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Naomi Campbell Give Shadiest Comment For Kendall Jenner

Naomi Campbell Give Shadiest Comment For Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is currently named the highest paid model from Forbes magazine. Kendall’s annual revenue was recorded at 22 million USD or around 327.5 billion Rupiah. This figure is fairly large, the article Kendall is a model that is not arbitrary in accepting jobs. Even this year, he chose to attend several shows in Milan rather than attend the New York Fashion Week event.

Not only is the payment fantastic, which is often talked about by netizens, but Kendall’s controversial statement for the modeling world is also in the public spotlight. When interviewed by LOVE, he claimed not to be the type of model that would take dozens of shows in Fashion Week. He claimed to be more selective in choosing jobs.

The statement made by Kendall then reaped many comments from other world models, one of which commented was the legendary super model, Naomi Campbell.

When Naomi was questioned by presenter Andy Cohen regarding this issue, Naomi replied firmly “NEXT!”. It seems that the legendary model does not want to comment on the Kardashian-Jenner family drama.

Kendall himself refused to have an interview with the magazine. Kendall explained that the interview he had had had been given “spice” so that it sounded different. In addition, Kendall said he had already talked a lot about the modeling world and he would continue to strive to learn and develop again later on.

Chris Brown Will Take A Legal Action Related To His Sex Abusive Cases

Chris Brown took legal action on the charges addressed to him. Not long ago Brown was arrested on charges of attempting rape in Paris. Not until one night, he left prison because of lack of evidence.

However the investigation did not stop after Brown was released. “The investigation is not closed and continues under the authority of Parquet of Paris,” explained a source reported by NBC News.

Brown himself had to vent his emotions to social media. “I WANT TO EXPLAIN. THIS IS ALL WRONG! NEVER HAPPENED! FOR MY GIRLS AND MY FAMILY, THIS NEWS DROP MY CHARACTER AND MY MORAL! THAT WOMEN ARE LYING!” write brown in capital letters, but now everything has been deleted.

Now he appoints lawyer Raphael Chiche as his attorney. Now the Brown team is drafting their objections. Including women who accused the rap star of raping her in a hotel in Paris.

Reports behind this attorney have been sent to the Paris Public Prosecutor. The contents of this report regarding the false accusations received by Brown on January 18, 2019 in Paris.

At that time Brown was indeed in Paris to attend Paris Fashion Week. While in France Brown uploaded his activities to social media. Starting from when you are at a fashion event and other activities.

Chris Brown Already Free From Rape Cases

Quite surprising news came from famous rap singer, Chris Brown. Reporting from CNN, yesterday (1/22) Chris and 2 other people were arrested in Paris on charges of rape and drug abuse. A 24-year-old woman reported them. He claimed to have been raped on January 15 at a hotel.

According to CNN, the United States embassy in France doesn’t want to issue any statements about this case. Meanwhile the Paris Prosecutor’s Office said the investigation was still pending. Besides that, PR’s public relations team at Sony Music also didn’t give any comments.

Even so, reported by CBSNews, Chris Brown has been released. He denied all allegations through uploads on his Instagram. Yup, this 29-year-old singer uploaded a picture that read “THIS BITCH LYIN ‘”.


By uploading the post, Chris seems to want to give a firm statement, considering that this news has become so widespread. Moreover, being involved in a legal case is not the first time he has experienced it.

At least, in 2009 he had committed acts of torture on his girlfriend, Rihanna. In 2013 it was proven that he attacked a man and entered rehabilitation. In 2016 he was also arrested on charges of attacking with deadly weapons.

Iko Uwais: No For Naked Scenes !

After success with the film The Raid, Iko Uwais’s career continued to soar. He even spread his wings to the scene of Hollywood films. In the MILE 22 film directed by Peter Berg, he even got the lead role named Li Noor.

But this time Iko began giving signs for anyone who wanted to recruit him in the film he wanted to make. Iko gave a limit where he could not be naked and also kissed the opposite sex. Indeed there are no written regulations from these two requirements, but Iko and the producer have agreed to this rule.

“Iko doesn’t want to do a vulgar scene. Such scenes make him feel uncomfortable when acting. But until now nothing has forced Iko to do the scene, “said Ricky Siahaan as Iko’s manager.

The decision made by Iko also received respect from outside filmmakers. They did not force Iko to do the scene he had mentioned earlier.

“All respect with iko’s decisions. Not a real rule, but if someone asks, Iko definitely refuses. ”

If we see the trailer in MILE 22, there is a scene where Iko is fighting with his opponent without wearing clothes. When in the shooting location, Peter Berg even joked and said there would be a nude scene.

