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Wear Bikini, Kylie Jenner Sitting On Travis Scott's Lap

Wear Bikini, Kylie Jenner Sitting On Travis Scott’s Lap

The love affair between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott has recently been exposed to unpleasant issues. As per rumors circulating, Travis reportedly had an affair later on Kylie. But later it was discovered that it was just a rumor.

Evidently not long after, the paparazzi camera managed to capture the appearance of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott while spending time together. Not only alone, the couple also enjoyed dinner with their little daughter, Stormi Webster.

Want to prove if the rumors of the affair are not true, Kylie and Travis insist that their relationship is fine. Even recently, Kylie has shown off their intimacy while enjoying an exotic vacation.

That view is what you can find in the latest post on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram on Friday (5/4). This Life of Kylie star shows off their romantic moments while posing in an infinity pool located near the beach.

Sitting on Travis Scott’s lap, Kylie appeared wearing a two-piece bikini while enjoying a glass of wine. Along with the upload of the photo, he wrote a short caption that reads ‘Baecation’ which is a combination of bae (dear call) and vacation (vacation).

Previously, Travis also had time to show off his romantic photos with Kylie on Instagram. That view is what you can find in his post last Saturday (3/30). To more than 15.8 million followers on Instagram, Travis Scott showed off a romantic moment when he hugged Kylie Jenner from behind.

Kylie, who returned a loving hug, the boyfriend showed a sweet smile on her beautiful face. No wonder if this post makes the fans breathe freely. They were also happy because their relationship turned out to be fine.

Kylie Jenner Have More Than 400 Branded Bags !

So far, Kylie Jenner is known as one of the most stylish celebrity in the world of Hollywood. For Kylie, appearance is everything. No wonder if in the end he always managed to look perfect on every occasion.

Not only about makeup, hairstyles and clothes, the various collections of accessories that they have are also important to support their appearance. At least that’s what you can find in every OOTD Kylie Jenner pose uploaded on Instagram.

From bags to shoes, Kylie even has her own closet to store various valuable collections. And now the person who once worked as an interior design at Kylie’s house revealed what the Life of Kylie star closet looks like.

Interior expert named Martyn Lawrence-Bullard revealed that Kylie Jenner’s closet in her luxury mansion contained more than 400 collections of designer bags. Some names of course are familiar to you.

“At least there are 400 bags (designers), mostly Hermes, there are many Birkin and Louis Vuitton bags, there are Chanel, Dior, and Fendi. Many of them are the target of collectors. She bought them as investments and treated them like works of art,” Martyn said.

Well, before Kylie did show off its expensive bag collection via a YouTube video titled ‘Kylie Jenner: My Purse Closet Tour’. There you can see what a variety of beautiful bags belong to Travis Scott’s lover.

Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus Unfollow James Charles Intagram Account

The world of YouTube is currently overwhelmed by feuds between the two most famous beauty influencers in the world, James Charles and Tati. The conflict between them was large enough to have an impact on the number of subscribers which dropped dramatically in just 2 days.

Yup, James Charles has lost more than 2.5 million subscribers because of this problem. And that number continues to decline even until the second you are reading this news. Not only YouTube, other social media accounts like Instagram James were also affected.

Reporting from Metro, there are a series of celebrities who participated in feeling disappointed and decided to unfollow James’s Instagram account. Who are they curious about?

Kylie Jenner’s name was mentioned as one of the celebrities who first unfollowed James Charles’s Instagram account. I don’t know what his feelings were like, which was clearly Kylie had collabbed with James, where his beautiful face had become the man’s canvas from the United States.

In addition to Kylie, there are still a series of celebrities who participate in busy unfollowing the account of the beauty teacher. They are Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Shawn Mendes, Iggy Azalea, and many more.

The culmination of this problem actually started from the video Tati titled ‘BYE SISTER …’ with a duration of 43 minutes 8 seconds. It was there that he summarized the early stories of their closeness, the various assistance provided by Tati, to every mistake made by James.

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Dinner Together With Stormi

Some time ago, the public was shocked by the news of the affair between Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods. Shortly after, it was Kylie Jenner’s lover Travis Scott’s turn to be hit with a similar issue.

Success made the public curious, Travis Scott decided to deactivate his Instagram account after rumors of this affair emerged. Both himself and Kylie Jenner, no one wants to comment on the gossip that has sprung up.

