Find Out About Edward Akbar, Kimberly Ryder’s Husband

As we know, Kimberly Ryder has just ended her bachelor years after marrying Edward Akbar. But many don’t know about Edward Akbar. For those of you who are curious about Edward’s background, let’s look together through this article.

Actually, Edward Akbar was the niece of Tamara Bleszynski. Edward’s mother is the son of Tamara’s brother. The name of Tamara’s brother is Teresa Bleszynski. At the wedding of Edward Akbar with Kimberly Ryder, Tamara Bleszynski was also present to enliven the event.

Not many people know about the hobbies of Edward Akbar. Actually, from a young age, Edward Akbar was very fond of singing and also playing musical instruments. Not only that, he also likes to write song lyrics! Edward also uploaded his music activities several times through his personal Instagram account.

Before becoming an artist, Edward also worked as a banker. Edward underwent his profession in a foreign bank in Indonesia in 2010 ago.

Do you know that Edward’s wedding date with Kimberly coincides with his birthday? Well, the date was chosen to make it more memorable and meaningful. The marriage was also the most beautiful gift he had ever received in his life.

In addition, Edward has also been a model in 2016 ago. He even participated in Jakarta Fashion Week! Cool well.

Here are some unique facts about Edward Akbar, it turns out multi-talents are right! Hopefully, his marriage to Kimberly Ryder can last and be blessed with a child !