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Iko Uwais: No For Naked Scenes !

Iko Uwais: No For Naked Scenes !

After success with the film The Raid, Iko Uwais’s career continued to soar. He even spread his wings to the scene of Hollywood films. In the MILE 22 film directed by Peter Berg, he even got the lead role named Li Noor.

But this time Iko began giving signs for anyone who wanted to recruit him in the film he wanted to make. Iko gave a limit where he could not be naked and also kissed the opposite sex. Indeed there are no written regulations from these two requirements, but Iko and the producer have agreed to this rule.

“Iko doesn’t want to do a vulgar scene. Such scenes make him feel uncomfortable when acting. But until now nothing has forced Iko to do the scene, “said Ricky Siahaan as Iko’s manager.

The decision made by Iko also received respect from outside filmmakers. They did not force Iko to do the scene he had mentioned earlier.

“All respect with iko’s decisions. Not a real rule, but if someone asks, Iko definitely refuses. ”

If we see the trailer in MILE 22, there is a scene where Iko is fighting with his opponent without wearing clothes. When in the shooting location, Peter Berg even joked and said there would be a nude scene.

“Iko does not want to play a nude scene. Yesterday Peter Berg had a joke and said there was a nude scene, Iko was shocked and kept saying “really ??? But Peter just saying a jokes. Peter also said that I wouldn’t give the nude scene to Iko, “Ricky concluded.