Naomi Don’t Want Commenting About Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is currently named the highest paid model by Forbes magazine. Kendall’s annual income is recorded at 22 million USD or around 327.5 billion Rupiah. This number is quite large, the reason is Kendall is a model that is not arbitrary in accepting jobs. Even this year, he chose to attend several shows in Milan rather than attend the New York Fashion Week.

Not only are the fees fantastic, which are often discussed by netizens, but Kendall’s controversial statement for the modeling world is also in the public spotlight. When interviewed by LOVE, he claimed not to be the type of model that would take dozens of shows at Fashion Week. He claimed to have to be more selective in choosing jobs.

The statement made by Kendall then reaps a lot of comments from other world models, one of which commented on was the legendary super model, Naomi Campbell.

When Naomi was questioned by presenter Andy Cohen regarding this issue, Naomi answered emphatically “NEXT!”. It seems that the legendary model does not want to comment on the Kardashian-Jenner family drama.

Kendall himself dismissed having undergone an interview with the magazine. Kendall explained that interviewing him had been given “spices” so that it sounded different. In addition, Kendall said he had a lot to learn about the world of modeling and he would continue to strive to learn and develop again later on.