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Liam Hemsworth First Interview After Married With Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth First Interview After Married With Miley Cyrus

December 23, 2018 yesterday was a very special day for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. Not without reason, this one celebrity couple chose to get married on that date by holding a party that was very private and simple.

Only attended by the family and the closest people, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth surprisingly announced their marriage through social media. Of course this is good news that has been awaited by his fans.

Nearly 2 months have passed since their marriage, now for the first time Liam opened his voice. This ISN’T IT ROMANTIC star just had an interview with Sunday TODAY.

Through the interview, Liam Hemsworth revealed the reason behind his marriage to Miley Cyrus. The handsome Australian actor claimed that he felt he was very ready to get married, given their longstanding relationship.

“We’ve been through a lot together for more than the past 10 years, so I feel that it’s time (to get married). I feel very happy and fortunate to be with good people like him,” Liam said.

Not only stop there, Liam also admitted that Miley would change his name. As we know, changing a last name with a husband’s name is already commonly done after marriage, as happened to Hailey Baldwin recently.

“He will still be known as Miley Cyrus, but he has already used my name. To be honest, it is one of the best things about marriage. I did not ask him to take my name, but he said, ‘No, I will definitely use your name’,” he said. Sweet!

Wear Bikini, Kylie Jenner Sitting On Travis Scott’s Lap

The love affair between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott has recently been exposed to unpleasant issues. As per rumors circulating, Travis reportedly had an affair later on Kylie. But later it was discovered that it was just a rumor.

Evidently not long after, the paparazzi camera managed to capture the appearance of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott while spending time together. Not only alone, the couple also enjoyed dinner with their little daughter, Stormi Webster.

Want to prove if the rumors of the affair are not true, Kylie and Travis insist that their relationship is fine. Even recently, Kylie has shown off their intimacy while enjoying an exotic vacation.

That view is what you can find in the latest post on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram on Friday (5/4). This Life of Kylie star shows off their romantic moments while posing in an infinity pool located near the beach.

Sitting on Travis Scott’s lap, Kylie appeared wearing a two-piece bikini while enjoying a glass of wine. Along with the upload of the photo, he wrote a short caption that reads ‘Baecation’ which is a combination of bae (dear call) and vacation (vacation).

Previously, Travis also had time to show off his romantic photos with Kylie on Instagram. That view is what you can find in his post last Saturday (3/30). To more than 15.8 million followers on Instagram, Travis Scott showed off a romantic moment when he hugged Kylie Jenner from behind.

Kylie, who returned a loving hug, the boyfriend showed a sweet smile on her beautiful face. No wonder if this post makes the fans breathe freely. They were also happy because their relationship turned out to be fine.

Jake Gyllenhaal Is Reportedly Going out Beautiful Model

During this time Jake Gyllenhaal was known as one of the actors who was very closed about his personal life. What’s more, if it involves a love story that always makes the fans curious.


For a long time since he broke up with Alyssa Miller in 2014, Jake Gyllenhaal hasn’t found his new heart yet. But now the public is horrified by the appearance of a long-awaited rumor.


As reported by Us Magazine, now the WILDLIFE star is being reportedly close to a known beautiful model named Jeanne Cadieu. One source revealed that Jake was very fascinated by everything that was in Jeanne.


“Jeanne is very mature for girls his age. He is unique, smart, likes reading, and history. He is a very great and knowledgeable person,” the source said through an interview with Us Weekly.


Do not stop there, the source also revealed that their current relationship was not serious enough. Because, Jake and Jeanne still want to slowly understand the character of their respective partners.


Until this news was revealed, there was no confirmation directly from Jake and his new boyfriend. Will this couple immediately go public by indulging their intimacy in public? Let’s wait and see! Maybe they will show their relationship in public, who knows ?

Kylie Jenner Have More Than 400 Branded Bags !

