Jess Glynne Release New Single Song This Year

The name Jess Glynne has lately been heard more often. How not, his name is famous after releasing a hit song titled Hold My Hand and also Ain’t Got Far To Go. He also often collaborates with other famous singers, say Clean Bandid.

We have to admit, Jess indeed succeeded in hypnotizing her fans with the old songs she brought. After not publishing a new album for a long time, Jess finally released her new song in January. For additional information, Jess last released her song in November 2015 ago.

After all this time, of course the fans felt missed by Jess. Finally Jess answered the fans’ missed feelings by bringing her new song live.

According to the official Charts report, Jess will present his new song while attending The Graham Norton Show. Jess will not be alone, she will also be accompanied by Amy Schumer and also Stephen Mangan.

In addition, the BBC also said that Jess would make the event a promotional event. Jes will take advantage of that moment to introduce his latest album titled I’ll Be There.

For additional information, the song These Days is a phenomenal song from Jess. Even this song broke the Official Charts record. Jess also won the most singles chart number 1 award in the UK, isn’t it cool? Let’s wait whether the new song can break the previous record or not.