Kendall Jenner Became The Most Highest Paid Model In The World

Kendall Jenner Became The Most Highest Paid Model In The World

If seen, the career undertaken by Kendal Jenner in the world of modeling does not need to be doubted. Although there are so many new models popping up, the charm as a super model does not fade and is still able to maintain its existence in the world of international models.

Previously Kendall Jenner had won the most expensive paid model predicate in the world. Even its popularity was able to make itself into the catwalk of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The title as the highest paid model cannot be rivaled by other models. Towards the end of 2018, he still pocketed the title.

Many people are curious about the fees pegged by Kendall Jenner. According to alerts issued by Forbes, Kendall Jenner managed to pocket money reaching 22.5 million USD, equivalent to 327.5 billion Rupiah.

Hasil gambar untuk kendall jenner

The money he collected came from various fashion shows, shooting, endorsing posts, to his status as a brand ambassador for Estee Lauder, Adidas, Longchamp, and also Calvin Klein. This figure exceeded the income last year which only managed to reach 22 million USD.

The name Kendall Jenner is indeed very surprising. Even Kendall managed to shift the position of supermodel Gisele Bundchen who had been ranked first for 15 years. Amazing isn’t it?

In the second position of the model with spread income there is Karlie Kloss with a total income of 13 million USD, while Chrissy Teigen is ranked third with a total income of 11.5 million USD.

Cute ! Prince William Giving Cute Nickname For Princess Charlotte

Cute ! Prince William Giving Cute Nickname For Princess Charlotte

The British Royal Family is back in the spotlight since Kate Middleton and Prince William showcased a new royal park themed ‘Back to Nature’. This park is prepared to welcome the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019 event which will be held from Tuesday (5/21) to Saturday (5/25).

After preparing many things, Prince William and his family can enjoy the beauty of the royal garden. Kensington Palace also showed sweet moments when William played with his two children, Prince George and Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Through its official Instagram account, Kensington Palace also reveals a fact that is very steal of attention. This turned out to be related to William’s affectionate call to his daughter. Want to know?

After asking Prince George how he judged the park, Prince William began calling his daughter. Not Charlotte, the Duke of Cambridge actually called him by the name ‘Mignonette’.

Mignonette itself is believed to come from the French language, where the word ‘mignon’ means a cutie that becomes Indonesian, it becomes funny, cute, or adorable. While other meanings can be delicates that are smooth or soft.

Prince William is not the only person who has a love call for his daughter. Previously Kate Middleton also had time to reveal Charlotte’s nickname to one of the original Belfast bloggers named Laura Ann.

Through his Instagram Story, Laura wrote back to her son what the Duchess of Cambridge said, “Hi George, you have a cool name, and you look smart with your bow tie. Nice to meet you.”

At the same time, Kate accidentally mentioned her nickname unfortunately for Charlotte. “I said that he (George) is still 4 years old and he (Kate) replied, ‘Oh, he’s the same age as Lottie’. He called him (Charlotte) under the name Lottie!” Laura said.

Baby Bump Getting Bigger, Meghan Markle Look More Beautifull With New Hairstyle

Baby Bump Getting Bigger, Meghan Markle Look More Beautifull With New Hairstyle

During her pregnancy, Meghan Markle actually actively carried out various royal visits. This time Prince Harry’s wife visited the National Theater, London. That scene was captured by media cameras on Wednesday (1/30).

As usual, the appearance of Meghan Markle was really successful at stealing attention. Remain stunning at her 6 month gestation, the woman who was given the title of the Duchess of Sussex returned to dress beautiful and elegant.

But apparently, there was a different view from Meghan’s appearance this time. The Duchess who used to be a career as an actress appeared with a new hairstyle. If Meghan usually appears with her hair broken or messy bun, that day she arranges her hair with up-do style and side bangs.

This hairstyle is really new to him. Given that Meghan always appears with the style of the middle hemisphere hair. The one who didn’t lose stole the attention again, she also wore a peachy nude colored outfit that gave a sweet and feminine impression.

Showing off his increasingly bigger baby bump, Meghan blends Brandon Maxwell’s dress with a matching blazer. She also added Carolina Herrera’s Aquazzura pump shoes and clutch bag.

From head to toe, Meghan’s appearance was truly perfect. If so, what do you think is the style of the Duchess this time?

Paris Jackson Denied the News That Said She Wanted to Commit Suicide

Paris Jackson Denied the News That Said She Wanted to Commit Suicide

Who doesn’t know Paris Jackson? The daughter of the late Michael Jackson is often the spotlight because of the various sensations she has. Starting from news about the life of romance to her appearance which is somewhat unique and quirky.

Not long enough not heard, now the public is again horrified by the latest news from Paris Jackson. As per rumors circulating, the girl who works as a model has just been reported to have been hospitalized for attempted suicide.

TMZ is the media that first reported this, as reported by Us Magazine. The attempted suicide incident carried out by Paris was reported on Saturday.

TMZ reports that police and paramedics came to a Paris home located in Los Angeles after receiving an emergency call at around half-past eight in the morning. The 20-year-old girl was reported to have cut the arteries on her wrist.

From the news circulating, the condition of Paris has begun to stabilize after losing a lot of blood. At present he even has gone home and received treatment from the people closest to her.

The horrendous success of the public and the media, apparently the news of the suicide attempt was completely untrue. This was directly conveyed by Paris Jackson through her Twitter account.

She replied to TMZ’s tweet post and called them hoax spreaders, “Fuck you, you liar!” This statement delivered directly by Paris managed to make her fans feel relieved

Justin Bieber Shows Intimate Kiss Videos with Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber Shows Intimate Kiss Videos with Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin could not hide their happy feelings as newlyweds. Evidently, this celebrity couple often shows off their intimate moments on social media.

The latest, Justin Bieber has just uploaded a video of his loving kiss with Hailey Baldwin via Instagram Story. It seems that the famous 25-year-old star pop intentionally wants to show off her home harmony as a newlywed couple.

That view is what you can see in the video screenshots above. Initially Justin uploaded several videos when he was teasing and tricking Hailey Baldwin. They also continued the journey by taking a private jet.

Until finally Justin showed a sweet moment when Hailey leaned in his arms. The beautiful blonde-haired model finally showered Justin with lots of kisses, starting on the cheeks, lips, to his neck.

Previously, Justin had uploaded several photos of Hailey on his Instagram account page. To the extent that one of the photos of his wife was found liked by Shawn Mendes. It was clear that this succeeded in stealing attention, considering that Shawn had been reportedly close to Hailey.

One of the Hailey fanpage accounts named @ailsbuzzle also had the chance to post the screenshot of the moment when Shawn gave his thumb for the model’s photo. To straighten out the facts, Justin decided to comment on the account posting.

The handsome tattooed musician wrote, “They’re just friends, just relax.” Short but clear, Justin stressed that if their fans do not need to be bothered by the presence of Shawn, who has long been friends with his wife

Kristen Steward Style At Met Gala 2019

Kristen Steward Style At Met Gala 2019

The 2019 Met Gala yesterday became a grand event that successfully captured the attention of media throughout the world. Not without reason, the article is in this event that Hollywood celebrities are present to dress up optimally in accordance with a predetermined theme.

For this year, the Met Gala carries the theme Camp: Notes On Fashion which was inspired by Susan Sontag’s essay in 1964 ago. No wonder that every invited guest tries to look as unique and eccentric as possible.

Of the many invited guests present, the appearance of Kristen Stewart was one of the most attention-grabbing. Not without reason, it’s all because of his new successful hairstyle that makes pangling!

Just look at how it looks in the photo above. It comes with a very unique hair style, Kristen Stewart seems to have just changed the color of her hair to a fusion of platinum blonde and striking orange.

Not only stopped there, his eyebrows were painted yellow. Her hairstyle and makeup makeup this time really makes Christian look like a different person and can hardly be recognized. Agreed?

Unlike the hairstyle and makeup makeup that is very unique and striking, Christians choose a more neutral outfit. For the Met Gala 2019, this JT LEROY star dropped his choice on a monochrome outfit.
To perfect his appearance, Christian also added sweetener accessories in the form of necklaces, belts and rings. Well, what do you think about Kristen Stewart’s appearance this time?
Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus Unfollow James Charles Intagram Account

Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus Unfollow James Charles Intagram Account

The world of YouTube is currently overwhelmed by feuds between the two most famous beauty influencers in the world, James Charles and Tati. The conflict between them was large enough to have an impact on the number of subscribers which dropped dramatically in just 2 days.

Yup, James Charles has lost more than 2.5 million subscribers because of this problem. And that number continues to decline even until the second you are reading this news. Not only YouTube, other social media accounts like Instagram James were also affected.

Reporting from Metro, there are a series of celebrities who participated in feeling disappointed and decided to unfollow James’s Instagram account. Who are they curious about?

Kylie Jenner’s name was mentioned as one of the celebrities who first unfollowed James Charles’s Instagram account. I don’t know what his feelings were like, which was clearly Kylie had collabbed with James, where his beautiful face had become the man’s canvas from the United States.

In addition to Kylie, there are still a series of celebrities who participate in busy unfollowing the account of the beauty teacher. They are Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Shawn Mendes, Iggy Azalea, and many more.

The culmination of this problem actually started from the video Tati titled ‘BYE SISTER …’ with a duration of 43 minutes 8 seconds. It was there that he summarized the early stories of their closeness, the various assistance provided by Tati, to every mistake made by James.

Know More About Cooke Maroney, J-Law Fiance

Know More About Cooke Maroney, J-Law Fiance

Jennifer Lawrence has dated several big names in the entertainment world. Starting from Nicholas Hoult, Chris Martin until Darren Aronofsky had been close to him. But now he surprised the public with his engagement with Cooke Maroney.

The name of J-Law’s fiance is of course foreign to us, because she is not from the entertainment world. Both of them have kept a good relationship secret since May 2018. Not many know who is the man who can win the heart of this Oscar-winning actress.

J-Law does not touch social media, this is one reason why the relationship has never been detected. But KapanLagi has summarized some facts about his relationship with Cooke Maroney.

J-Law and Cooke Maroney met shortly after she broke up with filmmaker Darren Aronofsky. J-Law was introduced by his close friend Laura Simpsons. Since it was introduced, they have indeed committed to stay away from public reach.

Only one we know, that Cooke Maroney does not work in the entertainment world. She comes from a family of farmers from the Vermont region. Cooke attended New York University. Now he is the art director at Gladstone Gallery in New York City.

Hasil gambar untuk Cooke Maroney

The Gallery, which was maintained by Cooke, holds a lot of high art works. Starting from the work of Carroll Dunham, Richard Prince, Anish Kapoor, to Matthew Barney.

As mentioned above, we know how high-profile J-Law’s ex-lover is. But it seems Maroney did not feel intimidated by the popularity of J-Law’s past men. The proof is that he attended the New York Film Festival at the premiere of THE FAVORITE, starring Nicholas Hoult.

“I’m friends with my exes. I have a theory, maybe because I’m outspoken. I don’t have a bad relationship with anyone if you are straightforward. Everyone knows how you feel and there is no lie, just honesty. Everyone is good each other. All (ex) of my lover are very extraordinary, “said Jennifer Lawrence when asked about her relationship reported by WTF With Marc Maron.