So far, Kylie Jenner is known as one of the most stylish celebrity in the world of Hollywood. For Kylie, appearance is everything. No wonder if in the end he always managed to look perfect on every occasion.

Not only about makeup, hairstyles and clothes, the various collections of accessories that they have are also important to support their appearance. At least that’s what you can find in every OOTD Kylie Jenner pose uploaded on Instagram.

From bags to shoes, Kylie even has her own closet to store various valuable collections. And now the person who once worked as an interior design at Kylie’s house revealed what the Life of Kylie star closet looks like.

Interior expert named Martyn Lawrence-Bullard revealed that Kylie Jenner’s closet in her luxury mansion contained more than 400 collections of designer bags. Some names of course are familiar to you.

“At least there are 400 bags (designers), mostly Hermes, there are many Birkin and Louis Vuitton bags, there are Chanel, Dior, and Fendi. Many of them are the target of collectors. She bought them as investments and treated them like works of art,” Martyn said.

Well, before Kylie did show off its expensive bag collection via a YouTube video titled ‘Kylie Jenner: My Purse Closet Tour’. There you can see what a variety of beautiful bags belong to Travis Scott’s lover.

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas Do Not Want To Be Rush to Have Children

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are enjoying their newlyweds. Obviously, this celebrity couple just got married on December 1 and finished their long reception party.

After completing their obligations to carry out Indian traditions, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra were finally able to have fun with honeymooners. Satisfied on vacation, now they are again busy with various schedules in the entertainment world.

Most recently, they have attended the premiere of the ISN’T IT ROMANTIC film which was held at The Theater, Ace Hotel, Los Angeles, last Monday (11/2). It was there that Priyanka had an interview with the media.

One of the questions that has been eagerly awaited is the matter of having a baby. Priyanka Chopra admitted if he and Nick Jonas really wanted to have children, but they did not want to rush to do it.

“We both know that it will definitely happen, but that is not something I think too much about,” said the 36-year-old beautiful actress. It seemed clear that Priyanka and Nick were more relaxed and wanted to let everything flow by itself.

Furthermore, Priyanka also admitted that he and Nick both wanted to focus on their careers. Realizing that now is the time of his success, the couple did not want to sacrifice their struggle for years.

“We are both very passionate, we love our work, as if we have married our work, and we are very supportive of our work. So I am sure that this will work on its own,” she concluded.

Beautifull And Talented Young Artis From Japan – Minami Hamabe

For lovers of Japanese live action films, of course, you are familiar to a film called Ano Ni Mita Hana right? This film is an adaptation of anime which is quite successful in attracting public attention.

One of the things that made this film stand out was the action of Minami Hamabe who played the role of Meiko Honma (Menma). The role he plays is very natural and similar to the anime so many people are fascinated by what he presents in the film.

Miname Hamabe is a young artist in the Japanese film industry. Minami Hamabe was born on August 29, 2000 in Ishikawa. Currently almost 18 years old. Minami Hamabe is currently under the Toho Entertainment agency.

As a newcomer to the Japanese film industry, Minami Hamabe has successfully won the New Generation Award at the 7th Toho Cinderella competition. Her debut continued to grow rapidly after playing in the film Kimi No Suizo Wo Tabetai. Her name continues to expand throughout the world.

Some of the famous films played by Mihami Hamabe:

1. Ano Ni Mita Hana plays Meiko Honma. ( The main role )
2. Kakegurui acts as Jabami Yumeko. ( The main role )
3. Saki acts as Saki Miyanaga. ( The main role )

The award won by Minami Hamabe:

1. 30th Nikkan Sports Film Award for Best Newcomer, Best Actress.
2. 42nd Hochi Film Award for the Best Artist category.
3. 72 Mainichi Film Awards for the Best New Actress category.
4. 60th Blue Ribbon Awards for the Best Newcommer category.
5. 27th Tokyo Sports Film Awars for the Best Newcommer category.
6. 41st Japan Academy Prize for the Newcomer of the Year category.