Still silent about the truth, there is now the first time they have appeared together in public. That view was clearly seen when they appeared in the West Hollywood area on Thursday (3/21).

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott went out together to enjoy dinner together at the famous waffle restaurant, Sweet Chick. Not only alone, the couple also invited his little daughter Stormi Webster.

Paparazzi cameras also managed to capture the appearance of a bodyguard who faithfully guarded the couple when they left the restaurant. Avoiding the media spotlight, they rushed into the car.

Before being caught having dinner together, Kylie was in the spotlight because of her latest photoshoot with the German version of Interview Magazine, the Spring / Summer 2019 edition. The Life of Kylie star didn’t hesitate to give her sexy and best appearance in front of the photographer’s camera.

Kylie Jenner Became The Youngest Billionaire According To Forbes

At the age of 21, Kylie Jenner had everything. She is a young mother, a successful cosmetic businessman, and is now the youngest billionaire for Forbes. The annual report of this magazine is the most anticipated list of the richest people in the world. After bearing the status of ‘self-made billionaire’ this year Kylie is again called Forbes as the ‘billionaire youngest’.

Kylie’s wealth has only touched the figure of 1 billion dollars, aka 14.1 trillion rupiah. This figure is still far below the wealth of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, especially Jeff Bezos who played in dozens-tens of billions of dollars. But this 21-year-old woman is indeed the youngest billionaire status holder from this list of richest people.

Kylie competes with several names of young business people under the age of 30 such as Katharina Andersen, a Swedish businessman who has 1.4 billion dollars at the age of 23 and Guztav Magnar Witzoe, a Norwegian businessman who pocketed 3 billion dollars at the age of 26.

Kylie’s wealth is obtained from advertising or endorsement, cosmetics business, and TV show contracts. Kylie’s wealth status is still considered ‘self made’ even though the whole world knows her business is in demand because of the appendage of the last name Kardashian-Jenner has.

Kylie Cosmetics’s business she started since 2015. She started by making lipstick and lipliner sets. As we know, lips are a part of the body that makes Kylie not confident. She makes lip cosmetics to increase her confidence and women who have the same problem.

Kylie Jenner Said That She’s Only Using Filler And Never Use Plastic Surgery

Success at a young age makes Kylie Jenner one of the most highlighted celebrities around her personal life. Moreover, she is a member of the Kardashian clan family which has been known to be very popular in the Hollywood world.

Since childhood, Kylie Jenner used to live in the public and media spotlight. No wonder if every small change in his appearance always managed to steal the attention. Unlike his figure in the past, Kylie did appear as a very different figure.

Because of this, many believe that Kim Kardashian’s sister has been carrying out a plastic surgery procedure. And now, Kylie has again denied the accusation of oplas which had been dropped on her.

That was directly conveyed by him through a recent interview with Paper Magazine. Kylie Jenner said if in fact she had never done any surgery to change her appearance.

“People think that I’m completely undergoing surgery and changing my whole face, even though it’s not true at all. I’m really scared! I will never do it,” Kylie said.

Furthermore, Kylie also emphasized that the changes that had occurred to her so far were only due to beauty care. In addition, he also admitted that there were minimal procedures such as fillers (injection) and the like.

Kylie Jenner Style Look Really Bad At Grammy Award

Almost all members of the Kardashian family are known to have good fashion sense. They are always assisted by a fashion stylist, make up artist to world class hair stylist. But unfortunately Kylie Jenner even blundered with her appearance at the 2019 Grammy Awards moment.

Being held on Sunday, February 10, 2019 at the Staples Center, Los Angeles the night of appreciation of the biggest musicians is a concern throughout the world. It was also the first Grammy to be attended by Kylie and Travis Scott. But instead she chose a dress that was considered bad!

The Kardashian family – Jenner is known to have closeness with several world class fashion houses. Just say Balmain, LV, Off White to Burberry has been the key to their appearance. This time Kylie entrusted her first Grammy dress to Olivier Rousteing from Balmain fashion house.

She wore a pale pink jumpsuit dress with a sparkling belt accent. Jumpsuit with baggy pieces gives an optical illusion that makes Kylie look shorter. She also wears unique gloves that reach her neck.

This quirky combination is Balmain’s Spring / Summer 2019 collection. But unfortunately Kylie did not shine at all. The choice of facial makeup also tends to be very pale and does not give ‘life’ to her appearance.