Margot Robbie Shows Harley Quinn's New Appearance at BIRDS OF PREY

Margot Robbie Shows Harley Quinn’s New Appearance at BIRDS OF PREY

Margot Robbie will return to action as Harley Quinn. Her charming acting performance at SUICIDE SQUAD will re-entertain movie lovers. This time she will act in the film director Catchy Yan’s BIRDS OF PREY. The film from the DC Extended Universe is prepared to hit theaters in February 2020.

Robbie shared Harley Quinn’s latest look on his Instagram account. In this photo it looks Robbie wearing a quirky costume that is a little different. There is also a tag necklace with the name ‘Bruce’. This name is a clue that in the film BIRDS OF PREY there will be a Bruce Wayne character aka Batman.

Harley Quinn is still pictured with flirtatious clothes and her tattoo. She also still carries a baseball bat but with shorter hair. Maybe this film discusses the complicated relationship between Harley and the Joker.

Hasil gambar untuk margot robbie

“I put forward an idea to make a female gang including a Harley, because ‘Harley needs friends’. Harley likes to interact with people, so don’t make her own films,” Robbie said from the Times.

Reporting from Variety, the full title of this film will be BIRDS OF PREY AND THE FANTABULOUS EMANCIPATION OF ONE HARLEY. The screenwriter Christina Hodson has her own reasons for using the word ‘emancipation’.

“Emancipation has many meanings for many people and we will explore this in a different way,” stressed female filmmakers who had previously worked on BUMBLEBEE.

Not only a teaser in the form of photos, the film has also released a teaser clip. In this 19-second video there are several characters that are shown quickly. Seen Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Huntress), Jurnee Smollet-Bell (Black Canary), ROzie Perez (Detective Renee Montoya) and Ewan McGregor (Black Mask). This teaser video was uploaded by the CheekySneakyPeeky channel on January 28, 2019 under the title See You Soon.

Bruce Willis Decides to Sell his Luxury House for USD 12 Million

Bruce Willis Decides to Sell his Luxury House for USD 12 Million

During this time Bruce Willis is known as one of the most popular senior actors in the world of Hollywood. At the age of 63 years, his name still prevails in the Hollywood film industry, both as an actor and producer.

With a very high flight time, you don’t need to doubt the assets of Bruce Willis. Not long ago, Bruce was reportedly selling one of his luxury properties located in the Bedford Corners, New York area.

Luxury housing is priced at a price of no less than US $ 12.95 million, equivalent to Rp. 183.7 billion. Are you curious about what this GLASS star looks like?

Through an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Bruce sold the house because he wanted to immediately move to the West Coast region. “The only reason we let it go was because we were too far from family in California. That’s why we decided to go back to the West Coast and plan to build a house there,” he said.

Bruce added, “Last week, our youngest daughter Mabel said that she wanted to have lots of balloons in our house, like in a UP movie and send them to the West Coast. I agreed, it would be perfect.”

Anyway, this residence itself was previously bought by Bruce in 2014 at a price of US $ 12 million (around Rp. 170.3 billion at the current exchange rate). Inside it is equipped with 5 bedrooms, 3 guest cottages, swimming pools, tennis courts, and much more.

Chris Pratt Tell The Plans For His Marriage with Katherine Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt Tell The Plans For His Marriage with Katherine Schwarzenegger

The engagement that took place between Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger really caught the public’s attention. Nobody expected if in a short time, they had intended to establish a serious relationship. As we know, this couple has just been dating for 7 months.

Although only for a while, Chris Pratt was sure if Katherine Schwarzenegger was the woman he had been looking for. The right wife candidate to replace Anna Faris, his ex-wife.

Success makes people curious, now Chris seems to begin to open up about his personal life with Katherine. Evidently, paparazzi cameras repeatedly perpetuate their appearance on romantic dates.

Hasil gambar untuk chris pratt

And this time Chris Pratt again became the subject of conversation because of the statement submitted to Us Magazine. Unexpectedly, the star of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is opening up about the plans for his marriage to Katherine Schwarzenegger.

“Just a little, maybe (I’m getting married) in the fall (later), before winter and the like, you know. We will prepare many things,” he said while attending the premiere of THE LEGO MOVIE 2: THE SECOND PART.

Furthermore, Chris was also asked how his son reacted to this happy news. Jack, who was only 6 years old, was very enthusiastic about welcoming his father’s marriage to his new prospective mother.

If all goes according to plan, that means Chris’s marriage and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter will be held around September this year or March 2020. Of course this is a moment that makes the fans more impatient. You too right? 😉

Taylor Switft Donate 113.000 USD For Supporting LGBTQ People

Taylor Switft Donate 113.000 USD For Supporting LGBTQ People

Taylor Swift is known to be quite generous and likes to make donations. This time he donated non-playfully to the organization defending the rights of LGBTQ people. This 29-year-old singer gave 113,000 thousand dollars, equivalent to 1.5 billion rupiah at the Tennessee Equality Project.

This donation is not something sudden. Because Taylor has revealed his support for this one organization since last year. He once wrote a long caption about the importance of the rights of the LGBTQ community.

The head of this organization, Chris Sanders shared a letter from Taylor Swift. This full letter of sincerity was written by Taylor himself.

“I released this to convey how much I was inspired by your work. Especially on the petition against the Tennessee religious leaders to oppose hatred (on LGBTQ) at the legislative level. Please express my sincere love and accept donations to support the work you are doing. I’m grateful they give everyone the opportunity to worship, “Taylor wrote.

According to the chairman of this one organization, Taylor Swift is indeed a supporter of equality of rights. Moreover, LGBTQ people in Tennessee had experienced severe discrimination.

“Taylor Swift has long supported the LGBTQ community. He saw our struggle in Tennessee and continued to voice his aspirations including religious leaders. The Tennessee Equality Project was fortunate to be able to receive 113 thousand dollars in donations to support our efforts,” continued Chris Sanders.

Scarlett Johansson Feel Threatened By The Paparazzi

Scarlett Johansson Feel Threatened By The Paparazzi

Scarlett Johansson criticized the paparazzi after an accident she experienced on Monday (7/4) in Los Angeles. In her statement in PEOPLE, she accused the paparazzi of trying to follow her and continue to take photographs.

“I was followed by five cars full of men who even penetrated the red lights,” she said.

ScarJo did not drive the car. However, all passengers in this car feel very threatened. Actress of AVENGERS: ENDGAME went straight to the police station after being chased by the paparazzi.

“Even after the tragic death of Princess Diana, the law has never been changed to protect the target of the paparazzi who have no rules. Many paparazzi have criminal pasts and will take criminal actions to get photographs,” the 34-year-old woman continued.

Being a celebrity in Hollywood does have to deal with the paparazzi. This wild photographer will tour around the celebrity residence or the Hollywood area. This becomes a fear of celebrities when they have to do their activities outside the home.

“Paparazzi makes the lives of other people at risk. They can wait for days in a black car and follow their children in the park. The park should be a safe area but this isn’t,” ScarJo continued.

This one actress has a five-year-old child, Rose Dorothy, from her ex-husband Romain Dauriac. This makes Scarlett increasingly concerned about the safety and privacy of the baby.

“After the incident yesterday I felt this was my responsibility as a community that was pursued and followed to seek protection. I encouraged those who experienced this to go to the police,” concluded Scar Jo.

Park Hyung Sik New Movie Called "JUROR 8"

Park Hyung Sik New Movie Called “JUROR 8”

It seems that the trend where K-Pop personnel trying to find fortune in the world of cinema is not a strange thing. Of the many names that have been successful, this time it was Park Hyung Sik’s turn to want to follow in the footsteps of other K-Pop. ZE A personnel have played in several Korean Drama films, even he has become the main star in the film he plays.

As has been informed lately by many media, this time Park Hyung Sik starred in a film titled JUROR 8. This film is an adaptation of a true story and became his last film before he left the army in the near future.

Park Hyung Sik promised to give his fans the best. On this occasion, Park Hyung Sik also tell about his heart regarding the first big screen film he played.

“I couldn’t sleep, so nervous! I was excited but also happy and excited. I am very grateful to be able to play with other professional and senior actors in this film. They are good people, I often get help and support from them. I hope that this film can entertain all of you, we have put in the best and hopefully can entertain all of you. ”

“I never thought I’d get a position as the main star. I have no experience in the court system, indeed I was a genius lawyer in KBS Suits drama, but now my role is a judge. ”

“But I’m sure I can show the best to all my fans.”

Official Divorce, Jeff Bezos Gives Former Wife 4% of Amazon Shares

Official Divorce, Jeff Bezos Gives Former Wife 4% of Amazon Shares

Jeff Bezos finally divorced from his wife, MacKenzie Bezos. Divorce is a topic of discussion that makes netizens curious. Because the richest man in the world is married without a pre-marriage agreement.

Reporting from the NY Times, Jeff Bezos will still own 75% of Amazon shares owned by both, ownership of The Washington Post, and space company Blue Origin. MacKenzie himself said that Jeff would have full voting rights for his shares in Amazon.

Even so it does not mean that Jeff did not give any assets to MacKenzie. The woman who has been married to Jeff for 25 years will receive approximately 36 billion dollars (509.2 trillion rupiah). This fantastic amount is only about 4% of the shares of Amazon.

Jeff Bezos is indeed the founder and CEO of the Amazon website. The richest man in the world owns 12% of the Amazon shares that he shares with his ex-wife. This divorce was feared to reduce Jeff’s ranking as the richest person in the world.

With the results of the decision on the distribution of assets, Jeff Bezos still maintains his status as the richest man in the world. The current value of Bezos shares in the Amazon is equivalent to 108 billion dollars. Bezos is still richer than Bill Gates, who owns 102 billion dollars.

But of course Jeff and MacKenzie’s wealth is not only on Amazon. Both have several investment assets ranging from property to other shares. But both refused to discuss public property in addition to shares on

Behind the Death Conspiracy Theory Nipsey Hussle: Killed for Discovering an AIDS Drug?

Behind the Death Conspiracy Theory Nipsey Hussle: Killed for Discovering an AIDS Drug?

The death of the Grammy nominated rapper, Nipsey Hussle, turned out to be a long tails. This rapper suffered a gunshot in front of his shop in the Los Angeles area on March 31, 2019. The fans were deeply saddened by this incident, many of which initially highlighted the weak regulation of possession of firearms in the United States.

But now there is a conspiracy theory about the murder of the rapper. Many thought Nipsey’s death had something to do with the murder of an herbalist named Dr. Sebi.

In 2018, Nipsey interviewed and said that he consumed Dr. Sebi’s products. Then he said he wanted to do a documentary video about the trial of Dr. Sebi in 1985. At that time Dr. Sebi defended himself in court and won the claim that he could treat Aids.

“He won this case and went to federal court the next day and won again. And no one said this. I think this story is very important, I think this is an important narrative,” Nipsey said at the time quoted by BBC News .

Nipsey’s confession was alleged to be the reason for his murder. Now the Los Angeles police have set Eric Holder as a suspect and got wanted status.

But the conspiracy theory of the involvement of the American government to protect the pharmaceutical industry has been rolling. According to KLovers itself, maybe there isn’t an assassination attempt because of this kind of theory?

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Look So Romantic on Vacation

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Look So Romantic on Vacation

As a newlywed couple, Justin Bieber’s household and Hailey Baldwin were warm. Regardless of their controversy despite their marriage, they managed to prove if the relationship was real and full of love.

