it didn’t take long, after she was born, he protected Safeea.

Interestingly, Mulan’s marriage with Dhani didn’t happen because of love at first sight. It is precisely his love for Mulan because he is used to it. It is like in the Javanese language, Tresno jalaran soko kulino..

That’s some interesting things that existed at Ahmad Dhani’s marriage with Mulan Jameela.

Agnez Mo Reveal How Hard She Build Her Career

If we talk about Agnez Mo, indeed there have been many works that he made, ranging from the world of music to film. The popularity that he gets is not separated from the hard work and perseverance that he applied since childhood.

Agnez Mo has indeed started his career since childhood. When children of their age play cheerfully, they are busy with the routines of a star. Until he grew up, his busy life remained unchanged, even as his intensity increased compared to when he was a child.

Behind its success in the world of singing both domestically and internationally, there are stories that we can learn. Herroutine in the world of singing is not easy. In a video entitled Voices: Agnez Mo Prepare For U.S Stardom, revealed how the struggle that must be passed by an Agnez Mo to reach the point like now.

“Being a star is not always good. I’ve also gone through a phase where I don’t get first impressions from other people. What is in someone’s mind is just “he is on TV”, just that, but they don’t know what’s behind the television. ”

“At a very small age I experienced a lot of bad things in the world of art, actually there were good things too, it made me reach this point.”

“Besides that, at a young age, I had to be able to divide my time into many things, family, school, infotainment, and so on. But now I understand, when I have children later, I will also do the same thing, haha. ”

But Agnez Mo’s struggle is not in vain, now he has managed to spread his wings to the international world, Congrats!

Liam Hemsworth Losing His House Because Of Fire

The major fires that occurred in California have recently been a hot topic in the media. Some celebrities also became victims and lost their homes because of this fire disaster, one of which was Miley Cryus and Liam Hemsworth.

This celebrity home is located in Malibu, not far from the clash point in Woolsey. Despite feeling sad because he lost his place of residence, Miley and Hemsworth claimed to remain strong. They also invited the public to help alleviate fire victims by donating.

Shortly after the post invited the public to donate, Liam Hemsworth also shared his heart through his Instagram posts. In the photo he uploaded, it was seen that his house had been burned and flattened to the ground.

A magnificent house has now become ash and flat on the ground. Only LOVE letters are left in the front yard of his house. Through these posts, Hemsworth then said that there were many people there who had lost their homes, just like him.

“Some time ago it was very sad. Only this LOVE article is left from my house. There are still many people here who have lost their homes. I’m sorry for all the victims who lost their homes because of this fire. ”

At the end of the post, he also invited all fans and the public to make a donation through the Malibu Foundation and the Miley Cyrus foundation called the Happy Hippie Foundation.

Naomi Don’t Want Commenting About Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is currently named the highest paid model by Forbes magazine. Kendall’s annual income is recorded at 22 million USD or around 327.5 billion Rupiah. This number is quite large, the reason is Kendall is a model that is not arbitrary in accepting jobs. Even this year, he chose to attend several shows in Milan rather than attend the New York Fashion Week.

Not only are the fees fantastic, which are often discussed by netizens, but Kendall’s controversial statement for the modeling world is also in the public spotlight. When interviewed by LOVE, he claimed not to be the type of model that would take dozens of shows at Fashion Week. He claimed to have to be more selective in choosing jobs.

The statement made by Kendall then reaps a lot of comments from other world models, one of which commented on was the legendary super model, Naomi Campbell.

When Naomi was questioned by presenter Andy Cohen regarding this issue, Naomi answered emphatically “NEXT!”. It seems that the legendary model does not want to comment on the Kardashian-Jenner family drama.

Kendall himself dismissed having undergone an interview with the magazine. Kendall explained that interviewing him had been given “spices” so that it sounded different. In addition, Kendall said he had a lot to learn about the world of modeling and he would continue to strive to learn and develop again later on.

Justin Crying Again Infront Of Hailey Baldwin

It seems that Justin Bieber is very grateful to be able to make a relationship with Hailey Baldwin. Both of these couples have known since childhood. No one thought they would continue the relationship to the level of marriage.

Deciding to get married at a very young age is never easy, just as it was felt by Justin Bieber. But Justin doesn’t seem to want to change his decision to marry Hailey.

Even Justin did not hesitate to say Hailey was the perfect figure for him. He also felt comfortable when he was beside Hailey. Even though Justin feels happy, there is still a side of doubt in Justin’s small heart.

Of course you still remember the incident when Justin cried before Hailey when they cycled in one of the parks in New York right?

Not long ago Justin was again caught crying in front of Hailey. The rare scenery was successfully captured by paparazzi cameras when they were coolly dating at Universal Studio, Orlando, Florida.

Nobody knows what is happening. But in the photo, Justin is crying with emotion. Next to him was Hailey who tried to calm her lover.

According to some reliable sources, they say there is heavy pressure being experienced by Justin. Many also said that Justin was hesitant and afraid to become a husband so there was turmoil in his heart to marry Hailey. Well, hopefully Justin and Hailey’s relationship is fine, friend.

Winning A Nomination, Pete Davidson And Ariana Grande Not Attend, Why ?

Maybe not many people know the name of Pete Davidson. He is the fiance of Ariana Grande and is a figure who was part of the Saturday Night Live program. Although the event came out as a winner at the Emmys 2018 Cup, Pete Davidson was not attend at the event.

Even though Pete and Ariana always appear compact on the red carpet or when attending other important events. Pete even sat in a special chair when Aretha Franklin was buried. Pete’s absence at the nomination event certainly left a big question mark.

Despite getting a seat at the prestigious event, Pete and Ariana chose not to attend. Actually what’s behind their absence?

According to People’s alerts, they mentioned that Ariana and Pete chose not to attend, because Pete chose to accompany Ariana who was in mourning.

As we know, Ariana seems unable to escape from sadness and is not ready to appear before the public. In addition, she is still saddened by the news of Mac Miller’s death due to an overdose.

“To be able to recover from this sadness, Ariana needs more time. He prefers to gather with his loved ones to get through these hard times. He is also trying to complete the work he is making. Ariana also expressed his gratitude to fans who want to understand what he is currently doing. ”

The former’s death also made many netizens blaspheme Ariana. There are many scathing comments posted to Ariana through her personal Instagram account.