Lady Gaga Listed Her New Business In Cosmetics

Lady Gaga Listed Her New Business In Cosmetics

It seems that 2018 is indeed the year Lady Gaga shines. The woman nicknamed Mother Monster starred in her first big screen A STAR IS BORN, the Shallow song that became the OST was selling well. She also announced the Enigma which was a resident concert in Las Vegas.

Not enough of this, she got a lot of nominations for this year’s award season. One of the newest things, Lady Gaga took home the Golden Globes for The Best Soundtrack. But it turns out there is one more thing that is not widely known.

Lady Gaga is now rumored to prepare her cosmetic business. The website is live and publicly accessible. However, this website is still empty and only contains offers to join the newsletter. Gaga itself also has not promoted this business on its Instagram account.

This rumor has been circulating since May 2018 when fans realized the company Gaga, Ate My Heart Inc., registered the copyright for Haus Beauty. This copyright registration includes cosmetics, perfumes and skincare. Registration of a cosmetic brand does take a long time.

The same thing was experienced by Rihanna who registered Fenty Beauty since August 2014. However, Rihanna’s cosmetics just started to be introduced to the public in September 2017. Seeing the complexity of this copyright registration can be ascertained Lady Gaga’s Haus Beauty will not be launched soon.