Hailey: Marriage Is Not Easy !

Hailey: Marriage Is Not Easy !

The relationship between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin finally changed, from the one who was originally dating, now he has become a husband and wife. For some people, this is like a blessing, where at the age of so young, they have got a mate. But that does not mean their married life can be lived easily. There are many obstacles that Hailey and Justin have to go through.

Hailey and Justin recently interviewed Vogue. One of the things that was questioned was the ups and downs of living a household life that had only been undertaken for a few months.

Unexpectedly, Hailey actually admitted that there were many heavy things they had to go through. According to him, marriage is not just about love, there are things that are deeper and bigger than just love.

“Getting married is not an easy thing, it is very difficult,” said Hailey.

“I pray that I can continue with Justin and be able to calmly go through everything. I love him, even for a long time, “continued Hailey.

“We decided to learn about this marriage. I can’t just shut up and lie, and say that everything happened because of a miracle. Marriage is a difficult choice. You won’t feel it every day, you also won’t wake up and keep saying “I’m in love, and you’re very perfect” that’s not the real meaning of marriage. ”

“But there is something beautiful in marriage, a feeling of wanting to fight, commitment, love all stirring together. We will definitely experience many changes, but we will grow together and support each other, that is the meaning of marriage for us, “concluded Hailey.