Will Rossa Back To Recording Studio In 2019 ?

Will Rossa Back To Recording Studio In 2019 ?

Rossa ends 2018 by singing a song at one of the hotels in Jakarta. She admitted that she was very happy because she had returned to singing jobs in the capital after being out of town for quite a long time. Then what does Rossa want to do in 2019? Does Rossa want to go back to the recording world? Here’s the statement of Rossa.

“Well, there really are some plans for recording,” Rossa said when met at Abbe Music Studio, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

Yes, as we know, Rossa has indeed never released a new single for some time now. It seems that 2019 is the right point for Rossa to return to the recording and give a touch and create something new.

Rossa also revealed that her return to the recording kitchen was not only to sing her own songs, it was possible that Rossa would also collaborate with other singers to give a fresh new touch.

“There are some singers, just pray so that I can make a lot of hits, the matter of collaboration is also a prayer,” said Rossa.

“Normally when I finish singing, it’s a hajad prayer. Now asking for the prayer is right there, “continued Rossa.

Rossa also revealed what was her prayer to pass through 2019.

“In 2019, I just asked to be given health, survivors, sustenance, blessings, and could be useful for many people,” concluded Rossa.