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Know More About Cooke Maroney, J-Law Fiance

Know More About Cooke Maroney, J-Law Fiance

Jennifer Lawrence has dated several big names in the entertainment world. Starting from Nicholas Hoult, Chris Martin until Darren Aronofsky had been close to him. But now he surprised the public with his engagement with Cooke Maroney.

The name of J-Law’s fiance is of course foreign to us, because she is not from the entertainment world. Both of them have kept a good relationship secret since May 2018. Not many know who is the man who can win the heart of this Oscar-winning actress.

J-Law does not touch social media, this is one reason why the relationship has never been detected. But KapanLagi has summarized some facts about his relationship with Cooke Maroney.

J-Law and Cooke Maroney met shortly after she broke up with filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. J-Law was introduced by his close friend Laura Simpsons. Since it was introduced, they have indeed committed to stay away from public reach.

Only one we know, that Cooke Maroney does not work in the entertainment world. She comes from a family of farmers from the Vermont region. Cooke attended New York University. Now he is the art director at Gladstone Gallery in New York City.

The Gallery, which was maintained by Cooke, holds a lot of high art works. Starting from the work of Carroll Dunham, Richard Prince, Anish Kapoor, to Matthew Barney.

As mentioned above, we know how high-profile J-Law’s ex-lover is. But it seems Maroney did not feel intimidated by the popularity of J-Law’s past men. The proof is that he attended the New York Film Festival at the premiere of THE FAVORITE, starring Nicholas Hoult.

“I’m friends with my exes. I have a theory, maybe because I’m outspoken. I don’t have a bad relationship with anyone if you are straightforward. Everyone knows how you feel and there is no lie, just honesty. Everyone is good each other. All (ex) of my lover are very extraordinary, “said Jennifer Lawrence when asked about her relationship reported by WTF With Marc Maron.

Margot Robbie Shows Harley Quinn’s New Appearance at BIRDS OF PREY

Margot Robbie will return to action as Harley Quinn. Her charming acting performance at SUICIDE SQUAD will re-entertain movie lovers. This time she will act in the film director Catchy Yan’s BIRDS OF PREY. The film from the DC Extended Universe is prepared to hit theaters in February 2020.

Robbie shared Harley Quinn’s latest look on his Instagram account. In this photo it looks Robbie wearing a quirky costume that is a little different. There is also a tag necklace with the name ‘Bruce’. This name is a clue that in the film BIRDS OF PREY there will be a Bruce Wayne character aka Batman.

Harley Quinn is still pictured with flirtatious clothes and her tattoo. She also still carries a baseball bat but with shorter hair. Maybe this film discusses the complicated relationship between Harley and the Joker.

“I put forward an idea to make a female gang including a Harley, because ‘Harley needs friends’. Harley likes to interact with people, so don’t make her own films,” Robbie said from the Times.

Reporting from Variety, the full title of this film will be BIRDS OF PREY AND THE FANTABULOUS EMANCIPATION OF ONE HARLEY. The screenwriter Christina Hodson has her own reasons for using the word ‘emancipation’.

“Emancipation has many meanings for many people and we will explore this in a different way,” stressed female filmmakers who had previously worked on BUMBLEBEE.

Not only a teaser in the form of photos, the film has also released a teaser clip. In this 19-second video there are several characters that are shown quickly. Seen Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Huntress), Jurnee Smollet-Bell (Black Canary), ROzie Perez (Detective Renee Montoya) and Ewan McGregor (Black Mask). This teaser video was uploaded by the CheekySneakyPeeky channel on January 28, 2019 under the title See You Soon.

Bruce Willis Decides to Sell his Luxury House for USD 12 Million

During this time Bruce Willis is known as one of the most popular senior actors in the world of Hollywood. At the age of 63 years, his name still prevails in the Hollywood film industry, both as an actor and producer.

With a very high flight time, you don’t need to doubt the assets of Bruce Willis. Not long ago, Bruce was reportedly selling one of his luxury properties located in the Bedford Corners, New York area.

Luxury housing is priced at a price of no less than US $ 12.95 million, equivalent to Rp. 183.7 billion. Are you curious about what this GLASS star looks like?

Through an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bruce sold the house because he wanted to immediately move to the West Coast region. “The only reason we let it go was because we were too far from family in California. That’s why we decided to go back to the West Coast and plan to build a house there,” he said.

Bruce added, “Last week, our youngest daughter Mabel said that she wanted to have lots of balloons in our house, like in a UP movie and send them to the West Coast. I agreed, it would be perfect.”

