Agnez Mo Win an Award From iHeartRadio Music ! Gratz !

Agnez Mo Win an Award From iHeartRadio Music ! Gratz !

We cannot deny, Agnez Mo’s work in the music industry deserves a thumbs up. Her name also had become a trending topic after doing a duet with Chris Brown with her song titled Overdose.

No wonder if Agnez Mo has garnered public attention, in Indonesia itself, the name Agnez Mo has even been famous for a long time. Agnez Mo has been a career in singing since she was young. This time the public was again shocked, because Agnez Mo had just received an award from the prestigious 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards event.

Agnez Mo won the award for the Social Star Awards category at the event held on Friday, 3/15 yesterday.

This news is published directly through the Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, California. iHeartRadio gives congratulations through their Instagram uploads.

Agnez Mo succeeded in defeating some of the names that went into the Social Star Award categories such as Bhad Bhabie, Dylan Minnette, Joji, Catfish Pons, Loren Gray, Queen Nija, Tana Mongeau, Trixie Mattel and Mason Ramsey.

The Overdose singer got the most votes through votes made on social media. Agnez Mo also commented on the award.

“OMG !! I will definitely go in and I will watch the show (while lifting the trophy). This means a lot to me! ”

For additional information, Agnez Mo wears clothes with hot pink colors. To perfect her appearance, she combines it with black high boots with matching mini hand bags. As for the makeup, Agnez Mo uses bronzy makeup and tanned so that his face looks natural.