Deddy Responses About Hari Jisun Comment In Youtube

Deddy Corbuzier is talked by netizens. This is due to differences of opinion issued by Deddy and Jisun, Youtuber from Korea who talking about culinary issues in Indonesia and abroad.

Jisun himself is a guest star in the Hitam Putih program. Jisun was a guest star on September 13th. At that time, Jisun was present with several other foodbloggers and his own mother.

Jisun and other vloggers get the challenge to taste some Indonesian culinary, one of which is 500 chili spicy noodles. But because Jisun could not eat spicy food, he was replaced by his mother. Deddy had asked Jisun’s mother to step down, but the mother chose to continue the challenge.

Initially all seemed fine until finally Jisun uploaded a video showing his disappointment with the Hitam Putih program hosted by Deddy. Jisun felt cheated by the event and he was disappointed with the hitam Putih creative team.

There are four main points why Jisun was disappointed, first he refused if later there was a eating contest, second he was disappointed because he was introduced as a celebrity who came from Korea, when Jisun was disappointed because his mother finally replaced him to take part in the race and the last was cheap Hanbok clothes given to him to impress more “Korea”.

Deddy then commented on that. Like this, Deddy said:

“Stupid, this is really very stupid. First we didn’t ask your mother to eat the food, we also asked your mother to stop but she didn’t want to. Second, try to show the entire Whatsapp conversation in full, not half, “said Deddy.