For The First Time, Meghan Markle Do An Interview

Who doesn’t know the figure of Meghan Markle? He is the wife of Prince Harry. These two British aristocrats were often seen together while carrying out noble duties and also some other general activities. Previously, Prince Harry had shown intimacy by kissing Meghan Markle in public when he won the Polo competition in England.

One TV station in the UK will broadcast the program where they interviewed Meghan Markle with other royal families. The interview will be divided into two parts. Videos that will later be aired have the Queen of the World headline. The interview became the first interview for Meghan Markle after becoming an English aristocrat.

Not only do interviews, they even show some British noble activities. In addition, they also perpetuate the activities undertaken by Queen Elizabeth II. The television station in question also had aired the teaser for the interview program.

In the teaser, we can see Meghan Markle being interviewed. He wore black clothes with unregulated hair. Meghan also told me that the wedding veil was decorated with 53 flowers from 53 British Commonwealth countries, was it cool?

On September 25, 2018 tomorrow, the first video will be released. Not only Meghan Markle appeared in the video, later we will also see some other royal members such as Prince Harry, William, and Charles. It’s just that Kate Middleton’s figure is still not seen in the teaser that has been released by the TV station.