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Rihanna Dan Hassan Jameel Reportedly Have Dinner In California

Rihanna Dan Hassan Jameel Reportedly Have Dinner In California

After a long time of no news, Rihanna finally reportedly was in a relationship with Hassan Jameel. Hassan is an Arab tycoon who has abundant assets. Their relationship had disappeared from the news for a while.

On Tuesday 27/11 yesterday, Rihanna and Hassan were found having dinner at Giorgio Baldi, Santa Monica, California. The two partners were also escorted by bodyguad. For almost 3 hours Rihanna and Hassan were in a closed (private) restaurant room.

In the date, the two did not come together, instead Rihanna and Hassan came separately. Hassan first arrived then Rihanna followed with escort by the guards.

Many speculations say the two partners have ended the relationship. This rumor happened because Rihanna and Hassan were rarely seen together so there was a lot of negative speculation circulating.

When asked by reporters, Rihanna also did not want to answer. He chose to remain silent regarding his relationship with Hassan. Rihanna seems to be traumatized by a relationship in the past that chose to cover her relationship with Hassan from the public eye.

For additional information, Rihanna has now begun to explore the world of artists, designers, cosmetics artists. In fact, he has just starred in the film OCEAN’S 8 and GUAVA ISLAND with Donald Glover.

Until now there has been no detailed information regarding the relationship that Rihanna has had with Hassan. Besides that, the fans were also looking forward to seeing their collaboration with Donald Glover.