Agnez Mo: My Mom Always Remembering Me To Be Happy

If we look at Agnez Mo’s career, it is not exactly fast. Although moving slowly, but his musical career is increasingly recognized by the world public. Currently, Agnez Mo must live in Los Angeles to reach his dream.

Even so, Agnez Mo is currently busy with activities in Indonesia. Seeing this opportunity, Agnez Mo certainly did not want to waste it. She immediately met his mother and spent time with his beloved mother by eating typical Manado food poker online which became her favorite. This is done to treat homesickness because it has not been met for a long time with your beloved mother.

“Wow, when I went home yesterday, I immediately ate Manado cuisine, the problem was that I missed it very much. Almost every day eating Manado with mom. “I also have a Manado restaurant, so the meal is easy,” said Agnez Mo when met in the Kota Kasablanka area, South Jakarta on Thursday 19/7 yesterday.

“This came home because I had to shoot The Voice, then there was still a DSFK Glory 508 launch event because I was appointed as the ambassador brand. I want it, I see that there is seriousness shown by this car manufacturer, just like the career I am currently living in. ”

The role of the mother in Agnez Mo’s career journey was indeed very large. Agnez Mo even explained that the mother always reminded herself to be happy.

“Mom always wants me to be happy. This matter continues to be emphasized to me. We must understand and trust first with the name of happiness. I have to be able to love what I do before I can share it with others. The problem is if I work and I don’t love what I make, how can other people like my work? We must be honest in our work, so the results are authentic, so there is nothing made up. “