Not long ago Justin Bieber even wrote his defense to Hailey Baldwin who had been hidden. Not being able to bear to see his wife always blasphemed and compared with Selena Gomez, Justin also admitted to being very happy with his marriage with Hailey.

After proving his love for Hailey, Justin now invites his wife to enjoy a romantic vacation. The couple is apparently having fun in the Orange County, California area.

Through his Instagram account, Hailey Baldwin was showing off what his romantic holiday moments were like with Justin Bieber. Apparently the couple who have been married for 6 months enjoy luxury on a yacht.

Bathed in bright sunlight, they displayed their best poses in front of the camera. Hailey spoiled leaning on his shoulder. According to some foreign media, this photo is immortalized in Newport Beach, California.

Not only stop there, right today, Monday (1/4) Hailey also had time to show off his intimacy with Justin via Live Instagram. Justin who initially just stood behind Hailey suddenly approached him while landing a kiss.

Inevitably this became a scene that immediately made the baper more than 70 thousand spectators who were watching their Live video. Well, showing affection has become commonplace for Justin and Hailey. This couple really knows how to make others jealous when they see it. You too right? 😉

The Plane That Was Boarded Landed in an Emergency, Keanu Reeves Became a Hero

The Plane That Was Boarded Landed in an Emergency, Keanu Reeves Became a Hero

Keanu Reeves has often been the hero or main character in his films. But now the 54-year-old actor is now a hero in the real world.

According to a USA Today report, Keanu Reeves is one of the passengers on a flight with the United Express airline on Saturday (3/23/2019) to San Francisco to Los Angeles. Unfortunately the plane must have an emergency landing in California.

Keanu Reeves was immediately responsive. He led other passengers to find ways to get to Los Angeles. It happened that their location landed in Bakersfield, which was approximately 160 km from LA.

The story of Keanu Reeves and other passengers is then perpetuated by Bria Rea on her Instagram Story. Brian is a freelance cartoonist for The New York Times. After being crowded on Instagram, this Keanu video was also busy being discussed and posted on Twitter.

After an emergency landing, there was an announcement that passengers would continue the trip by bus. From the videos uploaded at Insta Story, we can see Keanu Reeves looking to discuss and lead other passengers while waiting for their luggage.

Another video shows Keanu Reeves sitting in a van with other passengers. The film actor JOHN WICK reads the facts about Burbank while playing country music from his cellphone.

Some passengers also had a photo together with Keanu Reeves and posted their together on Twitter. For example, the account owner @CheesyJedi.

“When your flight from #GDC almost crashed and had to make an emergency landing at a remote airport, at least Keanu Reeves also had a bad day like you,” said the owner of the account.

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Dinner Together With Stormi

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Dinner Together With Stormi

Some time ago, the public was shocked by the news of the affair between Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods. Shortly after, it was Kylie Jenner’s lover Travis Scott’s turn to be hit with a similar issue.

Success made the public curious, Travis Scott decided to deactivate his Instagram account after rumors of this affair emerged. Both himself and Kylie Jenner, no one wants to comment on the gossip that has sprung up.

Still silent about the truth, there is now the first time they have appeared together in public. That view was clearly seen when they appeared in the West Hollywood area on Thursday (3/21).

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott went out together to enjoy dinner together at the famous waffle restaurant, Sweet Chick. Not only alone, the couple also invited his little daughter Stormi Webster.

Paparazzi cameras also managed to capture the appearance of a bodyguard who faithfully guarded the couple when they left the restaurant. Avoiding the media spotlight, they rushed into the car.

Before being caught having dinner together, Kylie was in the spotlight because of her latest photoshoot with the German version of Interview Magazine, the Spring / Summer 2019 edition. The Life of Kylie star didn’t hesitate to give her sexy and best appearance in front of the photographer’s camera.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin New House Price Reach 8.5 Millions Dollar !

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin New House Price Reach 8.5 Millions Dollar !

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have been rumored to be hunting homes since a few months ago. Now, it seems they both have found the dream home.

Reported by People, homes purchased by Justin and also Hailee have unusually expensive prices. The house is worth 8.5 million dollars! In fact, Justin has got a discount for the purchase of the house.

Initially, the house located in Beverly Hills, California was priced at 8.9 million dollars. But he managed to get a special discount so the price would be 8.5 million dollars.

The house was built occupying an area of ​​560 square meters. It is known that the house was originally built in 1932, but it was restored in 2017 to make it look more modern.

Because it is quite spacious, this house has 5 bedrooms and also 7 bathrooms. The floor along with kitchen furniture is made of white oak wood, while the windows of the house are designed quite large.

In addition, the house is also equipped with a bar and a special room for watching. Not to forget, like most other luxury homes, Justin’s new residence is also equipped with a swimming pool.

Brian McFadden Reveals His Pity About the Action of "Egg Boy"

Brian McFadden Reveals His Pity About the Action of “Egg Boy”

On Friday, 3/15 yesterday there were shootings in two mosques in New Zealand. At the event, at least 50 people died and 50 others were injured. The shooting was carried out by an Australian citizen named Brenton Tarrant who is currently being secured by the Australian police.

After the incident, a controversial statement was uttered by Fraser Anning, an Australian senator. According to Fraser Anning, the shooting incident was the fault of Muslim immigrants. Suddenly the world was furious with the words of the Australian senator.

One of the people who can’t accept this statement is Will Connolly. He even hit an egg to the senator’s head. Himself even referred to as “Egg Boy” because of his actions.

Egg Boy is even called Superman and a hero because he dares to oppose the controversial words of Anning. But not all agree with his actions.

One figure who disagrees is Dean Cain. For those of you who don’t know the figure of Dean Cain, he was cast in the Superman and Clark series in 1990. Dean said he would beat Egg Boy until he fainted if he was in an Anning position.

Of course Dean’s comments received scathing criticism from the public. Cuitan Dean on Twitter also received support from Brian McFadden who is a former Westlife personal boy band. According to Brian, Egg Boy deserved a hard slap due to his actions.

How do you think, friend? Do you agree with the “Egg Boy” action or do you agree with Brian and Dean?

Miley Cyrus Crying When Singing For Janice Freeman

Miley Cyrus Crying When Singing For Janice Freeman

Mourning news came from former VOICE contestant Janice Freeman in early March. Freeman died at the age of 33 because of his blood clots.

Freeman’s departure became a deep sorrow for Miley Cyrus. Freeman is known to be in the Cyrus team during the talent search event. Both are still often in contact even after the contest ended.

Cyrus was also known to attend Celebration of Life For Freeman on Monday (3/18/2019) here. She was seen shedding tears when she was about to bring a tribute to the event.

Miley Cyrus dan Janice Freeman © People

“I learned more from her than anyone else who had the opportunity to be with me, not only in vocals, I should have learned more from her, but she taught me everything that I knew about love,” Cyrus said, quoted from Billboard on Tuesday (19 / 3/2019).

Cyrus also stated that she wanted to bring a song but Freeman’s death made her devastated. She also stated that forever, Freeman would be his brother and family.

Cyrus could not give his appearance that day. Instead, she asked his father, Billy Ray Cyrus to play an offering song. Billy plays AMAZING GRACE accompanied by harmony from Miley.

Agnez Mo Win an Award From iHeartRadio Music ! Gratz !

Agnez Mo Win an Award From iHeartRadio Music ! Gratz !

We cannot deny, Agnez Mo’s work in the music industry deserves a thumbs up. Her name also had become a trending topic after doing a duet with Chris Brown with her song titled Overdose.

No wonder if Agnez Mo has garnered public attention, in Indonesia itself, the name Agnez Mo has even been famous for a long time. Agnez Mo has been a career in singing since she was young. This time the public was again shocked, because Agnez Mo had just received an award from the prestigious 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards event.

Agnez Mo won the award for the Social Star Awards category at the event held on Friday, 3/15 yesterday.

This news is published directly through the Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, California. iHeartRadio gives congratulations through their Instagram uploads.

Agnez Mo succeeded in defeating some of the names that went into the Social Star Award categories such as Bhad Bhabie, Dylan Minnette, Joji, Catfish Pons, Loren Gray, Queen Nija, Tana Mongeau, Trixie Mattel and Mason Ramsey.

The Overdose singer got the most votes through votes made on social media. Agnez Mo also commented on the award.

“OMG !! I will definitely go in and I will watch the show (while lifting the trophy). This means a lot to me! ”

For additional information, Agnez Mo wears clothes with hot pink colors. To perfect her appearance, she combines it with black high boots with matching mini hand bags. As for the makeup, Agnez Mo uses bronzy makeup and tanned so that his face looks natural.

Romantic Date: Jennifer Lawrence And Cooke Maroney

Romantic Date: Jennifer Lawrence And Cooke Maroney

It seems that happiness is currently enveloping the hearts of beautiful Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence. How come ? Jennifer Lawrence has recently been proposed by her boyfriend, Cooke Maroney.

After being officially engaged, Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney are certainly ready to continue the relationship to the level of marriage. Naturally, if you see these two couples making love and love each other.
Not long ago Jennifer Lawrence was caught on camera enjoying her romantic date with Cooke on the streets of New York. Both of them were caught dating on Saturday 9/3.

Through photos circulating, Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke look so intimate and romantic. These two sweet and handsome couples don’t seem to care about the people around them, as if the world belongs to both!

Standing on the side of the road, Jennifer Lawrence was seen leaning against her lover’s body. Seeing Jennifer Lawrence who is so spoiled, Cooke then embraces and kisses her forehead so intently.
For additional information, at the Fashion Show Dior Paris, France, paparazzi cameras managed to get a photo of the engagement ring worn by Jennifer Lawrence.

The ring has a very simple shape. But what makes it special is a diamond of 4-5 carats which has a value of 150,000 pounds.

It seems that Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke love simple, non-tacky designs. The value of this ring will continue to rise as time goes on to see the scarcity of large size diamonds on the market.

Kylie Jenner Became The Youngest Billionaire According To Forbes

Kylie Jenner Became The Youngest Billionaire According To Forbes

At the age of 21, Kylie Jenner had everything. She is a young mother, a successful cosmetic businessman, and is now the youngest billionaire for Forbes. The annual report of this magazine is the most anticipated list of the richest people in the world. After bearing the status of ‘self-made billionaire’ this year Kylie is again called Forbes as the ‘billionaire youngest’.

Kylie’s wealth has only touched the figure of 1 billion dollars, aka 14.1 trillion rupiah. This figure is still far below the wealth of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, especially Jeff Bezos who played in dozens-tens of billions of dollars. But this 21-year-old woman is indeed the youngest billionaire status holder from this list of richest people.

Kylie competes with several names of young business people under the age of 30 such as Katharina Andersen, a Swedish businessman who has 1.4 billion dollars at the age of 23 and Guztav Magnar Witzoe, a Norwegian businessman who pocketed 3 billion dollars at the age of 26.

Kylie’s wealth is obtained from advertising or endorsement, cosmetics business, and TV show contracts. Kylie’s wealth status is still considered ‘self made’ even though the whole world knows her business is in demand because of the appendage of the last name Kardashian-Jenner has.

Kylie Cosmetics’s business she started since 2015. She started by making lipstick and lipliner sets. As we know, lips are a part of the body that makes Kylie not confident. She makes lip cosmetics to increase her confidence and women who have the same problem.

