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The Plane That Was Boarded Landed in an Emergency, Keanu Reeves Became a Hero

The Plane That Was Boarded Landed in an Emergency, Keanu Reeves Became a Hero

Keanu Reeves has often been the hero or main character in his films. But now the 54-year-old actor is now a hero in the real world.

According to a USA Today report, Keanu Reeves is one of the passengers on a flight with the United Express airline on Saturday (3/23/2019) to San Francisco to Los Angeles. Unfortunately the plane must have an emergency landing in California.

Keanu Reeves was immediately responsive. He led other passengers to find ways to get to Los Angeles. It happened that their location landed in Bakersfield, which was approximately 160 km from LA.

The story of Keanu Reeves and other passengers is then perpetuated by Bria Rea on her Instagram Story. Brian is a freelance cartoonist for The New York Times. After being crowded on Instagram, this Keanu video was also busy being discussed and posted on Twitter.

After an emergency landing, there was an announcement that passengers would continue the trip by bus. From the videos uploaded at Insta Story, we can see Keanu Reeves looking to discuss and lead other passengers while waiting for their luggage.

Another video shows Keanu Reeves sitting in a van with other passengers. The film actor JOHN WICK reads the facts about Burbank while playing country music from his cellphone.

Some passengers also had a photo together with Keanu Reeves and posted their together on Twitter. For example, the account owner @CheesyJedi.

“When your flight from #GDC almost crashed and had to make an emergency landing at a remote airport, at least Keanu Reeves also had a bad day like you,” said the owner of the account.

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Dinner Together With Stormi

Some time ago, the public was shocked by the news of the affair between Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods. Shortly after, it was Kylie Jenner’s lover Travis Scott’s turn to be hit with a similar issue.

Success made the public curious, Travis Scott decided to deactivate his Instagram account after rumors of this affair emerged. Both himself and Kylie Jenner, no one wants to comment on the gossip that has sprung up.

Still silent about the truth, there is now the first time they have appeared together in public. That view was clearly seen when they appeared in the West Hollywood area on Thursday (3/21).

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott went out together to enjoy dinner together at the famous waffle restaurant, Sweet Chick. Not only alone, the couple also invited his little daughter Stormi Webster.

Paparazzi cameras also managed to capture the appearance of a bodyguard who faithfully guarded the couple when they left the restaurant. Avoiding the media spotlight, they rushed into the car.

Before being caught having dinner together, Kylie was in the spotlight because of her latest photoshoot with the German version of Interview Magazine, the Spring / Summer 2019 edition. The Life of Kylie star didn’t hesitate to give her sexy and best appearance in front of the photographer’s camera.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin New House Price Reach 8.5 Millions Dollar !

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been rumored to be hunting homes since a few months ago. Now, it seems they both have found the dream home.

Reported by People, homes purchased by Justin and also Hailee have unusually expensive prices. The house is worth 8.5 million dollars! In fact, Justin has got a discount for the purchase of the house.

Initially, the house located in Beverly Hills, California was priced at 8.9 million dollars. But he managed to get a special discount so the price would be 8.5 million dollars.

The house was built occupying an area of ​​560 square meters. It is known that the house was originally built in 1932, but it was restored in 2017 to make it look more modern.

Because it is quite spacious, this house has 5 bedrooms and also 7 bathrooms. The floor along with kitchen furniture is made of white oak wood, while the windows of the house are designed quite large.

In addition, the house is also equipped with a bar and a special room for watching. Not to forget, like most other luxury homes, Justin’s new residence is also equipped with a swimming pool.

Brian McFadden Reveals His Pity About the Action of “Egg Boy”

On Friday, 3/15 yesterday there were shootings in two mosques in New Zealand. At the event, at least 50 people died and 50 others were injured. The shooting was carried out by an Australian citizen named Brenton Tarrant who is currently being secured by the Australian police.

After the incident, a controversial statement was uttered by Fraser Anning, an Australian senator. According to Fraser Anning, the shooting incident was the fault of Muslim immigrants. Suddenly the world was furious with the words of the Australian senator.

