Brian McFadden Reveals His Pity About the Action of "Egg Boy"

Brian McFadden Reveals His Pity About the Action of “Egg Boy”

On Friday, 3/15 yesterday there were shootings in two mosques in New Zealand. At the event, at least 50 people died and 50 others were injured. The shooting was carried out by an Australian citizen named Brenton Tarrant who is currently being secured by the Australian police.

After the incident, a controversial statement was uttered by Fraser Anning, an Australian senator. According to Fraser Anning, the shooting incident was the fault of Muslim immigrants. Suddenly the world was furious with the words of the Australian senator.

One of the people who can’t accept this statement is Will Connolly. He even hit an egg to the senator’s head. Himself even referred to as “Egg Boy” because of his actions.

Egg Boy is even called Superman and a hero because he dares to oppose the controversial words of Anning. But not all agree with his actions.

One figure who disagrees is Dean Cain. For those of you who don’t know the figure of Dean Cain, he was cast in the Superman and Clark series in 1990. Dean said he would beat Egg Boy until he fainted if he was in an Anning position.

Of course Dean’s comments received scathing criticism from the public. Cuitan Dean on Twitter also received support from Brian McFadden who is a former Westlife personal boy band. According to Brian, Egg Boy deserved a hard slap due to his actions.

How do you think, friend? Do you agree with the “Egg Boy” action or do you agree with Brian and Dean?