Luke Perry Fighting Against Colon Cancer For Years

Luke Perry Fighting Against Colon Cancer For Years

A sad news comes back from the world of Hollywood entertainment. Actor Luke Perry has just been reported dead on Monday (4/3) yesterday morning. The Beverly Hills series star, 90210 was his last breath at the age of 52 years.

E! News reports that Luke Perry died of a stroke. But do you know if it turns out that during his lifetime Luke had suffered from a chronic illness? As reported by Us Magazine, this man from the United States apparently has been battling cancer for years.

Included in the category of colon cancer, Luke’s colorectal cancer does grow in the large intestine or in his medical language, the colon. He also became one of the artists who was very open and honest about his illness.

Evidently, Luke Perry has repeatedly undergone interviews about the disease. He is known to be very tough and eager to stay healthy and carry out various kinds of treatments and therapies to get rid of his cancer.

“There is nothing to be afraid of. Just go ahead, go on a colonoscopy, from which you can avoid scary things,” Luke told Us Weekly while attending GLAAD Media Awards in 2017.

At that time, Luke had added, “When you already know all the information, you can’t hide it anymore. Bowel cancer is a disease that is easily detected, but it’s also the second deadliest disease. How is this possible? This disease is very easy to find but also very deadly. “

Jennifer Lawrence Show Off Her Fiance Ring at Paris Fashion Week

Jennifer Lawrence Show Off Her Fiance Ring at Paris Fashion Week

Jennifer Lawrence has been reportedly engaged to Cooke Maroney since early February. But this Oscar winner is known to be very private with his personal life. There is no single digital footprint related to J-Law and Cooke Maroney’s relationship.

But our curiosity finally paid off. The media crew finally got the perfect look of this ring. Exactly when J-Law attended the Dior fashion show in Paris, France a few days ago. Finally we can see J-Law’s ring in high resolution, not the paparazzi shot.

J-Law’s engagement ring is rectangular or emerald cut shape. Some foreign news estimates how much the price of this large diamond decorated ring. One estimate comes from fashion magazine Elle.

Seeing the magnitude and brightness of this ring, embedded diamonds weigh at least 4-5 carats. With this weight it is estimated that the diamond alone costs 150,000 pounds or 2.8 billion rupiah.

Cooke’s choice ring for J-Law is arguably very simple. Emerald cut diamond, supported by four supporting legs on a thin platinum ring. This ring with one prominent diamond is usually a solitaire ring.

It seems that this couple does not like excessive things and wants to clarify the beauty of the stone they choose. This one ring value will continue to rise over time. Because now natural diamonds with large sizes are quite rare in the market.

Feeling Betrayed, Khloe Kardashian Wrote satire Word For Jordyn Woods?

Feeling Betrayed, Khloe Kardashian Wrote satire Word For Jordyn Woods?

Disappointment and heartache are now being felt by Khloe Kardashian. How come? She must be willing to end his relationship because of the affair committed by Tristan Thompson. Even more surprising, Tristan has been playing wildly with women she knows.

The woman was Jordyn Woods, a person who had been known as a close friend of Kylie Jenner. Unbelievable, Jordyn who is so close to the Kardashian family is willing to betray them only for the love of a man.

Had revealed his turmoil on social media in the past few days, now the patience of Khloe Kardashian seems to have completely run out. Most recently,she actually wrote spicy words on Instagram.

That’s what you can find in the recent Khloe Kardashian Instagram Story post. The star Keeping Up With the Kardashians suddenly wrote down the alleged satire for Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson, as reported by Us Magazine.

“No matter how many snakes change their skin, she is still a snake,” Khloe wrote while adding snake-shaped emoticons. Inevitably this post managed to steal the attention of fans and followers. Many suspect that the satire was intended for Tristan and Jordyn.

Previously, Khloe had reportedly met Jordyn to ask for an explanation. This was revealed by one source, “When Khloe met Jordyn face to face, initially she (Jordyn) dodged it (Tristan affair). But later, she admitted it.”

“Khloe never met women who were Tristan affaires before,” the source added. Well, is it true that this post is intended for Jordyn? What do you think?

Jordyn Woods Has Tried to Apologize to Khloe Kardashian

Jordyn Woods Has Tried to Apologize to Khloe Kardashian

Amid accusations of Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson’s affair, many interesting things happened. Kim Kardashian has unfollow Jordyn and Tristan, Kylie Jenner expels Jordyn from his house, as well as the BFF of Kardashian-Jenner insinuating Jordyn and Tristan. A report was even released by People magazine about the unexpected perpetrator Jordyn.

“Jordyn tried to contact Khloe, Kylie and all the family (Kar-Jen) to apologize. She wanted to apologize and solve the problem, she knew she had done something wrong,” wrote this one magazine.

After lifting up from Kylie’s house, Jordyn now returned to her mother’s house. According to the news circulating he was very sorry to even cry all night accompanied by his mother and brother. Actually not only Jordyn who was sad, Kylie as a friend was surprised to be sad.

“For Kylie this is very difficult, like losing half of her life. Kylie really trusts Jordyn about everything,” continued the source.

Tristan’s betrayal is indeed something that can be predicted. Because this is not the first time he cheated, less than a year Tristan has made a scandal of infidelity twice. But Jordyn’s betrayal made many people disappointed until angry.

“Initially no one believed Tristan had an affair with Jordyn. Tristan is indeed uncivilized, but of course no one thinks Jordyn is like this,” said a witness reported by TMZ.

Kylie Jenner Said That She's Only Using Filler And Never Use Plastic Surgery

Kylie Jenner Said That She’s Only Using Filler And Never Use Plastic Surgery

Success at a young age makes Kylie Jenner one of the most highlighted celebrities around her personal life. Moreover, she is a member of the Kardashian clan family which has been known to be very popular in the Hollywood world.

Since childhood, Kylie Jenner used to live in the public and media spotlight. No wonder if every small change in his appearance always managed to steal the attention. Unlike his figure in the past, Kylie did appear as a very different figure.

Because of this, many believe that Kim Kardashian’s sister has been carrying out a plastic surgery procedure. And now, Kylie has again denied the accusation of oplas which had been dropped on her.

That was directly conveyed by him through a recent interview with Paper Magazine. Kylie Jenner said if in fact she had never done any surgery to change her appearance.

“People think that I’m completely undergoing surgery and changing my whole face, even though it’s not true at all. I’m really scared! I will never do it,” Kylie said.

Furthermore, Kylie also emphasized that the changes that had occurred to her so far were only due to beauty care. In addition, he also admitted that there were minimal procedures such as fillers (injection) and the like.

Katrina Kaif Hope Having A Boyfriend In This 2019

Katrina Kaif Hope Having A Boyfriend In This 2019

Katrina Kaif has indeed been known to have held a single status for a long time. After breaking up with Ranbir Kapoor a few years ago, Katrina still hasn’t found the right companion until now.

After all this time, finally Katrina admitted that she was tired of being single. She even bluntly said that she was tired of being single and wanted to have a new boyfriend right away. She hopes that there will be someone who will accompany and become her companion in 2019.

This was revealed by Katrina in her latest interview. When asked about his desire to have a boyfriend in 2019, Katrina then answered him firmly and said that she had hopes of getting a boyfriend.

Katrina explained that she hoped to have a boyfriend and be able to win the award trophy.

“I want the Filmfare trophy, I also want to have a boyfriend and also want to be a producer. Hopefully everything will come true in 2019, “said Katrina as reported by

Seeing this, the Indian media then “nudged” the name Vicky Kaushal. This celebrity indeed bluntly said he was fans of Katrina, but did he dare to take a step and approach Katrina?

When Katrina was asked about Alia, Katrina answered it casually without any emotion. Katrina also said that she and Alia had many similarities. But this similarity is not the reason behind his relationship with Ranbir.

Kylie Jenner Style Look Really Bad At Grammy Award

Kylie Jenner Style Look Really Bad At Grammy Award

Almost all members of the Kardashian family are known to have good fashion sense. They are always assisted by a fashion stylist, make up artist to world class hair stylist. But unfortunately Kylie Jenner even blundered with her appearance at the 2019 Grammy Awards moment.

Being held on Sunday, February 10, 2019 at the Staples Center, Los Angeles the night of appreciation of the biggest musicians is a concern throughout the world. It was also the first Grammy to be attended by Kylie and Travis Scott. But instead she chose a dress that was considered bad!

The Kardashian family – Jenner is known to have closeness with several world class fashion houses. Just say Balmain, LV, Off White to Burberry has been the key to their appearance. This time Kylie entrusted her first Grammy dress to Olivier Rousteing from Balmain fashion house.

She wore a pale pink jumpsuit dress with a sparkling belt accent. Jumpsuit with baggy pieces gives an optical illusion that makes Kylie look shorter. She also wears unique gloves that reach her neck.

This quirky combination is Balmain’s Spring / Summer 2019 collection. But unfortunately Kylie did not shine at all. The choice of facial makeup also tends to be very pale and does not give ‘life’ to her appearance.

Hailey: Marriage Is Not Easy !

Hailey: Marriage Is Not Easy !

The relationship between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin finally changed, from the one who was originally dating, now he has become a husband and wife. For some people, this is like a blessing, where at the age of so young, they have got a mate. But that does not mean their married life can be lived easily. There are many obstacles that Hailey and Justin have to go through.

Hailey and Justin recently interviewed Vogue. One of the things that was questioned was the ups and downs of living a household life that had only been undertaken for a few months.

Unexpectedly, Hailey actually admitted that there were many heavy things they had to go through. According to him, marriage is not just about love, there are things that are deeper and bigger than just love.

“Getting married is not an easy thing, it is very difficult,” said Hailey.

“I pray that I can continue with Justin and be able to calmly go through everything. I love him, even for a long time, “continued Hailey.

“We decided to learn about this marriage. I can’t just shut up and lie, and say that everything happened because of a miracle. Marriage is a difficult choice. You won’t feel it every day, you also won’t wake up and keep saying “I’m in love, and you’re very perfect” that’s not the real meaning of marriage. ”

“But there is something beautiful in marriage, a feeling of wanting to fight, commitment, love all stirring together. We will definitely experience many changes, but we will grow together and support each other, that is the meaning of marriage for us, “concluded Hailey.

Kanna Hashimoto Beautifull Young Actress From Japan

Kanna Hashimoto Beautifull Young Actress From Japan

Kanna Hashimoto is the name of one of the most famous Japanese actresses in the world. Even Kanna’s name has been included in the row of the most popular young artists in her country. Many people say that the figure of Kanna Hashimoto is an artist who only appears once every 1,000 years. Actually this expression is quite reasonable seeing her skill in playing the role arts and also the face of her very sweet and beautiful face.

Kanna Hashimoto’s popularity continues to skyrocket from time to time. Even so sweet, many netizens are curious about Kanna’s appearance when she was little. Recently, one Twitter user by the name of Rosepuff uploaded a small photo of Kanna. The photo is no less cute with adult Kanna!

Just imagine, just posted last December, Kanna’s childhood photos have been shared by more than 1 million people! The average netizen who commented praised the cuteness and sweetness of little Kanna. It is undeniable, the aura of superstar Kanna had indeed been radiated even when she was a child.

