Katrina Kaif Hope Having A Boyfriend In This 2019

Katrina Kaif Hope Having A Boyfriend In This 2019

Katrina Kaif has indeed been known to have held a single status for a long time. After breaking up with Ranbir Kapoor a few years ago, Katrina still hasn’t found the right companion until now.

After all this time, finally Katrina admitted that she was tired of being single. She even bluntly said that she was tired of being single and wanted to have a new boyfriend right away. She hopes that there will be someone who will accompany and become her companion in 2019.

This was revealed by Katrina in her latest interview. When asked about his desire to have a boyfriend in 2019, Katrina then answered him firmly and said that she had hopes of getting a boyfriend.

Katrina explained that she hoped to have a boyfriend and be able to win the award trophy.

“I want the Filmfare trophy, I also want to have a boyfriend and also want to be a producer. Hopefully everything will come true in 2019, “said Katrina as reported by Pinkvilla.com.

Seeing this, the Indian media then “nudged” the name Vicky Kaushal. This celebrity indeed bluntly said he was fans of Katrina, but did he dare to take a step and approach Katrina?

When Katrina was asked about Alia, Katrina answered it casually without any emotion. Katrina also said that she and Alia had many similarities. But this similarity is not the reason behind his relationship with Ranbir.