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Usher Sues Divorce After Ten Years Together

Usher Sues Divorce After Ten Years Together

Far from oblique gossip, it is not necessarily able to save celebrity marriages. Another Hollywood celebrity who appeared with the news of divorce in 2018. This time it was the turn of rapper Usher who had revealed that he had filed for divorce with his wife, Grace Miguel.

Both have been together for ten years but have only been married for two years. The duration of this togetherness cannot make both of them survive.

“After a long thought we both decided to split up as a couple. We will stay in touch, love each other as friends who will always support each other,” wrote Usher in the announcement of their farewell.

Usher who had dominated the charts thanks to the song Yeah! this is indeed known to be very closed to personal matters. He also did not have an affair scandal during his career. But Usher began to be seen wearing a wedding ring at the end of 2015.

“They are very happy and the wedding is done in a sweet and romantic way. Usher can not wait to spend the rest of his age with his wife,” said a source quoted from E Online.

Until now, Usher and Grace did not explain the reason for their separation. From this relationship both of them have no offspring.

Usher himself began to open up to the public when he attended the talkshow hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. This is the first time and the only moment when Usher discussed the issue of his relationship to the public.

“Do you know what’s funny? We uploaded our photos and people started talking. The ring is on our fingers. She’s an amazing woman, Grace Raymond,” Usher said at the time. Raymond is Usher’s original last name.

This is not the first divorce for Usher. Previously he was known to marry a woman named Tameka Foster and later divorced in 2009.

Use Red Lipstick At Christmas, North West Is More Beautiful And Stylish!

December 25 was celebrated as a Christmas for Christians all over the world. Hollywood celebrities also hold special parties with large families and also the people closest to them, including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

This celebrity couple also holds a special party at their luxury home located in the Calabasas area, California. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West even invited John Legend to fill the show to entertain the invited guests.

Happy to enjoy the Christmas party, the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians finally showed off a photo together with Kanye and their children. That’s where an unusual scene appears. Curious?

Choosing one of the best spots in Christmas decorations at his home, Kim invited Kanye, North West, Saint West, and little Chicago West to pose together. That’s when the appearance of the eldest succeeded in making people fail to focus on their red lipstick.

Wearing an all-black outfit just like his father and younger siblings, North looks beautiful and adorable. Not only wearing lipstick, he even arranged his hair after it was straightened out first. Satisfied with his appearance, North seemed to pose confidently in front of the camera.

No wonder if Kim’s post this time successfully became a subject of conversation. Unfortunately there are pros and cons that comment on the North red lipstick. Many say that he looks beautiful with makeup makeup, and not a few who think that Kim is too much to let a 5 year old girl wear lipstick. What do you think of yourself?

Ovi Decide To Change Religion, How About Her Family ?

Former Duo Serigala personnel, Ovi Sovianti, recently surprised many parties. Because she has decided to change beliefs. The crucial decision was taken after he married Franky Ilham Roring in October.

Even Ovi bluntly talks about the transfer of his beliefs. Her decision also made a lot of polemic, many of his family were shocked and disappointed with the decisions taken by Ovi.

“I feel like there’s a boost in my heart, I also don’t know why, I also choose not to cover this up. Why should it be covered? It’s better to be blunt, “Ovi Sovianti said when met at KFC Kemang, South Jakarta recently.

“If the problem is disappointed, there must be a people who disappointed about my decision. But praise the Lord, i believe they will accept my decision, if you pray for your father, you will definitely be able to receive it. ”

Ovi and also the husband hopes that at this moment of Christmas the family can accept Ovi’s decision.

“When asked about expectations, there must be a question. Actually, I see that his family is not as bad as people say. Just try to imagine, you are from a small religion from a long time ago, then moved, there must be a sense of disappointment. But if this spiritual togel singapore matter depends on each person, “Ovi husband explained.

“But I always give her spirit. I always say that the family is a good person, just believe it if you will definitely be able to accept it, “closed Ovi’s husband.

Via Vallen Give Clarification About Covering Jerinx Song

The feud between Via Vallen and Jerinx seems to be over. As we know, Via Vallen indeed covers Sunset Di Tanah Anarki, owned by Jerinx Superman Is Dead without permission. Even Via Vallen takes it with the rhythm of dangdut which is of course very different from the punk style song sung by Jerinx.

Seeing this, Jerinx’s scathing criticism, even Jerinx plainly said Via Vallen as a prostitute for using the work of people without permission for monetization purposes. Via Vallen then provides clarification and apologies to Jerinx SID.

“I humbly want to apologize to Jerinx as the owner of SID. I apologize if they don’t like the song to be covered in dangdut style. I also apologize if Jerinx said my singing ruined the spirit inside the song. ”

“Why don’t I want face to face clarification? Because I don’t want to meet people who say I’m a whore. I was born by my mother and expected to be a good, successful and proud person. But the whore’s words are outrageous. ”

“Just imagine your sister or your sister is called like that. Of course you don’t, don’t you? Respect any woman, because your mother is also a woman. ”

“Once again I want to apologize for covering their songs without permission,” Via Vallen Concluded.