3 years ago, the name Kanna Hashimoto even topped the search engine in cyberspace, when he was 15 years old. Actually he was not as famous as he is now, but because of the performance and sweetness he had, her name skyrocketed like a rocket that shot high into the sky.

Kanna also succeeded in starring in several famous films in Japan such as Gintama and Psychic Kusuo. According to news circulating, he will also be competing with the famous actor Kazuya Kamenashi in a film titled Final Cut.

Naomi Campbell Give Shadiest Comment For Kendall Jenner

Naomi Campbell Give Shadiest Comment For Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is currently named the highest paid model from Forbes magazine. Kendall’s annual revenue was recorded at 22 million USD or around 327.5 billion Rupiah. This figure is fairly large, the article Kendall is a model that is not arbitrary in accepting jobs. Even this year, he chose to attend several shows in Milan rather than attend the New York Fashion Week event.

Not only is the payment fantastic, which is often talked about by netizens, but Kendall’s controversial statement for the modeling world is also in the public spotlight. When interviewed by LOVE, he claimed not to be the type of model that would take dozens of shows in Fashion Week. He claimed to be more selective in choosing jobs.

The statement made by Kendall then reaped many comments from other world models, one of which commented was the legendary super model, Naomi Campbell.

When Naomi was questioned by presenter Andy Cohen regarding this issue, Naomi replied firmly “NEXT!”. It seems that the legendary model does not want to comment on the Kardashian-Jenner family drama.

Kendall himself refused to have an interview with the magazine. Kendall explained that the interview he had had had been given “spice” so that it sounded different. In addition, Kendall said he had already talked a lot about the modeling world and he would continue to strive to learn and develop again later on.

Chris Brown Will Take A Legal Action Related To His Sex Abusive Cases

Chris Brown Will Take A Legal Action Related To His Sex Abusive Cases

Chris Brown took legal action on the charges addressed to him. Not long ago Brown was arrested on charges of attempting rape in Paris. Not until one night, he left prison because of lack of evidence.

However the investigation did not stop after Brown was released. “The investigation is not closed and continues under the authority of Parquet of Paris,” explained a source reported by NBC News.

Brown himself had to vent his emotions to social media. “I WANT TO EXPLAIN. THIS IS ALL WRONG! NEVER HAPPENED! FOR MY GIRLS AND MY FAMILY, THIS NEWS DROP MY CHARACTER AND MY MORAL! THAT WOMEN ARE LYING!” write brown in capital letters, but now everything has been deleted.

Now he appoints lawyer Raphael Chiche as his attorney. Now the Brown team is drafting their objections. Including women who accused the rap star of raping her in a hotel in Paris.

Reports behind this attorney have been sent to the Paris Public Prosecutor. The contents of this report regarding the false accusations received by Brown on January 18, 2019 in Paris.

At that time Brown was indeed in Paris to attend Paris Fashion Week. While in France Brown uploaded his activities to social media. Starting from when you are at a fashion event and other activities.

Chris Brown Already Free From Rape Cases

Chris Brown Already Free From Rape Cases

Quite surprising news came from famous rap singer, Chris Brown. Reporting from CNN, yesterday (1/22) Chris and 2 other people were arrested in Paris on charges of rape and drug abuse. A 24-year-old woman reported them. He claimed to have been raped on January 15 at a hotel.

According to CNN, the United States embassy in France doesn’t want to issue any statements about this case. Meanwhile the Paris Prosecutor’s Office said the investigation was still pending. Besides that, PR’s public relations team at Sony Music also didn’t give any comments.

Even so, reported by CBSNews, Chris Brown has been released. He denied all allegations through uploads on his Instagram. Yup, this 29-year-old singer uploaded a picture that read “THIS BITCH LYIN ‘”.


By uploading the post, Chris seems to want to give a firm statement, considering that this news has become so widespread. Moreover, being involved in a legal case is not the first time he has experienced it.

At least, in 2009 he had committed acts of torture on his girlfriend, Rihanna. In 2013 it was proven that he attacked a man and entered rehabilitation. In 2016 he was also arrested on charges of attacking with deadly weapons.

Iko Uwais: No For Naked Scenes !

Iko Uwais: No For Naked Scenes !

After success with the film The Raid, Iko Uwais’s career continued to soar. He even spread his wings to the scene of Hollywood films. In the MILE 22 film directed by Peter Berg, he even got the lead role named Li Noor.

But this time Iko began giving signs for anyone who wanted to recruit him in the film he wanted to make. Iko gave a limit where he could not be naked and also kissed the opposite sex. Indeed there are no written regulations from these two requirements, but Iko and the producer have agreed to this rule.

“Iko doesn’t want to do a vulgar scene. Such scenes make him feel uncomfortable when acting. But until now nothing has forced Iko to do the scene, “said Ricky Siahaan as Iko’s manager.

The decision made by Iko also received respect from outside filmmakers. They did not force Iko to do the scene he had mentioned earlier.

“All respect with iko’s decisions. Not a real rule, but if someone asks, Iko definitely refuses. ”

If we see the trailer in MILE 22, there is a scene where Iko is fighting with his opponent without wearing clothes. When in the shooting location, Peter Berg even joked and said there would be a nude scene.

“Iko does not want to play a nude scene. Yesterday Peter Berg had a joke and said there was a nude scene, Iko was shocked and kept saying “really ??? But Peter just saying a jokes. Peter also said that I wouldn’t give the nude scene to Iko, “Ricky concluded.

Will Rossa Back To Recording Studio In 2019 ?

Will Rossa Back To Recording Studio In 2019 ?

Rossa ends 2018 by singing a song at one of the hotels in Jakarta. She admitted that she was very happy because she had returned to singing jobs in the capital after being out of town for quite a long time. Then what does Rossa want to do in 2019? Does Rossa want to go back to the recording world? Here’s the statement of Rossa.

“Well, there really are some plans for recording,” Rossa said when met at Abbe Music Studio, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

Yes, as we know, Rossa has indeed never released a new single for some time now. It seems that 2019 is the right point for Rossa to return to the recording and give a touch and create something new.

Rossa also revealed that her return to the recording kitchen was not only to sing her own songs, it was possible that Rossa would also collaborate with other singers to give a fresh new touch.

“There are some singers, just pray so that I can make a lot of hits, the matter of collaboration is also a prayer,” said Rossa.

“Normally when I finish singing, it’s a hajad prayer. Now asking for the prayer is right there, “continued Rossa.

Rossa also revealed what was her prayer to pass through 2019.

“In 2019, I just asked to be given health, survivors, sustenance, blessings, and could be useful for many people,” concluded Rossa.

Chicago West Ulang Tahun, Kim Kardashian Unggah Foto Lucu Ini

Chicago West Ulang Tahun, Kim Kardashian Unggah Foto Lucu Ini

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West really enjoyed their status as parents. Evidently, not long after Chicago West was born, the couple had agreed to add another baby through the help of surrogate mother just like before.

Now Chicago West has just reached 1 year on Tuesday (1/15) yesterday. Of course this is a special moment that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will never miss.

Through his Instagram account, the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians also uploaded the latest photo of his youngest daughter. That’s where you can see what cute Chi Chi (call for Chicago) is so beautiful and adorable.

In the black and white photo, baby Chi was seen lying down and showing his healthy and plump body. This adorable round cheeks, arms and thighs have made netizens fall in love.

Along with the upload of this photo, Kim also wrote a caption that read, “Happy birthday to my beautiful girl, Chi! The sweetest baby in the world! Mommy and daddy love you so much!”

It doesn’t stop there, through the Instagram Story Kim also showed off a special gift received by baby Chi from the aunty, Kourtney Kardashian. This ex-girlfriend Younes Bendjima chose a gift in the form of a toy car for her nephew.

Of course baby Chi looks happy when driving. Not alone, baby Chi was also accompanied by his two brothers, North West and Saint West. The three of them seemed happy to enjoy the ‘new car’ of his little brother. Well, again happy baby Chi’s birthday. Don’t hurry up, boy! 😉

Victoria Beckham Invites Harper to Enjoy Beauty Care at the Spa

Victoria Beckham Invites Harper to Enjoy Beauty Care at the Spa

She is already 44 years old, but the charm of Victoria Beckham is really no less compared to other young artists. No wonder David Beckham was made crazy about her.

Speaking of appearance, beauty care is certainly a must for Victoria Beckham. When not preoccupied with work, this famous British designer always took the time to go to the spa and undergo a series of treatments.

But this time Victoria didn’t want to come alone. The woman who had joined the Spice Girls group eventually also invited her youngest daughter, Harper Beckham.

At least that is the view you can find in Victoria’s latest posts on her Instagram Stories. This British woman captures a video when Harper is closing his eyes and enjoying spa facilities that day.

“We must use clean products for our children,” Victoria wrote in the post. Inevitably if this managed to steal the attention of the fans and followers on Instagram. Many feel anxious about Harper’s funny face, but not a few are jealous of the care that the 7-year-old girl received.

Even though it was still very small, Harper had often visited a spa place. Not only baby facial treatments like this, he also often decorates his nails with various beautiful colors according to his wishes. Really cute huh? 😉

Rihanna Dan Hassan Jameel Reportedly Have Dinner In California

Rihanna Dan Hassan Jameel Reportedly Have Dinner In California

After a long time of no news, Rihanna finally reportedly was in a relationship with Hassan Jameel. Hassan is an Arab tycoon who has abundant assets. Their relationship had disappeared from the news for a while.

On Tuesday 27/11 yesterday, Rihanna and Hassan were found having dinner at Giorgio Baldi, Santa Monica, California. The two partners were also escorted by bodyguad. For almost 3 hours Rihanna and Hassan were in a closed (private) restaurant room.

In the date, the two did not come together, instead Rihanna and Hassan came separately. Hassan first arrived then Rihanna followed with escort by the guards.

Many speculations say the two partners have ended the relationship. This rumor happened because Rihanna and Hassan were rarely seen together so there was a lot of negative speculation circulating.

When asked by reporters, Rihanna also did not want to answer. He chose to remain silent regarding his relationship with Hassan. Rihanna seems to be traumatized by a relationship in the past that chose to cover her relationship with Hassan from the public eye.

For additional information, Rihanna has now begun to explore the world of artists, designers, cosmetics artists. In fact, he has just starred in the film OCEAN’S 8 and GUAVA ISLAND with Donald Glover.

Until now there has been no detailed information regarding the relationship that Rihanna has had with Hassan. Besides that, the fans were also looking forward to seeing their collaboration with Donald Glover.

Lady Gaga Listed Her New Business In Cosmetics

Lady Gaga Listed Her New Business In Cosmetics

It seems that 2018 is indeed the year Lady Gaga shines. The woman nicknamed Mother Monster starred in her first big screen A STAR IS BORN, the Shallow song that became the OST was selling well. She also announced the Enigma which was a resident concert in Las Vegas.

Not enough of this, she got a lot of nominations for this year’s award season. One of the newest things, Lady Gaga took home the Golden Globes for The Best Soundtrack. But it turns out there is one more thing that is not widely known.

Lady Gaga is now rumored to prepare her cosmetic business. The website is live and publicly accessible. However, this website is still empty and only contains offers to join the newsletter. Gaga itself also has not promoted this business on its Instagram account.

