Indro “Warkop” Wife Take Chemotherapy Treatment

As has been reported by the media, Indro Warkop is currently experiencing unfavorable news. The reason is that his wife, Nita Octobijanthy, has lung cancer which requires her to undergo very strong chemotherapy treatment.

As we know, chemotherapy treatment greatly affects the body’s metabolism of patients who undergo it. As with other chemotherapy patients, Nita also experienced similar things.

“The last thing is that the chemotherapy drugs are very strong, the medicine is hard, im forget about the medicine name. Many drugs are said and i forget, but the medicine is clearly very hard. It used to be that his hair was thick, now began to fall out. If at home now there is a wife with me. Nita is still confident, passionate and happy. She said that she want a happy life, no matter what happen, “said Indro.

If you look at Indro, you could say he is a very loyal person. Every opportunity, Indro always accompanied his wife. At the time of treatment also like that. Indro also explained that he left his wife Agen Bola when there was work, after that he would return home and accompany his wife.

“Well, if you go, if you have a job, the problem is that Nita will not be there. Now Nita is also using a wheelchair, because the fear is that the bones will get worse later. Actually she can walk, just in case. If we are not as guardian husbands for her, who else is on guard.”