“Iko does not want to play a nude scene. Yesterday Peter Berg had a joke and said there was a nude scene, Iko was shocked and kept saying “really ??? But Peter just saying a jokes. Peter also said that I wouldn’t give the nude scene to Iko, “Ricky concluded.

Will Rossa Back To Recording Studio In 2019 ?

Rossa ends 2018 by singing a song at one of the hotels in Jakarta. She admitted that she was very happy because she had returned to singing jobs in the capital after being out of town for quite a long time. Then what does Rossa want to do in 2019? Does Rossa want to go back to the recording world? Here’s the statement of Rossa.

“Well, there really are some plans for recording,” Rossa said when met at Abbe Music Studio, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

Yes, as we know, Rossa has indeed never released a new single for some time now. It seems that 2019 is the right point for Rossa to return to the recording and give a touch and create something new.

Rossa also revealed that her return to the recording kitchen was not only to sing her own songs, it was possible that Rossa would also collaborate with other singers to give a fresh new touch.

“There are some singers, just pray so that I can make a lot of hits, the matter of collaboration is also a prayer,” said Rossa.

“Normally when I finish singing, it’s a hajad prayer. Now asking for the prayer is right there, “continued Rossa.

Rossa also revealed what was her prayer to pass through 2019.

“In 2019, I just asked to be given health, survivors, sustenance, blessings, and could be useful for many people,” concluded Rossa.

Chicago West Ulang Tahun, Kim Kardashian Unggah Foto Lucu Ini

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West really enjoyed their status as parents. Evidently, not long after Chicago West was born, the couple had agreed to add another baby through the help of surrogate mother just like before.

Now Chicago West has just reached 1 year on Tuesday (1/15) yesterday. Of course this is a special moment that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will never miss.

Through his Instagram account, the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians also uploaded the latest photo of his youngest daughter. That’s where you can see what cute Chi Chi (call for Chicago) is so beautiful and adorable.

In the black and white photo, baby Chi was seen lying down and showing his healthy and plump body. This adorable round cheeks, arms and thighs have made netizens fall in love.

Along with the upload of this photo, Kim also wrote a caption that read, “Happy birthday to my beautiful girl, Chi! The sweetest baby in the world! Mommy and daddy love you so much!”

It doesn’t stop there, through the Instagram Story Kim also showed off a special gift received by baby Chi from the aunty, Kourtney Kardashian. This ex-girlfriend Younes Bendjima chose a gift in the form of a toy car for her nephew.

Of course baby Chi looks happy when driving. Not alone, baby Chi was also accompanied by his two brothers, North West and Saint West. The three of them seemed happy to enjoy the ‘new car’ of his little brother. Well, again happy baby Chi’s birthday. Don’t hurry up, boy! 😉

Victoria Beckham Invites Harper to Enjoy Beauty Care at the Spa

She is already 44 years old, but the charm of Victoria Beckham is really no less compared to other young artists. No wonder David Beckham was made crazy about her.

Speaking of appearance, beauty care is certainly a must for Victoria Beckham. When not preoccupied with work, this famous British designer always took the time to go to the spa and undergo a series of treatments.

But this time Victoria didn’t want to come alone. The woman who had joined the Spice Girls group eventually also invited her youngest daughter, Harper Beckham.

At least that is the view you can find in Victoria’s latest posts on her Instagram Stories. This British woman captures a video when Harper is closing his eyes and enjoying spa facilities that day.

“We must use clean products for our children,” Victoria wrote in the post. Inevitably if this managed to steal the attention of the fans and followers on Instagram. Many feel anxious about Harper’s funny face, but not a few are jealous of the care that the 7-year-old girl received.

Even though it was still very small, Harper had often visited a spa place. Not only baby facial treatments like this, he also often decorates his nails with various beautiful colors according to his wishes. Really cute huh? 😉

Rihanna Dan Hassan Jameel Reportedly Have Dinner In California

After a long time of no news, Rihanna finally reportedly was in a relationship with Hassan Jameel. Hassan is an Arab tycoon who has abundant assets. Their relationship had disappeared from the news for a while.

On Tuesday 27/11 yesterday, Rihanna and Hassan were found having dinner at Giorgio Baldi, Santa Monica, California. The two partners were also escorted by bodyguad. For almost 3 hours Rihanna and Hassan were in a closed (private) restaurant room.

