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Taylor Switft Donate 113.000 USD For Supporting LGBTQ People

Taylor Switft Donate 113.000 USD For Supporting LGBTQ People

Taylor Swift is known to be quite generous and likes to make donations. This time he donated non-playfully to the organization defending the rights of LGBTQ people. This 29-year-old singer gave 113,000 thousand dollars, equivalent to 1.5 billion rupiah at the Tennessee Equality Project.

This donation is not something sudden. Because Taylor has revealed his support for this one organization since last year. He once wrote a long caption about the importance of the rights of the LGBTQ community.

The head of this organization, Chris Sanders shared a letter from Taylor Swift. This full letter of sincerity was written by Taylor himself.

“I released this to convey how much I was inspired by your work. Especially on the petition against the Tennessee religious leaders to oppose hatred (on LGBTQ) at the legislative level. Please express my sincere love and accept donations to support the work you are doing. I’m grateful they give everyone the opportunity to worship, “Taylor wrote.

According to the chairman of this one organization, Taylor Swift is indeed a supporter of equality of rights. Moreover, LGBTQ people in Tennessee had experienced severe discrimination.

“Taylor Swift has long supported the LGBTQ community. He saw our struggle in Tennessee and continued to voice his aspirations including religious leaders. The Tennessee Equality Project was fortunate to be able to receive 113 thousand dollars in donations to support our efforts,” continued Chris Sanders.