This rumor has been circulating since May 2018 when fans realized the company Gaga, Ate My Heart Inc., registered the copyright for Haus Beauty. This copyright registration includes cosmetics, perfumes and skincare. Registration of a cosmetic brand does take a long time.

The same thing was experienced by Rihanna who registered Fenty Beauty since August 2014. However, Rihanna’s cosmetics just started to be introduced to the public in September 2017. Seeing the complexity of this copyright registration can be ascertained Lady Gaga’s Haus Beauty will not be launched soon.

Kendall Jenner Looks Sexy With New Charming Thick Lips

Kendall Jenner Looks Sexy With New Charming Thick Lips

At Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2018 in New York yesterday, Kendall Jenner’s performance on stage was able to invite admiration from the audience. Kendall Jenner managed to appear so sexy and charming on the catwalk. But the most interesting is the lips that look thick and sexy.

Not long ago invited awe, Kendall Jenner again reaped a lot of praise after appearing sexy with CHAOS SixtyNine. During the shooting session, Kendall showed a style that was so erotic and charming.

Kylie Jenner’s sister was able to show her hot and classy side during a photo shoot in the pool. His pose in the pool managed to bring out a luxurious aura from him. With buoys with the Chanel brand and jewelry that adorns his body (earrings, necklaces and bracelets), his appearance looks very elegant.

The photographer, Danielle Levitt also managed to capture a close-up photo of Kendall Jenner who appeared hot. The close up photo shows a make up that is much thicker than usual. In the photo, Kendall holds cherries while posing to bite the fruit.

A lot of news said that Kendall had done lips injection like what his sister had done. But until this news was made, there was no official statement from Kendall regarding the news. Just curious, Kendall Jenner, do you think Kendall does lips injection or not?

Younes Bendjima

Younes Bendjima Praise The Beauty Of Kourtney Kardashian

The end of the year is usually used by people as a moment of self reflection. This was also done by Younes Bendjima, former lover of Kourtney Kardashian. The 25-year-old model also included Kourtney as one of his reflections.

One of these reflections is about his relationship and Kourtney who has run aground. Both of them broke up around August after more or less dating for two years. Younes praised and gave the ex the best prayer at the end of the year.

“Don’t forget about this beautifull women. I’m not the type of person who will forget moments like this. You are a wonderful woman and mother. I hope you can get happiness judi bola for you and your children. Love is the most important in the end, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, “Younes wrote in his Instagram.

Younes is the most serious partner Kourtney has after separating from Scott. The relationship that has been fostered for two years is quite serious. Even Kourtney’s three children knew Younes well enough.
Even though Younes made uploads of this appreciation, Kourtney did not respond openly. Now Kourtney was linked to several male celebrity names. Among others, the GROWN-ISH serial actor named Luka Sabbat. This time Kourtney is also dating a younger man, Luka has just turned 21 years old.

“Kourtney did not expect anything serious and exclusive like his relationship with Younes. But actually he also did not expect a serious relationship with Younes. At the moment he is very happy when meeting Luka and always waiting to meet again,” said a source quoted from E! News.

Usher Sues Divorce After Ten Years Together

Usher Sues Divorce After Ten Years Together

Far from oblique gossip, it is not necessarily able to save celebrity marriages. Another Hollywood celebrity who appeared with the news of divorce in 2018. This time it was the turn of rapper Usher who had revealed that he had filed for divorce with his wife, Grace Miguel.

Both have been together for ten years but have only been married for two years. The duration of this togetherness cannot make both of them survive.

“After a long thought we both decided to split up as a couple. We will stay in touch, love each other as friends who will always support each other,” wrote Usher in the announcement of their farewell.

Usher who had dominated the charts thanks to the song Yeah! this is indeed known to be very closed to personal matters. He also did not have an affair scandal during his career. But Usher began to be seen wearing a wedding ring at the end of 2015.

“They are very happy and the wedding is done in a sweet and romantic way. Usher can not wait to spend the rest of his age with his wife,” said a source quoted from E Online.

Until now, Usher and Grace did not explain the reason for their separation. From this relationship both of them have no offspring.

Usher himself began to open up to the public when he attended the talkshow hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. This is the first time and the only moment when Usher discussed the issue of his relationship to the public.

“Do you know what’s funny? We uploaded our photos and people started talking. The ring is on our fingers. She’s an amazing woman, Grace Raymond,” Usher said at the time. Raymond is Usher’s original last name.

This is not the first divorce for Usher. Previously he was known to marry a woman named Tameka Foster and later divorced in 2009.

Use Red Lipstick At Christmas, North West Is More Beautiful And Stylish!

December 25 was celebrated as a Christmas for Christians all over the world. Hollywood celebrities also hold special parties with large families and also the people closest to them, including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

This celebrity couple also holds a special party at their luxury home located in the Calabasas area, California. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West even invited John Legend to fill the show to entertain the invited guests.

Happy to enjoy the Christmas party, the star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians finally showed off a photo together with Kanye and their children. That’s where an unusual scene appears. Curious?

Choosing one of the best spots in Christmas decorations at his home, Kim invited Kanye, North West, Saint West, and little Chicago West to pose together. That’s when the appearance of the eldest succeeded in making people fail to focus on their red lipstick.

Wearing an all-black outfit just like his father and younger siblings, North looks beautiful and adorable. Not only wearing lipstick, he even arranged his hair after it was straightened out first. Satisfied with his appearance, North seemed to pose confidently in front of the camera.

No wonder if Kim’s post this time successfully became a subject of conversation. Unfortunately there are pros and cons that comment on the North red lipstick. Many say that he looks beautiful with makeup makeup, and not a few who think that Kim is too much to let a 5 year old girl wear lipstick. What do you think of yourself?

Ovi Decide To Change Religion, How About Her Family ?

Former Duo Serigala personnel, Ovi Sovianti, recently surprised many parties. Because she has decided to change beliefs. The crucial decision was taken after he married Franky Ilham Roring in October.

Even Ovi bluntly talks about the transfer of his beliefs. Her decision also made a lot of polemic, many of his family were shocked and disappointed with the decisions taken by Ovi.

“I feel like there’s a boost in my heart, I also don’t know why, I also choose not to cover this up. Why should it be covered? It’s better to be blunt, “Ovi Sovianti said when met at KFC Kemang, South Jakarta recently.

“If the problem is disappointed, there must be a people who disappointed about my decision. But praise the Lord, i believe they will accept my decision, if you pray for your father, you will definitely be able to receive it. ”

Ovi and also the husband hopes that at this moment of Christmas the family can accept Ovi’s decision.

“When asked about expectations, there must be a question. Actually, I see that his family is not as bad as people say. Just try to imagine, you are from a small religion from a long time ago, then moved, there must be a sense of disappointment. But if this spiritual togel singapore matter depends on each person, “Ovi husband explained.

“But I always give her spirit. I always say that the family is a good person, just believe it if you will definitely be able to accept it, “closed Ovi’s husband.

Via Vallen Give Clarification About Covering Jerinx Song

The feud between Via Vallen and Jerinx seems to be over. As we know, Via Vallen indeed covers Sunset Di Tanah Anarki, owned by Jerinx Superman Is Dead without permission. Even Via Vallen takes it with the rhythm of dangdut which is of course very different from the punk style song sung by Jerinx.

Seeing this, Jerinx’s scathing criticism, even Jerinx plainly said Via Vallen as a prostitute for using the work of people without permission for monetization purposes. Via Vallen then provides clarification and apologies to Jerinx SID.

“I humbly want to apologize to Jerinx as the owner of SID. I apologize if they don’t like the song to be covered in dangdut style. I also apologize if Jerinx said my singing ruined the spirit inside the song. ”

“Why don’t I want face to face clarification? Because I don’t want to meet people who say I’m a whore. I was born by my mother and expected to be a good, successful and proud person. But the whore’s words are outrageous. ”

“Just imagine your sister or your sister is called like that. Of course you don’t, don’t you? Respect any woman, because your mother is also a woman. ”

“Once again I want to apologize for covering their songs without permission,” Via Vallen Concluded.

Profile – Catherina Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton

Catherina Elizabeth Middleton is a woman who was born on January 9, 1982 in Reading, Berkshire, England. Catherina Elizabeth Middleton is better known as Kate Middleton. Kate is the child of Carole Elizabeth Middleton and Michael Francis Middleton. Kate is the eldest of three siblings, her two sisters named Philippa Charlotte who was born in 1983 and James William who was born in 1987.

Kate Middleton began to be known by the public thanks to her relationship with Prince William. Both partners were met in 2001 when they studied at the University of St. Andrews. Both partners carried out their super-luxurious marriage on April 29, 2011. The party is the most luxurious party in the world.

On September 14, 2012, Closer France magazine published a photo of Kate’s topless. The topless photo was taken when Kate vacationed with Prince William at Château d’Autet. As a result of this inappropriate march, Prince William finally sent legal action to Closer.

Here are the awards that have been won by Catherina Elizabeth “Kate” Middleton:

1. Kate won the Most Promising Newcomer – The Daily Telegraph – 2006 award
2. Kate ranked 8th in the Top Ten Icons – Tatler – 2007 list
3. Kate won Richard Blackwells Fabulous Fashion Independent – 2007
4. Kate won the best costume award – People – 2007
5. Kate won the beauty icon award – – 2008
6. Kate won the best international costume award – Vanity Fair – 2008
7. Kate won the best costume award – People – 2010 Magazine
8. Kate won Top Fashion Buzzword – Global Language Monitor – 2011

Angela Ponce Miss Spain, First Transgender Contestant at the Miss Universe Event

This year’s Miss Universe beauty pageant event was held in Thailand. Miss Universe 2018 is very special because it has the most contestants in history, 94 people. Not only this, this year marked the competition for the first transgender contestant.

Angela Ponce, a Spanish representative, was the first transgender woman to enliven the Miss Universe event. Angela is also the first transgender to win the crown of Miss Spain 2018. Angela’s participation is a new history in the world of beauty pageant in the world.

The participation of Angela is not only for self-proof. Furthermore, he wants to spread the positive message from transgender people in the world. He did not want the trans to experience discrimination as he had before.

“I want to contribute to the world so that all are more advanced. I don’t want to be hypocritical, beauty is still used to ‘sell’ and I think beauty can help spread the message about equality,” Angela said, quoted by AP News.

Although Angela’s participation is arguably a history, but unfortunately she did not bring home the title of Miss Universe. Even Angela couldn’t get into the last 20.

It turned out that Angela had competed in this event in 2015. But unfortunately, at that time the regulations still could not allow transgender women to compete.

“Transgender women have been persecuted for a long time and ‘disappeared’ from society. If I get the crown, I will show that transgender women are as valuable as women in general,” Angela Ponce said further.

Emma Watson Profile

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, better known by the name Emma Watson is a beautiful artist born in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England on April 15, 1990. Her name is famous after she starred in the box office film Harry Potter.

Emma Watson is the daughter of Chris and Jacqueline Watson. But both of his parents were divorced. Emma has a sister named Alex. Emma Watson attended the Dragon School, a private preparatory school until June 2003 ..

Since 2008, Emma Watson has become a figure targeted by magazine agencies. Emma is considered to have a suitable face to be used as a covergirl. Some magazines that have an interest in him are Flare, Sunday Times Style, VS Magazine, and Italian Vogue.

