Winning A Nomination, Pete Davidson And Ariana Grande Not Attend, Why ?

Maybe not many people know the name of Pete Davidson. He is the fiance of Ariana Grande and is a figure who was part of the Saturday Night Live program. Although the event came out as a winner at the Emmys 2018 Cup, Pete Davidson was not attend at the event.

Even though Pete and Ariana always appear compact on the red carpet or when attending other important events. Pete even sat in a special chair when Aretha Franklin was buried. Pete’s absence at the nomination event certainly left a big question mark.

Despite getting a seat at the prestigious event, Pete and Ariana chose not to attend. Actually what’s behind their absence?

According to People’s alerts, they mentioned that Ariana and Pete chose not to attend, because Pete chose to accompany Ariana who was in mourning.

As we know, Ariana seems unable to escape from sadness and is not ready to appear before the public. In addition, she is still saddened by the news of Mac Miller’s death due to an overdose.

“To be able to recover from this sadness, Ariana needs more time. He prefers to gather with his loved ones to get through these hard times. He is also trying to complete the work he is making. Ariana also expressed his gratitude to fans who want to understand what he is currently doing. ”

The former’s death also made many netizens blaspheme Ariana. There are many scathing comments posted to Ariana through her personal Instagram account.