Anyway, this residence itself was previously bought by Bruce in 2014 at a price of US $ 12 million (around Rp. 170.3 billion at the current exchange rate). Inside it is equipped with 5 bedrooms, 3 guest cottages, swimming pools, tennis courts, and much more.

Chris Pratt Tell The Plans For His Marriage with Katherine Schwarzenegger

The engagement that took place between Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger really caught the public’s attention. Nobody expected if in a short time, they had intended to establish a serious relationship. As we know, this couple has just been dating for 7 months.

Although only for a while, Chris Pratt was sure if Katherine Schwarzenegger was the woman he had been looking for. The right wife candidate to replace Anna Faris, his ex-wife.

Success makes people curious, now Chris seems to begin to open up about his personal life with Katherine. Evidently, paparazzi cameras repeatedly perpetuate their appearance on romantic dates.

And this time Chris Pratt again became the subject of conversation because of the statement submitted to Us Magazine. Unexpectedly, the star of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is opening up about the plans for his marriage to Katherine Schwarzenegger.

“Just a little, maybe (I’m getting married) in the fall (later), before winter and the like, you know. We will prepare many things,” he said while attending the premiere of THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART.

Furthermore, Chris was also asked how his son reacted to this happy news. Jack, who was only 6 years old, was very enthusiastic about welcoming his father’s marriage to his new prospective mother.

If all goes according to plan, that means Chris’s marriage and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter will be held around September this year or March 2020. Of course this is a moment that makes the fans more impatient. You too right? 😉

Taylor Switft Donate 113.000 USD For Supporting LGBTQ People

Taylor Swift is known to be quite generous and likes to make donations. This time he donated non-playfully to the organization defending the rights of LGBTQ people. This 29-year-old singer gave 113,000 thousand dollars, equivalent to 1.5 billion rupiah at the Tennessee Equality Project.

This donation is not something sudden. Because Taylor has revealed his support for this one organization since last year. He once wrote a long caption about the importance of the rights of the LGBTQ community.

The head of this organization, Chris Sanders shared a letter from Taylor Swift. This full letter of sincerity was written by Taylor himself.

“I released this to convey how much I was inspired by your work. Especially on the petition against the Tennessee religious leaders to oppose hatred (on LGBTQ) at the legislative level. Please express my sincere love and accept donations to support the work you are doing. I’m grateful they give everyone the opportunity to worship, “Taylor wrote.

According to the chairman of this one organization, Taylor Swift is indeed a supporter of equality of rights. Moreover, LGBTQ people in Tennessee had experienced severe discrimination.

“Taylor Swift has long supported the LGBTQ community. He saw our struggle in Tennessee and continued to voice his aspirations including religious leaders. The Tennessee Equality Project was fortunate to be able to receive 113 thousand dollars in donations to support our efforts,” continued Chris Sanders.

Scarlett Johansson Feel Threatened By The Paparazzi

Scarlett Johansson criticized the paparazzi after an accident she experienced on Monday (7/4) in Los Angeles. In her statement in PEOPLE, she accused the paparazzi of trying to follow her and continue to take photographs.

“I was followed by five cars full of men who even penetrated the red lights,” she said.

ScarJo did not drive the car. However, all passengers in this car feel very threatened. Actress of AVENGERS: ENDGAME went straight to the police station after being chased by the paparazzi.

“Even after the tragic death of Princess Diana, the law has never been changed to protect the target of the paparazzi who have no rules. Many paparazzi have criminal pasts and will take criminal actions to get photographs,” the 34-year-old woman continued.

Being a celebrity in Hollywood does have to deal with the paparazzi. This wild photographer will tour around the celebrity residence or the Hollywood area. This becomes a fear of celebrities when they have to do their activities outside the home.

“Paparazzi makes the lives of other people at risk. They can wait for days in a black car and follow their children in the park. The park should be a safe area but this isn’t,” ScarJo continued.

This one actress has a five-year-old child, Rose Dorothy, from her ex-husband Romain Dauriac. This makes Scarlett increasingly concerned about the safety and privacy of the baby.

“After the incident yesterday I felt this was my responsibility as a community that was pursued and followed to seek protection. I encouraged those who experienced this to go to the police,” concluded Scar Jo.

Park Hyung Sik New Movie Called “JUROR 8”

It seems that the trend where K-Pop personnel trying to find fortune in the world of cinema is not a strange thing. Of the many names that have been successful, this time it was Park Hyung Sik’s turn to want to follow in the footsteps of other K-Pop. ZE A personnel have played in several Korean Drama films, even he has become the main star in the film he plays.

As has been informed lately by many media, this time Park Hyung Sik starred in a film titled JUROR 8. This film is an adaptation of a true story and became his last film before he left the army in the near future.

