Interesting Thing In Ahmad Dani Marriages With Mulan Jameela

When Mulan Jameela decided to marry Ahmad Dani, it meant that Mulan had to accept all the conditions at the time, for example, the three children owned by Ahmad Dani. In Ahmad Dani’s marriage with Mulan Jameela, there are some interesting things that we can see.

For example, regarding Mulan’s position in question, she wanted to replace Maya’s position as a substitute for the mother of her three children. This news was immediately denied by Dhani.

“From the start her position was not to replace Maya. It was impossible for Maya’s position as the biological mother of my three children to be replaced by Mulan. She replaced Maya’s position as wife. The child is different, boys are also different, so Maya’s position as a biological mother can’t be replaced. “Said Dhani.

Not only that, Dhani’s three children also had difficulty accepting their new mother’s figure, especially Al. Actually it is not surprising to see that there is a child who is difficult to accept new mothers in their lives.

“At first, Al was the most difficult, especially when there was a daughter, Safeea, He said that there shouldn’t be new baby, but it didn’t take long, after she was born, he protected Safeea.

Interestingly, Mulan’s marriage with Dhani didn’t happen because of love at first sight. It is precisely his love for Mulan because he is used to it. It is like in the Javanese language, Tresno jalaran soko kulino..

That’s some interesting things that existed at Ahmad Dhani’s marriage with Mulan Jameela.