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Official Divorce, Jeff Bezos Gives Former Wife 4% of Amazon Shares

Official Divorce, Jeff Bezos Gives Former Wife 4% of Amazon Shares

Jeff Bezos finally divorced from his wife, MacKenzie Bezos. Divorce is a topic of discussion that makes netizens curious. Because the richest man in the world is married without a pre-marriage agreement.

Reporting from the NY Times, Jeff Bezos will still own 75% of Amazon shares owned by both, ownership of The Washington Post, and space company Blue Origin. MacKenzie himself said that Jeff would have full voting rights for his shares in Amazon.

Even so it does not mean that Jeff did not give any assets to MacKenzie. The woman who has been married to Jeff for 25 years will receive approximately 36 billion dollars (509.2 trillion rupiah). This fantastic amount is only about 4% of the shares of Amazon.

Jeff Bezos is indeed the founder and CEO of the Amazon website. The richest man in the world owns 12% of the Amazon shares that he shares with his ex-wife. This divorce was feared to reduce Jeff’s ranking as the richest person in the world.

With the results of the decision on the distribution of assets, Jeff Bezos still maintains his status as the richest man in the world. The current value of Bezos shares in the Amazon is equivalent to 108 billion dollars. Bezos is still richer than Bill Gates, who owns 102 billion dollars.

But of course Jeff and MacKenzie’s wealth is not only on Amazon. Both have several investment assets ranging from property to other shares. But both refused to discuss public property in addition to shares on