One of the people who can’t accept this statement is Will Connolly. He even hit an egg to the senator’s head. Himself even referred to as “Egg Boy” because of his actions.

Egg Boy is even called Superman and a hero because he dares to oppose the controversial words of Anning. But not all agree with his actions.

One figure who disagrees is Dean Cain. For those of you who don’t know the figure of Dean Cain, he was cast in the Superman and Clark series in 1990. Dean said he would beat Egg Boy until he fainted if he was in an Anning position.

Of course Dean’s comments received scathing criticism from the public. Cuitan Dean on Twitter also received support from Brian McFadden who is a former Westlife personal boy band. According to Brian, Egg Boy deserved a hard slap due to his actions.

How do you think, friend? Do you agree with the “Egg Boy” action or do you agree with Brian and Dean?

Miley Cyrus Crying When Singing For Janice Freeman

Mourning news came from former VOICE contestant Janice Freeman in early March. Freeman died at the age of 33 because of his blood clots.

Freeman’s departure became a deep sorrow for Miley Cyrus. Freeman is known to be in the Cyrus team during the talent search event. Both are still often in contact even after the contest ended.

Cyrus was also known to attend Celebration of Life For Freeman on Monday (3/18/2019) here. She was seen shedding tears when she was about to bring a tribute to the event.

“I learned more from her than anyone else who had the opportunity to be with me, not only in vocals, I should have learned more from her, but she taught me everything that I knew about love,” Cyrus said, quoted from Billboard on Tuesday (19 / 3/2019).

Cyrus also stated that she wanted to bring a song but Freeman’s death made her devastated. She also stated that forever, Freeman would be his brother and family.

Cyrus could not give his appearance that day. Instead, she asked his father, Billy Ray Cyrus to play an offering song. Billy plays AMAZING GRACE accompanied by harmony from Miley.

Agnez Mo Win an Award From iHeartRadio Music ! Gratz !

We cannot deny, Agnez Mo’s work in the music industry deserves a thumbs up. Her name also had become a trending topic after doing a duet with Chris Brown with her song titled Overdose.

No wonder if Agnez Mo has garnered public attention, in Indonesia itself, the name Agnez Mo has even been famous for a long time. Agnez Mo has been a career in singing since she was young. This time the public was again shocked, because Agnez Mo had just received an award from the prestigious 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards event.

Agnez Mo won the award for the Social Star Awards category at the event held on Friday, 3/15 yesterday.

This news is published directly through the Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, California. iHeartRadio gives congratulations through their Instagram uploads.

Agnez Mo succeeded in defeating some of the names that went into the Social Star Award categories such as Bhad Bhabie, Dylan Minnette, Joji, Catfish Pons, Loren Gray, Queen Nija, Tana Mongeau, Trixie Mattel and Mason Ramsey.

The Overdose singer got the most votes through votes made on social media. Agnez Mo also commented on the award.

“OMG !! I will definitely go in and I will watch the show (while lifting the trophy). This means a lot to me! ”

For additional information, Agnez Mo wears clothes with hot pink colors. To perfect her appearance, she combines it with black high boots with matching mini hand bags. As for the makeup, Agnez Mo uses bronzy makeup and tanned so that his face looks natural.

Romantic Date: Jennifer Lawrence And Cooke Maroney

It seems that happiness is currently enveloping the hearts of beautiful Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence. How come ? Jennifer Lawrence has recently been proposed by her boyfriend, Cooke Maroney.

After being officially engaged, Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney are certainly ready to continue the relationship to the level of marriage. Naturally, if you see these two couples making love and love each other.
Not long ago Jennifer Lawrence was caught on camera enjoying her romantic date with Cooke on the streets of New York. Both of them were caught dating on Saturday 9/3.

Through photos circulating, Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke look so intimate and romantic. These two sweet and handsome couples don’t seem to care about the people around them, as if the world belongs to both!

Standing on the side of the road, Jennifer Lawrence was seen leaning against her lover’s body. Seeing Jennifer Lawrence who is so spoiled, Cooke then embraces and kisses her forehead so intently.
For additional information, at the Fashion Show Dior Paris, France, paparazzi cameras managed to get a photo of the engagement ring worn by Jennifer Lawrence.