According to the news, Emma had a relationship with Robert Pattinson, who was the co-star in the Harry Potter film who played Cedric Diggory.

Unfortunately the relationship with Pattinson did not last long, in 2012, Emma Watson actually introduced his new lover named Will Adamowicz.

Before Emma played in the Harry Potter films, her acting experience was practically minimal. Activities before he became an artist were to write poetry, even he had participated in poetry writing competitions. When he was seven years old, Emma also won 1st place in the poetry writing championship.

The most phenomenal last film Emma Watson has ever played is live action Beauty and the Beast. His acting in the film was able to make the public fascinated by his skill in playing the role of Belle.

Jess Glynne Release New Single Song This Year

The name Jess Glynne has lately been heard more often. How not, his name is famous after releasing a hit song titled Hold My Hand and also Ain’t Got Far To Go. He also often collaborates with other famous singers, say Clean Bandid.

We have to admit, Jess indeed succeeded in hypnotizing her fans with the old songs she brought. After not publishing a new album for a long time, Jess finally released her new song in January. For additional information, Jess last released her song in November 2015 ago.

After all this time, of course the fans felt missed by Jess. Finally Jess answered the fans’ missed feelings by bringing her new song live.

According to the official Charts report, Jess will present his new song while attending The Graham Norton Show. Jess will not be alone, she will also be accompanied by Amy Schumer and also Stephen Mangan.

In addition, the BBC also said that Jess would make the event a promotional event. Jes will take advantage of that moment to introduce his latest album titled I’ll Be There.

For additional information, the song These Days is a phenomenal song from Jess. Even this song broke the Official Charts record. Jess also won the most singles chart number 1 award in the UK, isn’t it cool? Let’s wait whether the new song can break the previous record or not.

New Drama From Vicky Prasetyo And Angel Lelga

The case of divorce from Vicky Prasetyo’s wife, Angel Lelga increasingly heated up. Vicky recently made a raid on Angel Lelga’s residence. However, there is something interesting about this attack, which is speculation that many parties say that the raid is just the setting.

According to expression experts and forensic hypnosis experts, Kirdi Putra, S.T, CHT, NLP explained that there were a lot of irregularities from the attack carried out by Vicky.

Kirdi explained that there was something strange about the facial expressions shown by Vicky. Vicky’s facial expressions are very out of sync where sometimes she seems angry and crying, but at the same time, her lips look smiling.

We can see the second oddity from the figure of Angel Lelga who seemed silent when raided by Vicky. According to Kirdi, Angel’s response should be to hold Vicky outside the door as long as possible so that the affair can escape first, but Angel Lelga’s expression seemed unnatural and seemingly artificial.

In addition, Angel Lelga also did not try to escape, even though he was being highlighted by many cameras and surrounded by many residents. Kirdi considered that Angel was deliberately waiting for reporters and residents to come in to highlight him. This is like already in the scenario like a drama or soap opera.

And the strangest thing is that Angel still looks smiling when he is herded into a police car. Indeed, the newly recruited person will feel shocked, but Kirdi deemed that there was no shock or embarrassment when the Angel was attacked, as there were already scripts or scenarios made for this raiding process, even Kirdi also said that this attack was like a soap opera.

Come on, bro, there is nothing, Vicky and Angel, like the endless act she made, ranging from Vickinization to Angel’s attack that seemed to be sloppy.

Interesting Thing In Ahmad Dani Marriages With Mulan Jameela

When Mulan Jameela decided to marry Ahmad Dani, it meant that Mulan had to accept all the conditions at the time, for example, the three children owned by Ahmad Dani. In Ahmad Dani’s marriage with Mulan Jameela, there are some interesting things that we can see.

For example, regarding Mulan’s position in question, she wanted to replace Maya’s position as a substitute for the mother of her three children. This news was immediately denied by Dhani.

“From the start her position was not to replace Maya. It was impossible for Maya’s position as the biological mother of my three children to be replaced by Mulan. She replaced Maya’s position as wife. The child is different, boys are also different, so Maya’s position as a biological mother can’t be replaced. “Said Dhani.

Not only that, Dhani’s three children also had difficulty accepting their new mother’s figure, especially Al. Actually it is not surprising to see that there is a child who is difficult to accept new mothers in their lives.

“At first, Al was the most difficult, especially when there was a daughter, Safeea, He said that there shouldn’t be new baby, but it didn’t take long, after she was born, he protected Safeea.

Interestingly, Mulan’s marriage with Dhani didn’t happen because of love at first sight. It is precisely his love for Mulan because he is used to it. It is like in the Javanese language, Tresno jalaran soko kulino..

That’s some interesting things that existed at Ahmad Dhani’s marriage with Mulan Jameela.

Agnez Mo Reveal How Hard She Build Her Career

If we talk about Agnez Mo, indeed there have been many works that he made, ranging from the world of music to film. The popularity that he gets is not separated from the hard work and perseverance that he applied since childhood.

Agnez Mo has indeed started his career since childhood. When children of their age play cheerfully, they are busy with the routines of a star. Until he grew up, his busy life remained unchanged, even as his intensity increased compared to when he was a child.

Behind its success in the world of singing both domestically and internationally, there are stories that we can learn. Herroutine in the world of singing is not easy. In a video entitled Voices: Agnez Mo Prepare For U.S Stardom, revealed how the struggle that must be passed by an Agnez Mo to reach the point like now.

“Being a star is not always good. I’ve also gone through a phase where I don’t get first impressions from other people. What is in someone’s mind is just “he is on TV”, just that, but they don’t know what’s behind the television. ”

“At a very small age I experienced a lot of bad things in the world of art, actually there were good things too, it made me reach this point.”

“Besides that, at a young age, I had to be able to divide my time into many things, family, school, infotainment, and so on. But now I understand, when I have children later, I will also do the same thing, haha. ”

But Agnez Mo’s struggle is not in vain, now he has managed to spread his wings to the international world, Congrats!

Liam Hemsworth Losing His House Because Of Fire

The major fires that occurred in California have recently been a hot topic in the media. Some celebrities also became victims and lost their homes because of this fire disaster, one of which was Miley Cryus and Liam Hemsworth.

This celebrity home is located in Malibu, not far from the clash point in Woolsey. Despite feeling sad because he lost his place of residence, Miley and Hemsworth claimed to remain strong. They also invited the public to help alleviate fire victims by donating.

Shortly after the post invited the public to donate, Liam Hemsworth also shared his heart through his Instagram posts. In the photo he uploaded, it was seen that his house had been burned and flattened to the ground.

A magnificent house has now become ash and flat on the ground. Only LOVE letters are left in the front yard of his house. Through these posts, Hemsworth then said that there were many people there who had lost their homes, just like him.

“Some time ago it was very sad. Only this LOVE article is left from my house. There are still many people here who have lost their homes. I’m sorry for all the victims who lost their homes because of this fire. ”

At the end of the post, he also invited all fans and the public to make a donation through the Malibu Foundation and the Miley Cyrus foundation called the Happy Hippie Foundation.

Naomi Don’t Want Commenting About Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is currently named the highest paid model by Forbes magazine. Kendall’s annual income is recorded at 22 million USD or around 327.5 billion Rupiah. This number is quite large, the reason is Kendall is a model that is not arbitrary in accepting jobs. Even this year, he chose to attend several shows in Milan rather than attend the New York Fashion Week.

Not only are the fees fantastic, which are often discussed by netizens, but Kendall’s controversial statement for the modeling world is also in the public spotlight. When interviewed by LOVE, he claimed not to be the type of model that would take dozens of shows at Fashion Week. He claimed to have to be more selective in choosing jobs.

The statement made by Kendall then reaps a lot of comments from other world models, one of which commented on was the legendary super model, Naomi Campbell.

When Naomi was questioned by presenter Andy Cohen regarding this issue, Naomi answered emphatically “NEXT!”. It seems that the legendary model does not want to comment on the Kardashian-Jenner family drama.

Kendall himself dismissed having undergone an interview with the magazine. Kendall explained that interviewing him had been given “spices” so that it sounded different. In addition, Kendall said he had a lot to learn about the world of modeling and he would continue to strive to learn and develop again later on.

Justin Crying Again Infront Of Hailey Baldwin

It seems that Justin Bieber is very grateful to be able to make a relationship with Hailey Baldwin. Both of these couples have known since childhood. No one thought they would continue the relationship to the level of marriage.

Deciding to get married at a very young age is never easy, just as it was felt by Justin Bieber. But Justin doesn’t seem to want to change his decision to marry Hailey.

Even Justin did not hesitate to say Hailey was the perfect figure for him. He also felt comfortable when he was beside Hailey. Even though Justin feels happy, there is still a side of doubt in Justin’s small heart.

Of course you still remember the incident when Justin cried before Hailey when they cycled in one of the parks in New York right?

Not long ago Justin was again caught crying in front of Hailey. The rare scenery was successfully captured by paparazzi cameras when they were coolly dating at Universal Studio, Orlando, Florida.

Nobody knows what is happening. But in the photo, Justin is crying with emotion. Next to him was Hailey who tried to calm her lover.

According to some reliable sources, they say there is heavy pressure being experienced by Justin. Many also said that Justin was hesitant and afraid to become a husband so there was turmoil in his heart to marry Hailey. Well, hopefully Justin and Hailey’s relationship is fine, friend.

Winning A Nomination, Pete Davidson And Ariana Grande Not Attend, Why ?

Maybe not many people know the name of Pete Davidson. He is the fiance of Ariana Grande and is a figure who was part of the Saturday Night Live program. Although the event came out as a winner at the Emmys 2018 Cup, Pete Davidson was not attend at the event.

Even though Pete and Ariana always appear compact on the red carpet or when attending other important events. Pete even sat in a special chair when Aretha Franklin was buried. Pete’s absence at the nomination event certainly left a big question mark.

Despite getting a seat at the prestigious event, Pete and Ariana chose not to attend. Actually what’s behind their absence?

According to People’s alerts, they mentioned that Ariana and Pete chose not to attend, because Pete chose to accompany Ariana who was in mourning.

As we know, Ariana seems unable to escape from sadness and is not ready to appear before the public. In addition, she is still saddened by the news of Mac Miller’s death due to an overdose.

“To be able to recover from this sadness, Ariana needs more time. He prefers to gather with his loved ones to get through these hard times. He is also trying to complete the work he is making. Ariana also expressed his gratitude to fans who want to understand what he is currently doing. ”

The former’s death also made many netizens blaspheme Ariana. There are many scathing comments posted to Ariana through her personal Instagram account.

Deddy Responses About Hari Jisun Comment In Youtube

Deddy Corbuzier is talked by netizens. This is due to differences of opinion issued by Deddy and Jisun, Youtuber from Korea who talking about culinary issues in Indonesia and abroad.

Jisun himself is a guest star in the Hitam Putih program. Jisun was a guest star on September 13th. At that time, Jisun was present with several other foodbloggers and his own mother.

Jisun and other vloggers get the challenge to taste some Indonesian culinary, one of which is 500 chili spicy noodles. But because Jisun could not eat spicy food, he was replaced by his mother. Deddy had asked Jisun’s mother to step down, but the mother chose to continue the challenge.

Initially all seemed fine until finally Jisun uploaded a video showing his disappointment with the Hitam Putih program hosted by Deddy. Jisun felt cheated by the event and he was disappointed with the hitam Putih creative team.

