Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Reveal Their Cute Couple Nickname

As we know, ober the years, celebrity always have their playful nicknames, form kimYe to Brangeline and the list keep goes on. For now, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas also engaged with it. They also have a playfull nickname too !

On Friday 25, Jonas stopped by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. In that show, Chopra also came. His latest song titled “Right now” has been choosen to play in the end of the show.

Jimmy Fallon asked them about their nicknames. “Do you guys have a celebrity nickname ?,” ask Fallon to Chopra and Jonas.

Before answering that question, Jonas said “Oh boy!”. After that, Fallon asking Chopra which is on the backstage.

“Prick!,” said Chopra. When saying their nicknames, the audience erupt with laughter. That show become so funny.

Jonas also said that Chopra like prick and said he doesnt like it.

“Chopra like prick !, but i dont like that one.”

Jonas also told Fallon that he was to quick to propose Chopra. “We knew it right. Im just kind of jumped right in,” said the singer.

For your information, Jonas and Chopra gushed over the engagement party in Mumbai, India. Jonas explain that their engagement party is Roka Ceremony.