Park Hyung Sik promised to give his fans the best. On this occasion, Park Hyung Sik also tell about his heart regarding the first big screen film he played.

“I couldn’t sleep, so nervous! I was excited but also happy and excited. I am very grateful to be able to play with other professional and senior actors in this film. They are good people, I often get help and support from them. I hope that this film can entertain all of you, we have put in the best and hopefully can entertain all of you. ”

“I never thought I’d get a position as the main star. I have no experience in the court system, indeed I was a genius lawyer in KBS Suits drama, but now my role is a judge. ”

“But I’m sure I can show the best to all my fans.”

Official Divorce, Jeff Bezos Gives Former Wife 4% of Amazon Shares

Jeff Bezos finally divorced from his wife, MacKenzie Bezos. Divorce is a topic of discussion that makes netizens curious. Because the richest man in the world is married without a pre-marriage agreement.

Reporting from the NY Times, Jeff Bezos will still own 75% of Amazon shares owned by both, ownership of The Washington Post, and space company Blue Origin. MacKenzie himself said that Jeff would have full voting rights for his shares in Amazon.

Even so it does not mean that Jeff did not give any assets to MacKenzie. The woman who has been married to Jeff for 25 years will receive approximately 36 billion dollars (509.2 trillion rupiah). This fantastic amount is only about 4% of the shares of Amazon.

Jeff Bezos is indeed the founder and CEO of the Amazon website. The richest man in the world owns 12% of the Amazon shares that he shares with his ex-wife. This divorce was feared to reduce Jeff’s ranking as the richest person in the world.

With the results of the decision on the distribution of assets, Jeff Bezos still maintains his status as the richest man in the world. The current value of Bezos shares in the Amazon is equivalent to 108 billion dollars. Bezos is still richer than Bill Gates, who owns 102 billion dollars.

But of course Jeff and MacKenzie’s wealth is not only on Amazon. Both have several investment assets ranging from property to other shares. But both refused to discuss public property in addition to shares on

Behind the Death Conspiracy Theory Nipsey Hussle: Killed for Discovering an AIDS Drug?

The death of the Grammy nominated rapper, Nipsey Hussle, turned out to be a long tails. This rapper suffered a gunshot in front of his shop in the Los Angeles area on March 31, 2019. The fans were deeply saddened by this incident, many of which initially highlighted the weak regulation of possession of firearms in the United States.

But now there is a conspiracy theory about the murder of the rapper. Many thought Nipsey’s death had something to do with the murder of an herbalist named Dr. Sebi.

In 2018, Nipsey interviewed and said that he consumed Dr. Sebi’s products. Then he said he wanted to do a documentary video about the trial of Dr. Sebi in 1985. At that time Dr. Sebi defended himself in court and won the claim that he could treat Aids.

“He won this case and went to federal court the next day and won again. And no one said this. I think this story is very important, I think this is an important narrative,” Nipsey said at the time quoted by BBC News .

Nipsey’s confession was alleged to be the reason for his murder. Now the Los Angeles police have set Eric Holder as a suspect and got wanted status.

But the conspiracy theory of the involvement of the American government to protect the pharmaceutical industry has been rolling. According to KLovers itself, maybe there isn’t an assassination attempt because of this kind of theory?

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Look So Romantic on Vacation

As a newlywed couple, Justin Bieber’s household and Hailey Baldwin were warm. Regardless of their controversy despite their marriage, they managed to prove if the relationship was real and full of love.

Not long ago Justin Bieber even wrote his defense to Hailey Baldwin who had been hidden. Not being able to bear to see his wife always blasphemed and compared with Selena Gomez, Justin also admitted to being very happy with his marriage with Hailey.

After proving his love for Hailey, Justin now invites his wife to enjoy a romantic vacation. The couple is apparently having fun in the Orange County, California area.

Through his Instagram account, Hailey Baldwin was showing off what his romantic holiday moments were like with Justin Bieber. Apparently the couple who have been married for 6 months enjoy luxury on a yacht.

Bathed in bright sunlight, they displayed their best poses in front of the camera. Hailey spoiled leaning on his shoulder. According to some foreign media, this photo is immortalized in Newport Beach, California.

Not only stop there, right today, Monday (1/4) Hailey also had time to show off his intimacy with Justin via Live Instagram. Justin who initially just stood behind Hailey suddenly approached him while landing a kiss.

Inevitably this became a scene that immediately made the baper more than 70 thousand spectators who were watching their Live video. Well, showing affection has become commonplace for Justin and Hailey. This couple really knows how to make others jealous when they see it. You too right? 😉