There are four main points why Jisun was disappointed, first he refused if later there was a eating contest, second he was disappointed because he was introduced as a celebrity who came from Korea, when Jisun was disappointed because his mother finally replaced him to take part in the race and the last was cheap Hanbok clothes given to him to impress more “Korea”.

Deddy then commented on that. Like this, Deddy said:

“Stupid, this is really very stupid. First we didn’t ask your mother to eat the food, we also asked your mother to stop but she didn’t want to. Second, try to show the entire Whatsapp conversation in full, not half, “said Deddy.

Dark Side From The Death Of Jang Ja Yeon

Jang Ja Yeon is the name of a Korean artist who played the role of Sunny in the drama Boys Over Flowers. Instead of hearing the good news from the artist, it was revealed that the horrible news behind her death in 2009 was at his home.

Jang Ja Yeon decides to end his life because he feels pressured by the management guidance where she works. Just imagine, she was forced to serve 31 men every day.

Even worse, out of the 31 men he served, half of them came from state officials and officials so that they were immune from the law. Jang Ja Yeon cannot reject all requests because he is still a newcomer artist and that is a mandatory request from his management.

Even Jang Ja Yeon also did not get a defense from his agency. He must accept various types of torture and blows, even after being beaten he will be locked up in an empty room. Pity!

Jang Ja Yeon made his debut in 2006 where he entered the world of models first before entering the world of film. In 2009, he played Sunny in the drama Boys Over Flowers along with Kuy Hye Syun and Lee Min Ho.

When his body was found by the family and police, he wrote a piece of sentence as his last words that read:

“Please revenge me! There is no way I can take other than to serve all the demons. ”

“Every day I get new clothes and are forced to serve all the demons. Not only in Kangnam, I was also told to serve in Karaoke in the Suwon area and also in salons. ”

It’s a sad story, but it can’t be denied, the artist’s world does have a dark side that many people don’t know. Hopefully, the perpetrators of these crimes get rewarded according to what they have done.

For The First Time, Meghan Markle Do An Interview

Who doesn’t know the figure of Meghan Markle? He is the wife of Prince Harry. These two British aristocrats were often seen together while carrying out noble duties and also some other general activities. Previously, Prince Harry had shown intimacy by kissing Meghan Markle in public when he won the Polo competition in England.

One TV station in the UK will broadcast the program where they interviewed Meghan Markle with other royal families. The interview will be divided into two parts. Videos that will later be aired have the Queen of the World headline. The interview became the first interview for Meghan Markle after becoming an English aristocrat.

Not only do interviews, they even show some British noble activities. In addition, they also perpetuate the activities undertaken by Queen Elizabeth II. The television station in question also had aired the teaser for the interview program.

In the teaser, we can see Meghan Markle being interviewed. He wore black clothes with unregulated hair. Meghan also told me that the wedding veil was decorated with 53 flowers from 53 British Commonwealth countries, was it cool?

On September 25, 2018 tomorrow, the first video will be released. Not only Meghan Markle appeared in the video, later we will also see some other royal members such as Prince Harry, William, and Charles. It’s just that Kate Middleton’s figure is still not seen in the teaser that has been released by the TV station.

Find Out About Edward Akbar, Kimberly Ryder’s Husband

As we know, Kimberly Ryder has just ended her bachelor years after marrying Edward Akbar. But many don’t know about Edward Akbar. For those of you who are curious about Edward’s background, let’s look together through this article.

Actually, Edward Akbar was the niece of Tamara Bleszynski. Edward’s mother is the son of Tamara’s brother. The name of Tamara’s brother is Teresa Bleszynski. At the wedding of Edward Akbar with Kimberly Ryder, Tamara Bleszynski was also present to enliven the event.

Not many people know about the hobbies of Edward Akbar. Actually, from a young age, Edward Akbar was very fond of singing and also playing musical instruments. Not only that, he also likes to write song lyrics! Edward also uploaded his music activities several times through his personal Instagram account.

Before becoming an artist, Edward also worked as a banker. Edward underwent his profession in a foreign bank in Indonesia in 2010 ago.

Do you know that Edward’s wedding date with Kimberly coincides with his birthday? Well, the date was chosen to make it more memorable and meaningful. The marriage was also the most beautiful gift he had ever received in his life.

In addition, Edward has also been a model in 2016 ago. He even participated in Jakarta Fashion Week! Cool well.

Here are some unique facts about Edward Akbar, it turns out multi-talents are right! Hopefully, his marriage to Kimberly Ryder can last and be blessed with a child !

Yeslin Wang Want To Divorce Delon

Yeslin Wang as the wife of Delon bluntly said that she regretted being married to Delon. The marriage that Yeslin and Delon lived for 7 years. It turns out that the old marriage time does not determine that both partners know each other well.

Yeslin revealed that there is one thing that cannot be changed from the nature of Delon. She even said that she had been waiting for the change for seven years, but that change did not come. Because of this, Yeslin was disappointed and decided to sue for the divorce of Delon.

“Sadly the changes are not as expected. It should have been the first time I was going out for a longer time if at the time it was now already gone. ”

According to Yeslin, this divorce will be a very valuable lesson for him. He also said that he had tried to maintain the continuity of his household, but God said otherwise.

“What has happened is a very valuable lesson from God. All that will happen will be accepted sincerely, hopefully later i can be wiser, more mature and more careful and smart in choosing a partner. ”

Although Yeslin’s decision made the family sad, he promised to continue to support Delon. Even the relationship between Yeslin and Delon’s mother also remained well established.

“I’m also still in contact with Delon’s mother, using Whatsapp. This is my relationship with Delon, so there is no influence with the family. ”

When asked about the posts uploaded on Instagram Story, Yeslin mentioned the lies. But he admitted that it was not addressed to Delon, but for everyone.

“If the problem is posting, it’s for everyone, so it’s not for Delon, but if the Delon problem is lying or not, then don’t know too, just ask the lawyer,” Yeslin concluded.

Agnez Mo: My Mom Always Remembering Me To Be Happy

If we look at Agnez Mo’s career, it is not exactly fast. Although moving slowly, but his musical career is increasingly recognized by the world public. Currently, Agnez Mo must live in Los Angeles to reach his dream.

Even so, Agnez Mo is currently busy with activities in Indonesia. Seeing this opportunity, Agnez Mo certainly did not want to waste it. She immediately met his mother and spent time with his beloved mother by eating typical Manado food poker online which became her favorite. This is done to treat homesickness because it has not been met for a long time with your beloved mother.

“Wow, when I went home yesterday, I immediately ate Manado cuisine, the problem was that I missed it very much. Almost every day eating Manado with mom. “I also have a Manado restaurant, so the meal is easy,” said Agnez Mo when met in the Kota Kasablanka area, South Jakarta on Thursday 19/7 yesterday.

“This came home because I had to shoot The Voice, then there was still a DSFK Glory 508 launch event because I was appointed as the ambassador brand. I want it, I see that there is seriousness shown by this car manufacturer, just like the career I am currently living in. ”

The role of the mother in Agnez Mo’s career journey was indeed very large. Agnez Mo even explained that the mother always reminded herself to be happy.

“Mom always wants me to be happy. This matter continues to be emphasized to me. We must understand and trust first with the name of happiness. I have to be able to love what I do before I can share it with others. The problem is if I work and I don’t love what I make, how can other people like my work? We must be honest in our work, so the results are authentic, so there is nothing made up. “

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Transformation, From Zero To Hero !

Do you still remember the figure of The Rock in WWE / WWF wrestling? This man with a bald head is always able to attract public attention. Actually, the beginning of his career was not as an actor or wrestler, but a football player. Let’s discuss about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s transformation.

Dwayne Jonhson’s early life was quite difficult. Both parents must move from one place to another. Initially, they lived in New Zealand and then moved to Hawaii, Texas and also Florida. Dwayne Johnson is not a child born in a wealthy family. At the age of 15, he had returned home with a bulletin board on which the eviction was written. This happened because his mother was unable to pay the rent.

That is what motivates Dwayne. He promised to continue to fight so that his family could not be expelled like before. Evidently, with hard work, prayers and unyielding nature, he is currently one of the most expensive paid actors.

Dwayne Johnson has also experienced bullying when in school. He became a victim of bullying in an area that is prone to fighting. He even admitted that he had also been a naughty child and often did stupid things like most bad boys.

Even so, Dwayne Johnson is a child who has extraordinary intelligence. He received a full scholarship from the University of Miami and successfully completed his education with a Bachelor of General Studies. At that time he was studying at the Department of Criminology and Physiology.

Early in his career, he was a Football player and joined the Calgary Stampeders team. He only joined for two months and finally decided to try out the world of wrestling. He wrestled his struggle career through the WWE RAW program in 1995. Once successful at WWE, Dwayne tried to open his own company called Seven Bucks Production. Unfortunately, the company he built was bankrupt and he had experienced a long period of depression.

Continue to fight, he finally shines back through the film Fast and Furious. In fact, he became an important character in the film. Many quality films he has played, such as The Mummy Returns, Jumanji, The Other Guys, and Central Intelligence.

Indro “Warkop” Wife Take Chemotherapy Treatment

As has been reported by the media, Indro Warkop is currently experiencing unfavorable news. The reason is that his wife, Nita Octobijanthy, has lung cancer which requires her to undergo very strong chemotherapy treatment.

As we know, chemotherapy treatment greatly affects the body’s metabolism of patients who undergo it. As with other chemotherapy patients, Nita also experienced similar things.

“The last thing is that the chemotherapy drugs are very strong, the medicine is hard, im forget about the medicine name. Many drugs are said and i forget, but the medicine is clearly very hard. It used to be that his hair was thick, now began to fall out. If at home now there is a wife with me. Nita is still confident, passionate and happy. She said that she want a happy life, no matter what happen, “said Indro.

If you look at Indro, you could say he is a very loyal person. Every opportunity, Indro always accompanied his wife. At the time of treatment also like that. Indro also explained that he left his wife Agen Bola when there was work, after that he would return home and accompany his wife.

“Well, if you go, if you have a job, the problem is that Nita will not be there. Now Nita is also using a wheelchair, because the fear is that the bones will get worse later. Actually she can walk, just in case. If we are not as guardian husbands for her, who else is on guard.”

Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra Reveal Their Cute Couple Nickname

As we know, ober the years, celebrity always have their playful nicknames, form kimYe to Brangeline and the list keep goes on. For now, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas also engaged with it. They also have a playfull nickname too !

On Friday 25, Jonas stopped by The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. In that show, Chopra also came. His latest song titled “Right now” has been choosen to play in the end of the show.

Jimmy Fallon asked them about their nicknames. “Do you guys have a celebrity nickname ?,” ask Fallon to Chopra and Jonas.

Before answering that question, Jonas said “Oh boy!”. After that, Fallon asking Chopra which is on the backstage.

“Prick!,” said Chopra. When saying their nicknames, the audience erupt with laughter. That show become so funny.

Jonas also said that Chopra like prick and said he doesnt like it.

“Chopra like prick !, but i dont like that one.”

Jonas also told Fallon that he was to quick to propose Chopra. “We knew it right. Im just kind of jumped right in,” said the singer.

For your information, Jonas and Chopra gushed over the engagement party in Mumbai, India. Jonas explain that their engagement party is Roka Ceremony.