New Drama From Vicky Prasetyo And Angel Lelga

The case of divorce from Vicky Prasetyo’s wife, Angel Lelga increasingly heated up. Vicky recently made a raid on Angel Lelga’s residence. However, there is something interesting about this attack, which is speculation that many parties say that the raid is just the setting.

According to expression experts and forensic hypnosis experts, Kirdi Putra, S.T, CHT, NLP explained that there were a lot of irregularities from the attack carried out by Vicky.

Kirdi explained that there was something strange about the facial expressions shown by Vicky. Vicky’s facial expressions are very out of sync where sometimes she seems angry and crying, but at the same time, her lips look smiling.

We can see the second oddity from the figure of Angel Lelga who seemed silent when raided by Vicky. According to Kirdi, Angel’s response should be to hold Vicky outside the door as long as possible so that the affair can escape first, but Angel Lelga’s expression seemed unnatural and seemingly artificial.

In addition, Angel Lelga also did not try to escape, even though he was being highlighted by many cameras and surrounded by many residents. Kirdi considered that Angel was deliberately waiting for reporters and residents to come in to highlight him. This is like already in the scenario like a drama or soap opera.

And the strangest thing is that Angel still looks smiling when he is herded into a police car. Indeed, the newly recruited person will feel shocked, but Kirdi deemed that there was no shock or embarrassment when the Angel was attacked, as there were already scripts or scenarios made for this raiding process, even Kirdi also said that this attack was like a soap opera.

Come on, bro, there is nothing, Vicky and Angel, like the endless act she made, ranging from Vickinization to Angel’s attack that seemed to be sloppy.