Ovi Decide To Change Religion, How About Her Family ?

Former Duo Serigala personnel, Ovi Sovianti, recently surprised many parties. Because she has decided to change beliefs. The crucial decision was taken after he married Franky Ilham Roring in October.

Even Ovi bluntly talks about the transfer of his beliefs. Her decision also made a lot of polemic, many of his family were shocked and disappointed with the decisions taken by Ovi.

“I feel like there’s a boost in my heart, I also don’t know why, I also choose not to cover this up. Why should it be covered? It’s better to be blunt, “Ovi Sovianti said when met at KFC Kemang, South Jakarta recently.

“If the problem is disappointed, there must be a people who disappointed about my decision. But praise the Lord, i believe they will accept my decision, if you pray for your father, you will definitely be able to receive it. ”

Ovi and also the husband hopes that at this moment of Christmas the family can accept Ovi’s decision.

“When asked about expectations, there must be a question. Actually, I see that his family is not as bad as people say. Just try to imagine, you are from a small religion from a long time ago, then moved, there must be a sense of disappointment. But if this spiritual togel singapore matter depends on each person, “Ovi husband explained.

“But I always give her spirit. I always say that the family is a good person, just believe it if you will definitely be able to accept it, “closed Ovi’s husband.