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Kendall Jenner Became The Most Highest Paid Model In The World

Kendall Jenner Became The Most Highest Paid Model In The World

If seen, the career undertaken by Kendal Jenner in the world of modeling does not need to be doubted. Although there are so many new models popping up, the charm as a super model does not fade and is still able to maintain its existence in the world of international models.

Previously Kendall Jenner had won the most expensive paid model predicate in the world. Even its popularity was able to make itself into the catwalk of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The title as the highest paid model cannot be rivaled by other models. Towards the end of 2018, he still pocketed the title.

Many people are curious about the fees pegged by Kendall Jenner. According to alerts issued by Forbes, Kendall Jenner managed to pocket money reaching 22.5 million USD, equivalent to 327.5 billion Rupiah.

The money he collected came from various fashion shows, shooting, endorsing posts, to his status as a brand ambassador for Estee Lauder, Adidas, Longchamp, and also Calvin Klein. This figure exceeded the income last year which only managed to reach 22 million USD.

The name Kendall Jenner is indeed very surprising. Even Kendall managed to shift the position of supermodel Gisele Bundchen who had been ranked first for 15 years. Amazing isn’t it?

In the second position of the model with spread income there is Karlie Kloss with a total income of 13 million USD, while Chrissy Teigen is ranked third with a total income of 11.5 million USD.

Cute ! Prince William Giving Cute Nickname For Princess Charlotte

The British Royal Family is back in the spotlight since Kate Middleton and Prince William showcased a new royal park themed ‘Back to Nature’. This park is prepared to welcome the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 event which will be held from Tuesday (5/21) to Saturday (5/25).

After preparing many things, Prince William and his family can enjoy the beauty of the royal garden. Kensington Palace also showed sweet moments when William played with his two children, Prince George and Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Through its official Instagram account, Kensington Palace also reveals a fact that is very steal of attention. This turned out to be related to William’s affectionate call to his daughter. Want to know?

After asking Prince George how he judged the park, Prince William began calling his daughter. Not Charlotte, the Duke of Cambridge actually called him by the name ‘Mignonette’.

Mignonette itself is believed to come from the French language, where the word ‘mignon’ means a cutie that becomes Indonesian, it becomes funny, cute, or adorable. While other meanings can be delicates that are smooth or soft.

Prince William is not the only person who has a love call for his daughter. Previously Kate Middleton also had time to reveal Charlotte’s nickname to one of the original Belfast bloggers named Laura Ann.

Through his Instagram Story, Laura wrote back to her son what the Duchess of Cambridge said, “Hi George, you have a cool name, and you look smart with your bow tie. Nice to meet you.”

At the same time, Kate accidentally mentioned her nickname unfortunately for Charlotte. “I said that he (George) is still 4 years old and he (Kate) replied, ‘Oh, he’s the same age as Lottie’. He called him (Charlotte) under the name Lottie!” Laura said.

Baby Bump Getting Bigger, Meghan Markle Look More Beautifull With New Hairstyle

During her pregnancy, Meghan Markle actually actively carried out various royal visits. This time Prince Harry’s wife visited the National Theater, London. That scene was captured by media cameras on Wednesday (1/30).

As usual, the appearance of Meghan Markle was really successful at stealing attention. Remain stunning at her 6 month gestation, the woman who was given the title of the Duchess of Sussex returned to dress beautiful and elegant.

But apparently, there was a different view from Meghan’s appearance this time. The Duchess who used to be a career as an actress appeared with a new hairstyle. If Meghan usually appears with her hair broken or messy bun, that day she arranges her hair with up-do style and side bangs.

This hairstyle is really new to him. Given that Meghan always appears with the style of the middle hemisphere hair. The one who didn’t lose stole the attention again, she also wore a peachy nude colored outfit that gave a sweet and feminine impression.

Showing off his increasingly bigger baby bump, Meghan blends Brandon Maxwell’s dress with a matching blazer. She also added Carolina Herrera’s Aquazzura pump shoes and clutch bag.

From head to toe, Meghan’s appearance was truly perfect. If so, what do you think is the style of the Duchess this time?

Paris Jackson Denied the News That Said She Wanted to Commit Suicide

Who doesn’t know Paris Jackson? The daughter of the late Michael Jackson is often the spotlight because of the various sensations she has. Starting from news about the life of romance to her appearance which is somewhat unique and quirky.

Not long enough not heard, now the public is again horrified by the latest news from Paris Jackson. As per rumors circulating, the girl who works as a model has just been reported to have been hospitalized for attempted suicide.

