Liam Hemsworth Losing His House Because Of Fire

The major fires that occurred in California have recently been a hot topic in the media. Some celebrities also became victims and lost their homes because of this fire disaster, one of which was Miley Cryus and Liam Hemsworth.

This celebrity home is located in Malibu, not far from the clash point in Woolsey. Despite feeling sad because he lost his place of residence, Miley and Hemsworth claimed to remain strong. They also invited the public to help alleviate fire victims by donating.

Shortly after the post invited the public to donate, Liam Hemsworth also shared his heart through his Instagram posts. In the photo he uploaded, it was seen that his house had been burned and flattened to the ground.

A magnificent house has now become ash and flat on the ground. Only LOVE letters are left in the front yard of his house. Through these posts, Hemsworth then said that there were many people there who had lost their homes, just like him.

“Some time ago it was very sad. Only this LOVE article is left from my house. There are still many people here who have lost their homes. I’m sorry for all the victims who lost their homes because of this fire. ”

At the end of the post, he also invited all fans and the public to make a donation through the Malibu Foundation and the Miley Cyrus foundation called the Happy Hippie Foundation.