In the date, the two did not come together, instead Rihanna and Hassan came separately. Hassan first arrived then Rihanna followed with escort by the guards.

Many speculations say the two partners have ended the relationship. This rumor happened because Rihanna and Hassan were rarely seen together so there was a lot of negative speculation circulating.

When asked by reporters, Rihanna also did not want to answer. He chose to remain silent regarding his relationship with Hassan. Rihanna seems to be traumatized by a relationship in the past that chose to cover her relationship with Hassan from the public eye.

For additional information, Rihanna has now begun to explore the world of artists, designers, cosmetics artists. In fact, he has just starred in the film OCEAN’S 8 and GUAVA ISLAND with Donald Glover.

Until now there has been no detailed information regarding the relationship that Rihanna has had with Hassan. Besides that, the fans were also looking forward to seeing their collaboration with Donald Glover.

Lady Gaga Listed Her New Business In Cosmetics

It seems that 2018 is indeed the year Lady Gaga shines. The woman nicknamed Mother Monster starred in her first big screen A STAR IS BORN, the Shallow song that became the OST was selling well. She also announced the Enigma which was a resident concert in Las Vegas.

Not enough of this, she got a lot of nominations for this year’s award season. One of the newest things, Lady Gaga took home the Golden Globes for The Best Soundtrack. But it turns out there is one more thing that is not widely known.

Lady Gaga is now rumored to prepare her cosmetic business. The website is live and publicly accessible. However, this website is still empty and only contains offers to join the newsletter. Gaga itself also has not promoted this business on its Instagram account.

This rumor has been circulating since May 2018 when fans realized the company Gaga, Ate My Heart Inc., registered the copyright for Haus Beauty. This copyright registration includes cosmetics, perfumes and skincare. Registration of a cosmetic brand does take a long time.

The same thing was experienced by Rihanna who registered Fenty Beauty since August 2014. However, Rihanna’s cosmetics just started to be introduced to the public in September 2017. Seeing the complexity of this copyright registration can be ascertained Lady Gaga’s Haus Beauty will not be launched soon.

Kendall Jenner Looks Sexy With New Charming Thick Lips

At Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2018 in New York yesterday, Kendall Jenner’s performance on stage was able to invite admiration from the audience. Kendall Jenner managed to appear so sexy and charming on the catwalk. But the most interesting is the lips that look thick and sexy.

Not long ago invited awe, Kendall Jenner again reaped a lot of praise after appearing sexy with CHAOS SixtyNine. During the shooting session, Kendall showed a style that was so erotic and charming.

Kylie Jenner’s sister was able to show her hot and classy side during a photo shoot in the pool. His pose in the pool managed to bring out a luxurious aura from him. With buoys with the Chanel brand and jewelry that adorns his body (earrings, necklaces and bracelets), his appearance looks very elegant.

The photographer, Danielle Levitt also managed to capture a close-up photo of Kendall Jenner who appeared hot. The close up photo shows a make up that is much thicker than usual. In the photo, Kendall holds cherries while posing to bite the fruit.

A lot of news said that Kendall had done lips injection like what his sister had done. But until this news was made, there was no official statement from Kendall regarding the news. Just curious, Kendall Jenner, do you think Kendall does lips injection or not?

Younes Bendjima Praise The Beauty Of Kourtney Kardashian

The end of the year is usually used by people as a moment of self reflection. This was also done by Younes Bendjima, former lover of Kourtney Kardashian. The 25-year-old model also included Kourtney as one of his reflections.

One of these reflections is about his relationship and Kourtney who has run aground. Both of them broke up around August after more or less dating for two years. Younes praised and gave the ex the best prayer at the end of the year.

“Don’t forget about this beautifull women. I’m not the type of person who will forget moments like this. You are a wonderful woman and mother. I hope you can get happiness judi bola for you and your children. Love is the most important in the end, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, “Younes wrote in his Instagram.

Younes is the most serious partner Kourtney has after separating from Scott. The relationship that has been fostered for two years is quite serious. Even Kourtney’s three children knew Younes well enough.
Even though Younes made uploads of this appreciation, Kourtney did not respond openly. Now Kourtney was linked to several male celebrity names. Among others, the GROWN-ISH serial actor named Luka Sabbat. This time Kourtney is also dating a younger man, Luka has just turned 21 years old.

“Kourtney did not expect anything serious and exclusive like his relationship with Younes. But actually he also did not expect a serious relationship with Younes. At the moment he is very happy when meeting Luka and always waiting to meet again,” said a source quoted from E! News.