Angela Ponce Miss Spain, First Transgender Contestant at the Miss Universe Event

This year’s Miss Universe beauty pageant event was held in Thailand. Miss Universe 2018 is very special because it has the most contestants in history, 94 people. Not only this, this year marked the competition for the first transgender contestant.

Angela Ponce, a Spanish representative, was the first transgender woman to enliven the Miss Universe event. Angela is also the first transgender to win the crown of Miss Spain 2018. Angela’s participation is a new history in the world of beauty pageant in the world.

The participation of Angela is not only for self-proof. Furthermore, he wants to spread the positive message from transgender people in the world. He did not want the trans to experience discrimination as he had before.

“I want to contribute to the world so that all are more advanced. I don’t want to be hypocritical, beauty is still used to ‘sell’ and I think beauty can help spread the message about equality,” Angela said, quoted by AP News.

Although Angela’s participation is arguably a history, but unfortunately she did not bring home the title of Miss Universe. Even Angela couldn’t get into the last 20.

It turned out that Angela had competed in this event in 2015. But unfortunately, at that time the regulations still could not allow transgender women to compete.

“Transgender women have been persecuted for a long time and ‘disappeared’ from society. If I get the crown, I will show that transgender women are as valuable as women in general,” Angela Ponce said further.