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Jake Gyllenhaal Is Reportedly Going out Beautiful Model

Jake Gyllenhaal Is Reportedly Going out Beautiful Model

During this time Jake Gyllenhaal was known as one of the actors who was very closed about his personal life. What’s more, if it involves a love story that always makes the fans curious.


For a long time since he broke up with Alyssa Miller in 2014, Jake Gyllenhaal hasn’t found his new heart yet. But now the public is horrified by the appearance of a long-awaited rumor.


As reported by Us Magazine, now the WILDLIFE star is being reportedly close to a known beautiful model named Jeanne Cadieu. One source revealed that Jake was very fascinated by everything that was in Jeanne.


“Jeanne is very mature for girls his age. He is unique, smart, likes reading, and history. He is a very great and knowledgeable person,” the source said through an interview with Us Weekly.


Do not stop there, the source also revealed that their current relationship was not serious enough. Because, Jake and Jeanne still want to slowly understand the character of their respective partners.


Until this news was revealed, there was no confirmation directly from Jake and his new boyfriend. Will this couple immediately go public by indulging their intimacy in public? Let’s wait and see! Maybe they will show their relationship in public, who knows ?