Agnez Mo Reveal How Hard She Build Her Career

If we talk about Agnez Mo, indeed there have been many works that he made, ranging from the world of music to film. The popularity that he gets is not separated from the hard work and perseverance that he applied since childhood.

Agnez Mo has indeed started his career since childhood. When children of their age play cheerfully, they are busy with the routines of a star. Until he grew up, his busy life remained unchanged, even as his intensity increased compared to when he was a child.

Behind its success in the world of singing both domestically and internationally, there are stories that we can learn. Herroutine in the world of singing is not easy. In a video entitled Voices: Agnez Mo Prepare For U.S Stardom, revealed how the struggle that must be passed by an Agnez Mo to reach the point like now.

“Being a star is not always good. I’ve also gone through a phase where I don’t get first impressions from other people. What is in someone’s mind is just “he is on TV”, just that, but they don’t know what’s behind the television. ”

“At a very small age I experienced a lot of bad things in the world of art, actually there were good things too, it made me reach this point.”

“Besides that, at a young age, I had to be able to divide my time into many things, family, school, infotainment, and so on. But now I understand, when I have children later, I will also do the same thing, haha. ”

But Agnez Mo’s struggle is not in vain, now he has managed to spread his wings to the international world, Congrats!