Dark Side From The Death Of Jang Ja Yeon

Jang Ja Yeon is the name of a Korean artist who played the role of Sunny in the drama Boys Over Flowers. Instead of hearing the good news from the artist, it was revealed that the horrible news behind her death in 2009 was at his home.

Jang Ja Yeon decides to end his life because he feels pressured by the management guidance where she works. Just imagine, she was forced to serve 31 men every day.

Even worse, out of the 31 men he served, half of them came from state officials and officials so that they were immune from the law. Jang Ja Yeon cannot reject all requests because he is still a newcomer artist and that is a mandatory request from his management.

Even Jang Ja Yeon also did not get a defense from his agency. He must accept various types of torture and blows, even after being beaten he will be locked up in an empty room. Pity!

Jang Ja Yeon made his debut in 2006 where he entered the world of models first before entering the world of film. In 2009, he played Sunny in the drama Boys Over Flowers along with Kuy Hye Syun and Lee Min Ho.

When his body was found by the family and police, he wrote a piece of sentence as his last words that read:

“Please revenge me! There is no way I can take other than to serve all the demons. ”

“Every day I get new clothes and are forced to serve all the demons. Not only in Kangnam, I was also told to serve in Karaoke in the Suwon area and also in salons. ”

It’s a sad story, but it can’t be denied, the artist’s world does have a dark side that many people don’t know. Hopefully, the perpetrators of these crimes get rewarded according to what they have done.