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Park Hyung Sik New Movie Called "JUROR 8"

Park Hyung Sik New Movie Called “JUROR 8”

It seems that the trend where K-Pop personnel trying to find fortune in the world of cinema is not a strange thing. Of the many names that have been successful, this time it was Park Hyung Sik’s turn to want to follow in the footsteps of other K-Pop. ZE A personnel have played in several Korean Drama films, even he has become the main star in the film he plays.

As has been informed lately by many media, this time Park Hyung Sik starred in a film titled JUROR 8. This film is an adaptation of a true story and became his last film before he left the army in the near future.

Park Hyung Sik promised to give his fans the best. On this occasion, Park Hyung Sik also tell about his heart regarding the first big screen film he played.

“I couldn’t sleep, so nervous! I was excited but also happy and excited. I am very grateful to be able to play with other professional and senior actors in this film. They are good people, I often get help and support from them. I hope that this film can entertain all of you, we have put in the best and hopefully can entertain all of you. ”

“I never thought I’d get a position as the main star. I have no experience in the court system, indeed I was a genius lawyer in KBS Suits drama, but now my role is a judge. ”

“But I’m sure I can show the best to all my fans.”