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Rainie Yang, From Nothing To Something

Rainie Yang, From Nothing To Something

In 2001, there is one famous Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden. Many other countries have finally produced this film, one of them is Korea with a drama series called Boys Before Flower (BBF).

Maybe from the drama Meteor Garden, the name we remember the most is San Chai and also the four members of F4, but do you realize that there is one supporting role that is not less important in the film, he is Xiao Yuo played by Rainie Yang. She was a friend of San Chai who eventually dated Sie Men.

17 years passed from the drama Meteor Garden, Rainie Yang then continued her career in acting and music. After deciding to quit his idol group named 4 in Love in 2002, his career continued to skyrocket. Rainie Yang even won many prestigious awards, one of which was Best Actress at the 2010 Golden Bell Awards.

Before starting a career as an artist, Rainie Yang was actually a singer. In 2000, he even became a top singer in Taiwan. Thanks to its popularity in the world of pulling the sound and the beautiful and sweet face it has, Raine Yang finally gets a lot of offers to play movies.

Recently Rainie, who just finished her latest drama entitled My Ex-Man. She completed the shooting process in November. Despite being busy with acting, Rainie remained active in the world of singing. Rainie even had a tour to several countries such as Hong Kong, China, Singapore to the United States.