Profile – Catherina Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton

Catherina Elizabeth Middleton is a woman who was born on January 9, 1982 in Reading, Berkshire, England. Catherina Elizabeth Middleton is better known as Kate Middleton. Kate is the child of Carole Elizabeth Middleton and Michael Francis Middleton. Kate is the eldest of three siblings, her two sisters named Philippa Charlotte who was born in 1983 and James William who was born in 1987.

Kate Middleton began to be known by the public thanks to her relationship with Prince William. Both partners were met in 2001 when they studied at the University of St. Andrews. Both partners carried out their super-luxurious marriage on April 29, 2011. The party is the most luxurious party in the world.

On September 14, 2012, Closer France magazine published a photo of Kate’s topless. The topless photo was taken when Kate vacationed with Prince William at Château d’Autet. As a result of this inappropriate march, Prince William finally sent legal action to Closer.

Here are the awards that have been won by Catherina Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton:

1. Kate won the Most Promising Newcomer – The Daily Telegraph – 2006 award
2. Kate ranked 8th in the Top Ten Icons – Tatler – 2007 list
3. Kate won Richard Blackwells Fabulous Fashion Independent – 2007
4. Kate won the best costume award – People – 2007
5. Kate won the beauty icon award – – 2008
6. Kate won the best international costume award – Vanity Fair – 2008
7. Kate won the best costume award – People – 2010 Magazine
8. Kate won Top Fashion Buzzword – Global Language Monitor – 2011

Angela Ponce Miss Spain, First Transgender Contestant at the Miss Universe Event

This year’s Miss Universe beauty pageant event was held in Thailand. Miss Universe 2018 is very special because it has the most contestants in history, 94 people. Not only this, this year marked the competition for the first transgender contestant.

Angela Ponce, a Spanish representative, was the first transgender woman to enliven the Miss Universe event. Angela is also the first transgender to win the crown of Miss Spain 2018. Angela’s participation is a new history in the world of beauty pageant in the world.

The participation of Angela is not only for self-proof. Furthermore, he wants to spread the positive message from transgender people in the world. He did not want the trans to experience discrimination as he had before.

“I want to contribute to the world so that all are more advanced. I don’t want to be hypocritical, beauty is still used to ‘sell’ and I think beauty can help spread the message about equality,” Angela said, quoted by AP News.

Although Angela’s participation is arguably a history, but unfortunately she did not bring home the title of Miss Universe. Even Angela couldn’t get into the last 20.

It turned out that Angela had competed in this event in 2015. But unfortunately, at that time the regulations still could not allow transgender women to compete.

“Transgender women have been persecuted for a long time and ‘disappeared’ from society. If I get the crown, I will show that transgender women are as valuable as women in general,” Angela Ponce said further.

Emma Watson Profile

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, better known by the name Emma Watson is a beautiful artist born in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England on April 15, 1990. Her name is famous after she starred in the box office film Harry Potter.

Emma Watson is the daughter of Chris and Jacqueline Watson. But both of his parents were divorced. Emma has a sister named Alex. Emma Watson attended the Dragon School, a private preparatory school until June 2003 ..

Since 2008, Emma Watson has become a figure targeted by magazine agencies. Emma is considered to have a suitable face to be used as a covergirl. Some magazines that have an interest in him are Flare, Sunday Times Style, VS Magazine, and Italian Vogue.

According to the news, Emma had a relationship with Robert Pattinson, who was the co-star in the Harry Potter film who played Cedric Diggory.

Unfortunately the relationship with Pattinson did not last long, in 2012, Emma Watson actually introduced his new lover named Will Adamowicz.

Before Emma played in the Harry Potter films, her acting experience was practically minimal. Activities before he became an artist were to write poetry, even he had participated in poetry writing competitions. When he was seven years old, Emma also won 1st place in the poetry writing championship.

The most phenomenal last film Emma Watson has ever played is live action Beauty and the Beast. His acting in the film was able to make the public fascinated by his skill in playing the role of Belle.

Jess Glynne Release New Single Song This Year

The name Jess Glynne has lately been heard more often. How not, his name is famous after releasing a hit song titled Hold My Hand and also Ain’t Got Far To Go. He also often collaborates with other famous singers, say Clean Bandid.

We have to admit, Jess indeed succeeded in hypnotizing her fans with the old songs she brought. After not publishing a new album for a long time, Jess finally released her new song in January. For additional information, Jess last released her song in November 2015 ago.

After all this time, of course the fans felt missed by Jess. Finally Jess answered the fans’ missed feelings by bringing her new song live.

According to the official Charts report, Jess will present his new song while attending The Graham Norton Show. Jess will not be alone, she will also be accompanied by Amy Schumer and also Stephen Mangan.

In addition, the BBC also said that Jess would make the event a promotional event. Jes will take advantage of that moment to introduce his latest album titled I’ll Be There.

For additional information, the song These Days is a phenomenal song from Jess. Even this song broke the Official Charts record. Jess also won the most singles chart number 1 award in the UK, isn’t it cool? Let’s wait whether the new song can break the previous record or not.