TMZ is the media that first reported this, as reported by Us Magazine. The attempted suicide incident carried out by Paris was reported on Saturday.

TMZ reports that police and paramedics came to a Paris home located in Los Angeles after receiving an emergency call at around half-past eight in the morning. The 20-year-old girl was reported to have cut the arteries on her wrist.

From the news circulating, the condition of Paris has begun to stabilize after losing a lot of blood. At present he even has gone home and received treatment from the people closest to her.

The horrendous success of the public and the media, apparently the news of the suicide attempt was completely untrue. This was directly conveyed by Paris Jackson through her Twitter account.

She replied to TMZ’s tweet post and called them hoax spreaders, “Fuck you, you liar!” This statement delivered directly by Paris managed to make her fans feel relieved

Justin Bieber Shows Intimate Kiss Videos with Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin could not hide their happy feelings as newlyweds. Evidently, this celebrity couple often shows off their intimate moments on social media.

The latest, Justin Bieber has just uploaded a video of his loving kiss with Hailey Baldwin via Instagram Story. It seems that the famous 25-year-old star pop intentionally wants to show off her home harmony as a newlywed couple.

That view is what you can see in the video screenshots above. Initially Justin uploaded several videos when he was teasing and tricking Hailey Baldwin. They also continued the journey by taking a private jet.

Until finally Justin showed a sweet moment when Hailey leaned in his arms. The beautiful blonde-haired model finally showered Justin with lots of kisses, starting on the cheeks, lips, to his neck.

Previously, Justin had uploaded several photos of Hailey on his Instagram account page. To the extent that one of the photos of his wife was found liked by Shawn Mendes. It was clear that this succeeded in stealing attention, considering that Shawn had been reportedly close to Hailey.

One of the Hailey fanpage accounts named @ailsbuzzle also had the chance to post the screenshot of the moment when Shawn gave his thumb for the model’s photo. To straighten out the facts, Justin decided to comment on the account posting.

The handsome tattooed musician wrote, “They’re just friends, just relax.” Short but clear, Justin stressed that if their fans do not need to be bothered by the presence of Shawn, who has long been friends with his wife

Kristen Steward Style At Met Gala 2019

The 2019 Met Gala yesterday became a grand event that successfully captured the attention of media throughout the world. Not without reason, the article is in this event that Hollywood celebrities are present to dress up optimally in accordance with a predetermined theme.

For this year, the Met Gala carries the theme Camp: Notes On Fashion which was inspired by Susan Sontag’s essay in 1964 ago. No wonder that every invited guest tries to look as unique and eccentric as possible.

Of the many invited guests present, the appearance of Kristen Stewart was one of the most attention-grabbing. Not without reason, it’s all because of his new successful hairstyle that makes pangling!

Just look at how it looks in the photo above. It comes with a very unique hair style, Kristen Stewart seems to have just changed the color of her hair to a fusion of platinum blonde and striking orange.

Not only stopped there, his eyebrows were painted yellow. Her hairstyle and makeup makeup this time really makes Christian look like a different person and can hardly be recognized. Agreed?

Unlike the hairstyle and makeup makeup that is very unique and striking, Christians choose a more neutral outfit. For the Met Gala 2019, this JT LEROY star dropped his choice on a monochrome outfit.
To perfect his appearance, Christian also added sweetener accessories in the form of necklaces, belts and rings. Well, what do you think about Kristen Stewart’s appearance this time?

Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus Unfollow James Charles Intagram Account

The world of YouTube is currently overwhelmed by feuds between the two most famous beauty influencers in the world, James Charles and Tati. The conflict between them was large enough to have an impact on the number of subscribers which dropped dramatically in just 2 days.

Yup, James Charles has lost more than 2.5 million subscribers because of this problem. And that number continues to decline even until the second you are reading this news. Not only YouTube, other social media accounts like Instagram James were also affected.

Reporting from Metro, there are a series of celebrities who participated in feeling disappointed and decided to unfollow James’s Instagram account. Who are they curious about?

Kylie Jenner’s name was mentioned as one of the celebrities who first unfollowed James Charles’s Instagram account. I don’t know what his feelings were like, which was clearly Kylie had collabbed with James, where his beautiful face had become the man’s canvas from the United States.

In addition to Kylie, there are still a series of celebrities who participate in busy unfollowing the account of the beauty teacher. They are Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Shawn Mendes, Iggy Azalea, and many more.

The culmination of this problem actually started from the video Tati titled ‘BYE SISTER …’ with a duration of 43 minutes 8 seconds. It was there that he summarized the early stories of their closeness, the various assistance provided by Tati, to every mistake made by James.