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Beautifull And Talented Young Artis From Japan - Minami Hamabe

Beautifull And Talented Young Artis From Japan – Minami Hamabe

For lovers of Japanese live action films, of course, you are familiar to a film called Ano Ni Mita Hana right? This film is an adaptation of anime which is quite successful in attracting public attention.

One of the things that made this film stand out was the action of Minami Hamabe who played the role of Meiko Honma (Menma). The role he plays is very natural and similar to the anime so many people are fascinated by what he presents in the film.

Miname Hamabe is a young artist in the Japanese film industry. Minami Hamabe was born on August 29, 2000 in Ishikawa. Currently almost 18 years old. Minami Hamabe is currently under the Toho Entertainment agency.

As a newcomer to the Japanese film industry, Minami Hamabe has successfully won the New Generation Award at the 7th Toho Cinderella competition. Her debut continued to grow rapidly after playing in the film Kimi No Suizo Wo Tabetai. Her name continues to expand throughout the world.

Some of the famous films played by Mihami Hamabe:

1. Ano Ni Mita Hana plays Meiko Honma. ( The main role )
2. Kakegurui acts as Jabami Yumeko. ( The main role )
3. Saki acts as Saki Miyanaga. ( The main role )

The award won by Minami Hamabe:

1. 30th Nikkan Sports Film Award for Best Newcomer, Best Actress.
2. 42nd Hochi Film Award for the Best Artist category.
3. 72 Mainichi Film Awards for the Best New Actress category.
4. 60th Blue Ribbon Awards for the Best Newcommer category.
5. 27th Tokyo Sports Film Awars for the Best Newcommer category.
6. 41st Japan Academy Prize for the Newcomer of the Year category.