Emma Watson Profile

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, better known by the name Emma Watson is a beautiful artist born in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England on April 15, 1990. Her name is famous after she starred in the box office film Harry Potter.

Emma Watson is the daughter of Chris and Jacqueline Watson. But both of his parents were divorced. Emma has a sister named Alex. Emma Watson attended the Dragon School, a private preparatory school until June 2003 ..

Since 2008, Emma Watson has become a figure targeted by magazine agencies. Emma is considered to have a suitable face to be used as a covergirl. Some magazines that have an interest in him are Flare, Sunday Times Style, VS Magazine, and Italian Vogue.

According to the news, Emma had a relationship with Robert Pattinson, who was the co-star in the Harry Potter film who played Cedric Diggory.

Unfortunately the relationship with Pattinson did not last long, in 2012, Emma Watson actually introduced his new lover named Will Adamowicz.

Before Emma played in the Harry Potter films, her acting experience was practically minimal. Activities before he became an artist were to write poetry, even he had participated in poetry writing competitions. When he was seven years old, Emma also won 1st place in the poetry writing championship.

The most phenomenal last film Emma Watson has ever played is live action Beauty and the Beast. His acting in the film was able to make the public fascinated by his skill in playing the role of Belle.