Yeslin Wang Want To Divorce Delon

Yeslin Wang as the wife of Delon bluntly said that she regretted being married to Delon. The marriage that Yeslin and Delon lived for 7 years. It turns out that the old marriage time does not determine that both partners know each other well.

Yeslin revealed that there is one thing that cannot be changed from the nature of Delon. She even said that she had been waiting for the change for seven years, but that change did not come. Because of this, Yeslin was disappointed and decided to sue for the divorce of Delon.

“Sadly the changes are not as expected. It should have been the first time I was going out for a longer time if at the time it was now already gone. ”

According to Yeslin, this divorce will be a very valuable lesson for him. He also said that he had tried to maintain the continuity of his household, but God said otherwise.

“What has happened is a very valuable lesson from God. All that will happen will be accepted sincerely, hopefully later i can be wiser, more mature and more careful and smart in choosing a partner. ”

Although Yeslin’s decision made the family sad, he promised to continue to support Delon. Even the relationship between Yeslin and Delon’s mother also remained well established.

“I’m also still in contact with Delon’s mother, using Whatsapp. This is my relationship with Delon, so there is no influence with the family. ”

When asked about the posts uploaded on Instagram Story, Yeslin mentioned the lies. But he admitted that it was not addressed to Delon, but for everyone.

“If the problem is posting, it’s for everyone, so it’s not for Delon, but if the Delon problem is lying or not, then don’t know too, just ask the lawyer,” Yeslin concluded.