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Luke Perry Fighting Against Colon Cancer For Years

Luke Perry Fighting Against Colon Cancer For Years

A sad news comes back from the world of Hollywood entertainment. Actor Luke Perry has just been reported dead on Monday (4/3) yesterday morning. The Beverly Hills series star, 90210 was his last breath at the age of 52 years.

E! News reports that Luke Perry died of a stroke. But do you know if it turns out that during his lifetime Luke had suffered from a chronic illness? As reported by Us Magazine, this man from the United States apparently has been battling cancer for years.

Included in the category of colon cancer, Luke’s colorectal cancer does grow in the large intestine or in his medical language, the colon. He also became one of the artists who was very open and honest about his illness.

Evidently, Luke Perry has repeatedly undergone interviews about the disease. He is known to be very tough and eager to stay healthy and carry out various kinds of treatments and therapies to get rid of his cancer.

“There is nothing to be afraid of. Just go ahead, go on a colonoscopy, from which you can avoid scary things,” Luke told Us Weekly while attending GLAAD Media Awards in 2017.

At that time, Luke had added, “When you already know all the information, you can’t hide it anymore. Bowel cancer is a disease that is easily detected, but it’s also the second deadliest disease. How is this possible? This disease is very easy to find but also very deadly. “