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Victoria Beckham Invites Harper to Enjoy Beauty Care at the Spa

Victoria Beckham Invites Harper to Enjoy Beauty Care at the Spa

She is already 44 years old, but the charm of Victoria Beckham is really no less compared to other young artists. No wonder David Beckham was made crazy about her.

Speaking of appearance, beauty care is certainly a must for Victoria Beckham. When not preoccupied with work, this famous British designer always took the time to go to the spa and undergo a series of treatments.

But this time Victoria didn’t want to come alone. The woman who had joined the Spice Girls group eventually also invited her youngest daughter, Harper Beckham.

At least that is the view you can find in Victoria’s latest posts on her Instagram Stories. This British woman captures a video when Harper is closing his eyes and enjoying spa facilities that day.

“We must use clean products for our children,” Victoria wrote in the post. Inevitably if this managed to steal the attention of the fans and followers on Instagram. Many feel anxious about Harper’s funny face, but not a few are jealous of the care that the 7-year-old girl received.

Even though it was still very small, Harper had often visited a spa place. Not only baby facial treatments like this, he also often decorates his nails with various beautiful colors according to his wishes. Really cute huh? 😉