The ring has a very simple shape. But what makes it special is a diamond of 4-5 carats which has a value of 150,000 pounds.

It seems that Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke love simple, non-tacky designs. The value of this ring will continue to rise as time goes on to see the scarcity of large size diamonds on the market.

Kylie Jenner Became The Youngest Billionaire According To Forbes

At the age of 21, Kylie Jenner had everything. She is a young mother, a successful cosmetic businessman, and is now the youngest billionaire for Forbes. The annual report of this magazine is the most anticipated list of the richest people in the world. After bearing the status of ‘self-made billionaire’ this year Kylie is again called Forbes as the ‘billionaire youngest’.

Kylie’s wealth has only touched the figure of 1 billion dollars, aka 14.1 trillion rupiah. This figure is still far below the wealth of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, especially Jeff Bezos who played in dozens-tens of billions of dollars. But this 21-year-old woman is indeed the youngest billionaire status holder from this list of richest people.

Kylie competes with several names of young business people under the age of 30 such as Katharina Andersen, a Swedish businessman who has 1.4 billion dollars at the age of 23 and Guztav Magnar Witzoe, a Norwegian businessman who pocketed 3 billion dollars at the age of 26.

Kylie’s wealth is obtained from advertising or endorsement, cosmetics business, and TV show contracts. Kylie’s wealth status is still considered ‘self made’ even though the whole world knows her business is in demand because of the appendage of the last name Kardashian-Jenner has.

Kylie Cosmetics’s business she started since 2015. She started by making lipstick and lipliner sets. As we know, lips are a part of the body that makes Kylie not confident. She makes lip cosmetics to increase her confidence and women who have the same problem.

Luke Perry Fighting Against Colon Cancer For Years

A sad news comes back from the world of Hollywood entertainment. Actor Luke Perry has just been reported dead on Monday (4/3) yesterday morning. The Beverly Hills series star, 90210 was his last breath at the age of 52 years.

E! News reports that Luke Perry died of a stroke. But do you know if it turns out that during his lifetime Luke had suffered from a chronic illness? As reported by Us Magazine, this man from the United States apparently has been battling cancer for years.

Included in the category of colon cancer, Luke’s colorectal cancer does grow in the large intestine or in his medical language, the colon. He also became one of the artists who was very open and honest about his illness.

Evidently, Luke Perry has repeatedly undergone interviews about the disease. He is known to be very tough and eager to stay healthy and carry out various kinds of treatments and therapies to get rid of his cancer.

“There is nothing to be afraid of. Just go ahead, go on a colonoscopy, from which you can avoid scary things,” Luke told Us Weekly while attending GLAAD Media Awards in 2017.

At that time, Luke had added, “When you already know all the information, you can’t hide it anymore. Bowel cancer is a disease that is easily detected, but it’s also the second deadliest disease. How is this possible? This disease is very easy to find but also very deadly. “

Jennifer Lawrence Show Off Her Fiance Ring at Paris Fashion Week

Jennifer Lawrence has been reportedly engaged to Cooke Maroney since early February. But this Oscar winner is known to be very private with his personal life. There is no single digital footprint related to J-Law and Cooke Maroney’s relationship.

But our curiosity finally paid off. The media crew finally got the perfect look of this ring. Exactly when J-Law attended the Dior fashion show in Paris, France a few days ago. Finally we can see J-Law’s ring in high resolution, not the paparazzi shot.

J-Law’s engagement ring is rectangular or emerald cut shape. Some foreign news estimates how much the price of this large diamond decorated ring. One estimate comes from fashion magazine Elle.

Seeing the magnitude and brightness of this ring, embedded diamonds weigh at least 4-5 carats. With this weight it is estimated that the diamond alone costs 150,000 pounds or 2.8 billion rupiah.

Cooke’s choice ring for J-Law is arguably very simple. Emerald cut diamond, supported by four supporting legs on a thin platinum ring. This ring with one prominent diamond is usually a solitaire ring.

It seems that this couple does not like excessive things and wants to clarify the beauty of the stone they choose. This one ring value will continue to rise over time. Because now natural diamonds with large sizes are quite rare in the market.