Younes Bendjima

Younes Bendjima Praise The Beauty Of Kourtney Kardashian

The end of the year is usually used by people as a moment of self reflection. This was also done by Younes Bendjima, former lover of Kourtney Kardashian. The 25-year-old model also included Kourtney as one of his reflections.

One of these reflections is about his relationship and Kourtney who has run aground. Both of them broke up around August after more or less dating for two years. Younes praised and gave the ex the best prayer at the end of the year.

“Don’t forget about this beautifull women. I’m not the type of person who will forget moments like this. You are a wonderful woman and mother. I hope you can get happiness judi bola for you and your children. Love is the most important in the end, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, “Younes wrote in his Instagram.

Younes is the most serious partner Kourtney has after separating from Scott. The relationship that has been fostered for two years is quite serious. Even Kourtney’s three children knew Younes well enough.
Even though Younes made uploads of this appreciation, Kourtney did not respond openly. Now Kourtney was linked to several male celebrity names. Among others, the GROWN-ISH serial actor named Luka Sabbat. This time Kourtney is also dating a younger man, Luka has just turned 21 years old.

“Kourtney did not expect anything serious and exclusive like his relationship with Younes. But actually he also did not expect a serious relationship with Younes. At the moment he is very happy when meeting Luka and always waiting to meet again,” said a source quoted from E! News.