Different Types of Lottery


There are several different types of lottery. The oldest is the Staatsloterij, which is run by the Dutch government. Other types of state-run lotteries include those in France, England, and Spain. The abuses of lotteries have only served to strengthen opponents’ arguments. However, lotteries are an important source of government funding, as the government used the proceeds of the lottery to build Boston’s Faneuil Hall and supply a battery of guns to defend Philadelphia.

Dutch state-owned Staatsloterij is the oldest running lotteries

The Dutch state-owned Staatsloterij is one of the oldest running lotteries in the world. Founded in 1445, the lottery has been one of the main sources of funds for the Netherlands’ various charities and has generated millions of Euros in prize money over the centuries. The games are licensed by the Dutch government, which outlines the rules and regulations for the games. In the past, the lottery has resulted in jackpots of EUR 37 million.

English state lotteries

English state lotteries were introduced in the sixteenth century, when Queen Elizabeth I needed money to fund large public works projects. She had two options: either raise a new tax from her citizens, or create a lottery. She chose the latter, and thus England’s first state lottery was born. She also promised lottery participants immunity from prosecution for crimes other than murder, piracy, and felonies.

French state lotteries

While some governments outlaw lottery, others endorse it. In Louisiana, there was a state lottery until 1963. In the Netherlands, the Staatsloterij is the oldest continuously running lottery. Since 1726, it has been drawing winners and has reached a record high of EUR 37 million in recent years. The lottery is a popular form of taxation and entertainment for Dutch citizens.

Spanish state lotteries

In Spain, state lotteries are used to generate revenue. The Christmas Lottery, for instance, began in 1812, when the Spanish government set up the lottery to help raise money for the troops. Lotteries have been used as a form of government revenue since colonial times. In the US, state lotteries raise between 0.8% and 2% of total state revenue.

Australian state lotteries

There are several state lotteries in Australia. In NSW, for example, the lottery has been running for over 80 years. It began in 1930 during the Great Depression, when unemployment was at an all-time high and money was scarce. At the time, the lottery was met with harsh criticism from Church groups, who considered it an evil and demoralising game.

Italian national lotteries

Since 1932, the Italian national lotteries have been offering traditional, scratch ticket and online lotteries. The Lotto Game is run through a government concession. Its main shareholder, Lottomatica S.p.A., also manages online gambling sites and race and sports betting outlets. It also plans to roll out VLT machines through its subsidiaries.