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Scarlett Johansson Feel Threatened By The Paparazzi

Scarlett Johansson Feel Threatened By The Paparazzi

Scarlett Johansson criticized the paparazzi after an accident she experienced on Monday (7/4) in Los Angeles. In her statement in PEOPLE, she accused the paparazzi of trying to follow her and continue to take photographs.

“I was followed by five cars full of men who even penetrated the red lights,” she said.

ScarJo did not drive the car. However, all passengers in this car feel very threatened. Actress of AVENGERS: ENDGAME went straight to the police station after being chased by the paparazzi.

“Even after the tragic death of Princess Diana, the law has never been changed to protect the target of the paparazzi who have no rules. Many paparazzi have criminal pasts and will take criminal actions to get photographs,” the 34-year-old woman continued.

Being a celebrity in Hollywood does have to deal with the paparazzi. This wild photographer will tour around the celebrity residence or the Hollywood area. This becomes a fear of celebrities when they have to do their activities outside the home.

“Paparazzi makes the lives of other people at risk. They can wait for days in a black car and follow their children in the park. The park should be a safe area but this isn’t,” ScarJo continued.

This one actress has a five-year-old child, Rose Dorothy, from her ex-husband Romain Dauriac. This makes Scarlett increasingly concerned about the safety and privacy of the baby.

“After the incident yesterday I felt this was my responsibility as a community that was pursued and followed to seek protection. I encouraged those who experienced this to go to the police,” concluded Scar Jo.