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Bruce Willis Decides to Sell his Luxury House for USD 12 Million

Bruce Willis Decides to Sell his Luxury House for USD 12 Million

During this time Bruce Willis is known as one of the most popular senior actors in the world of Hollywood. At the age of 63 years, his name still prevails in the Hollywood film industry, both as an actor and producer.

With a very high flight time, you don’t need to doubt the assets of Bruce Willis. Not long ago, Bruce was reportedly selling one of his luxury properties located in the Bedford Corners, New York area.

Luxury housing is priced at a price of no less than US $ 12.95 million, equivalent to Rp. 183.7 billion. Are you curious about what this GLASS star looks like?

Through an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bruce sold the house because he wanted to immediately move to the West Coast region. “The only reason we let it go was because we were too far from family in California. That’s why we decided to go back to the West Coast and plan to build a house there,” he said.

Bruce added, “Last week, our youngest daughter Mabel said that she wanted to have lots of balloons in our house, like in a UP movie and send them to the West Coast. I agreed, it would be perfect.”

Anyway, this residence itself was previously bought by Bruce in 2014 at a price of US $ 12 million (around Rp. 170.3 billion at the current exchange rate). Inside it is equipped with 5 bedrooms, 3 guest cottages, swimming pools, tennis courts, and much more.