Via Vallen Give Clarification About Covering Jerinx Song

The feud between Via Vallen and Jerinx seems to be over. As we know, Via Vallen indeed covers Sunset Di Tanah Anarki, owned by Jerinx Superman Is Dead without permission. Even Via Vallen takes it with the rhythm of dangdut which is of course very different from the punk style song sung by Jerinx.

Seeing this, Jerinx’s scathing criticism, even Jerinx plainly said Via Vallen as a prostitute for using the work of people without permission for monetization purposes. Via Vallen then provides clarification and apologies to Jerinx SID.

“I humbly want to apologize to Jerinx as the owner of SID. I apologize if they don’t like the song to be covered in dangdut style. I also apologize if Jerinx said my singing ruined the spirit inside the song. ”

“Why don’t I want face to face clarification? Because I don’t want to meet people who say I’m a whore. I was born by my mother and expected to be a good, successful and proud person. But the whore’s words are outrageous. ”

“Just imagine your sister or your sister is called like that. Of course you don’t, don’t you? Respect any woman, because your mother is also a woman. ”

“Once again I want to apologize for covering their songs without permission,” Via Vallen Concluded.